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Thank you to everyone who came to the stream last night with me and @callmekairi / @kairidoodles ! <3

We had been talking about cute dresses on Discord which led to the first drawing, then there’s Pow with a Pow sticker we bought earlier in the day and last my I’m-barely-awake bots drawing.We ended up streaming for five hours and it was so much fun! I hope we can do it soon again!

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Genos wanting to get Saitama something for his birthday. Genos notices Saitama's favorite mug is getting worn and has a hairline crack in the handle which is a disaster waiting to happen. So Genos searches and searches but can't find a cup he likes. He knows Saitama's favorite Ghibli film is Kiki's Delivery Service so Genos decides to go out, buy a plain white mug, gets some special black paint and paints the black cat design on the mug Kiki buys in the movie. Kitty themed as a bonus too!

What if Saitama opens up the wrapping, sees just the tail on the side of the mug, instantly recognizes it, and then goes in for the mega hug ///

remember that sidgeno universe swap AU headcanon i made from way back, like married-to-Geno-professor in Russian Lit Sidney somehow gets swapped with NHL Sidney in the universe where Sidney is the Captain of the Pens while driving to PPG Paints Arena with his toddler son so they can pick up Geno and go out for lunch or something. Anyways, when Sidney and son walk through those doors, they cross the border into the NHL universe.

“Woah, Sid, I was joking about stealing a child,” Flower says, when he sees Sidney, holding Evan in his arms. “You didn’t…actually steal him, did you?”

“You’re not that funny, Marc-Andre,” Sidney says, rolling his eyes. “Where’s Geno?”

“‘Marc-Andre’?” Flower echoes. “Where the hell did that come from?”

“Just tell me where he is,” Sidney says. “Evan’s hungry.”

“Hungry,” the child in Sidney’s arm says. “Daddy, want macnchee.”

“Okay, sweetheart,” Sidney coos, nuzzling his nose against the child’s. “We’re gonna find Papa and then we can go get something to eat.”

“Woah, what?” Flower gapes, trailing quickly behind Sidney, as Sidney walks briskly towards the rink. “Sid, is that your son. What the hell is going on?”

“I’m not in the mood for–Geno, there you are! I’ve called you like twice but you didn’t pick up.” Sidney sets Evan down, and Evan totters towards Geno, latching onto his ankle. “You ready to go?”

“Go?” Geno repeats, staring at the child, then back up at Sidney. “Who this?”

Sidney lets out a long-suffering sigh. “Geno, look, I’m hungry, Evan’s hungry, I just want to get to the restaurant as soon as possible and then finish writing the midterm for next week–”

“What are you talking about, Sid? What midterm? Why you not dressed for practice?”

Evgeni. Cut it out with the antics,” Sidney says sharply in Russian. The rookies look up with wide-eyes. “I know we’ve been fighting about our schedules, but this isn’t the time for that conversation. You’re behaving like a child. Can we just please go?”

What the hell is happening here?” Tanger says, toweling off his hair. “Why’s Sidney speaking Russian?”

Sidney sucks in a breath. “Can I just have one conversation with my husband without getting interrupted every other word? God.” He counts to five in his mind, then opens his eyes. Jake had dropped his water bottle. Geno is staring at him, mouth slightly open. “What? Why’s everyone staring at me?”

This anecdote from the Rangers feed is hilarious. Sid was probably caught between being offended because that’s how you generally react to chirping and whispering that he agrees and would totally pick Geno first (as evidenced by exhibit A below).

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Sidgeno Mermaid AU anon fic

<< [Chapter 2/?] >>

It’s not until the morning when he’s looking over the pictures again when he notices the same figure in the water that he saw the night before.

The diner in town opens at five.

Geno gets there at 5:30 and rolls his eyes at how chipper the waiter sounds when he tells him to “take a seat wherever you like, I’ll be right with ya.”

His name tag says Jake and he doesn’t bat an eye at his sullen look when he pour his coffee and puts down the menu.

He’s young, fresh out of high school, maybe, and he doesn’t look like he knows who Geno is at all.

Geno’s already made up his mind to tip him very well.

“You’re the one that moved into that shack down by the beach, aren’t you?”

He coughs as the coffee goes down the wrong way. It burns his tongue.

“How you know?”

“This is a tiny, little island. Everyone knows everything. Is it haunted?”

“I’m Geno and it’s not haunted,” he grumbles. “Not a shack.”

“The walls are falling in on themselves and it looks haunted.”

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Headcanon that Saitama won’t let Genos’ birthday (or the day he chose to serve as his birthday, since Saitama kept asking and he didn’t actually remember) pass without putting him in a tiny little birthday hat at least once / / /

And he’s proud of it so he keeps it on from the moment he gets it through until the day ends no matter what //////////

In terms of affection, Genos is the type to engulf - he will swoop Saitama into his arms and take him into his chest, nuzzling and cradling the back of his head and curling over him as though he were some small fragile thing because he just loves this man so much he can’t help but want to hold all of him; his affection comes in responses, usually stimulated by whatever endearing thing Saitama did. They’re long, but passionate little bursts.

