Genos, you need to take better care of yourself.  Poor baby toaster, of course Saitama came back for you.

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ok but what would evil strawberry look like,,,, how would he behave,,, e v il s tr a wb e rr y

ok ok, so I was chatting to @incinerates and @kiakichi about this because his behavior would be VERY interesting to say the least- putting into consideration how happy Genos would be fused I don’t think he would be very interested in UNfusing, much to Saitama’s dismay- and as time goes on Genos would attempt to use the fusion as an excuse to forget he is a cyborg, having more skin/nerves than ever before and it just feels so GOOD SO HOW CAN IT BE BAD. Putting aside the fact HE STILL HAS ROBOTIC PARTS, which can go into disrepair if not properly taken care of can lead to well… glitches. 

Glitches that could end up hurting someone….

Even himself.