promo + following spree

alright gang i rlly need to branch away from so much vld stuff dfoijdfoigj so guess im goin on a following spree baybee so rb/like if you post:

-Snk (Riren/Erejean)

-Haikyuu!! (KageHina)


-Killing Stalking

-Kiss him not me (Mutsumi x Serinuma/Nanashima x Shinomiya spelling idk spare me)

-LeAkira (from the vld au)

-Koe no Katachi

-Black Butler (Grelliam)

-OPM (GenoSai)

-Free! (RinHaru)

-Pink/Cute aesthetics

-League of Legends

-Skyrim (skyrim romance mod)

-Use a tagging system

-Post original content

-Post Art

-Would like to be mutuals!

Don’t rb/like this if

-You post drama/discourse in any fandom

-Are an anti

-Aren’t active

🍬🍬 Messy boooooois.🍉🍟
Genos doesn’t realize how pure he can be sometimes.

Saitama & Genos © ONE and Yusuke Murata

Art © Anjelzjelly129