Saitama on the other hand is more random, and can come out of nowhere for no reason; though they’re small and easy to miss, Genos easily picks up on his little reminders; if Saitama scoots the futons extra closer that night, comes home with sardines, leaves a small comment on how his hair looks today, clamp his shoulder while walking by, nuzzle his hair or randomly spurts some silly joke, Genos will catch it. They’re small, but slowly grow more frequent. 

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So for the Flower AU, once Geno walks in and asks what's going on, Sid bolts for the rink before anyone says anything. Geno's still protective even tho they're not an item, so he makes vague threats that whoever made Sid feel bad is gonna regret it. The whole team rushes to get on the ice cause no one wants to tell him what happened but also they don't wanna deal with Angry Geno. Flower leaves too hastily and ends up leaving his unlocked phone on the bench, with the video still playing on mute.

Addendum to the thing I sent earlier: Sid thinks the whole thing is an elaborate prank, and even though he doesn’t think Geno and Flower would go that far to be mean-spirited, he thinks that somehow they’ve caught on to Sid’s lowkey pining. They must’ve hired a lookalike, borrowed some friend’s kids for the video, Sid doesn’t know, but there’s no way that Flower’s bizarre ramblings about waking up alternate universes are true. Sid avoids Geno throughout practice and goes home without facing him.


Oh my god can you imagine Geno picking up the phone and watching it silently, again and again, just sitting in the locker room, his anger melting into confusion, then shock, then longing.

And Sidney, after he calms down, asks Flower about the other universes, and Flower tells him about the Geno who asked out actor Sidney and tripped over his own skates; the college student Sidney who works part-time at the bakery and is desperately in love with his Russian lit TA; the married Sidney who is touring colleges with his daughter and husband; all the universes the Flower’s visited and the only one where Sidney isn’t in love with Geno is Flower’s orgiinal universe.

“You’re wrong,” Sidney says, staring at his lap. “I do.” He stares some more. Pause. “Love him. But it doesn’t matter.”

Flower doesn’t know what to say.

“Do you think I’ll find someone who loves me like that one day?” Sidney asks. He is very quiet, hopes and dreams of having a family, having a loving husband, laid bare in front of Flower like a wound.

“I know you will,” Flower responds.

He Needs to Pick Up a Better Line
  • At night, when Genos and Saitama are washing up after dinner.
  • Genos: Sensei?
  • Saitama: Yeah?
  • Genos: Did it hurt when you fell?
  • Saitama: When I fell from the moon, you mean? Nah, just gave me sore knees.
  • Genos: That's not what- wait, do you still have sore knees?
  • Saitama and Genos round the conversation out to Genos giving his sensei a massage around his knees. Saitama is relaxed and he knows it's the perfect chance.
  • Genos: Sensei, may I live in your shoes? Because I want to be with you every step of the way.
  • Saitama: *gentle snore*
  • Genos: Tomorrow then.
  • ****************
  • The next day, Genos and Saitama are on a walk around town.
  • Genos: *fiddling with his phone when he gets an idea* Saitama-Sensei, I think there's something wrong with my phone.
  • Saitama: What's wrong?
  • Genos: You're number's not in it.
  • Saitama: That's because I don't have a phone, dude.
  • Genos: That's not- never mind.
  • ****************
  • Genos and Saitama are eating noodles at an udon shop.
  • Genos: Sensei, you make my heart catch fire.
  • Saitama: Dude, that's not good, maybe you should call your doctor about that.
  • Genos: What?
  • Saitama: You're not supposed to catch fire, let's go see Dr. Kuseno.
  • Genos: ...yes, sensei.
  • ****************
  • Genos: Sensei, you have to tie your shoes, I don't want you falling for anyone else but me.
  • Saitama: I wear boots, Genos.
  • Genos: *long suffering sigh*
  • ****************
  • Saitama and Genos are at a hero party, dressed up and fancy for the locals and their fellow heroes.
  • Genos: *leaning over to whisper in Saitama's ear* Saitama Sensei, what does it feel like to be the most beautiful person in the room?
  • Saitama: *thoughtful* I don't know. Hey Mumen, what's it like to be the most beautiful person in the room?
  • Mumen: *blushes and stutters*
  • Genos: *internal screaming*
  • ****************
  • Genos: Sensei, are you the moon? Because even when it's dark, you still seem to shine.
  • Genos: I'm calling you hot, Sensei.
  • Saitama: Oh cool, I love how guys can just compliment other guys, you know?
  • Saitama: Oh... So that means you like me?
  • Genos: Very much, yes... Do you like me?
  • Saitama: Yeah.
  • *awkward silence*
  • Saitama: Wanna make out?
  • Genos: YES PLEASE.