Fubuki buys some fireworks for when night falls on the beach. Technically you’re not supposed to set them off on the beach at all, but everyone does anyway, so why not them? King and Mumen do the honors of setting up the metal tube and dropping in fireworks one by one. Saitama and Genos sit together on a towel in the sand, flanked by dunegrass and crickets, watching each lone firework wail into the sky and explode in a shower of sparks. It’s quieter, less impressive than that first fireworks show, but it’s better this time. It’s better because Genos knows not what they are, because the atmosphere is salty and warm and so much less formal than that festival weeks, months ago. It’s better because this time, Saitama is holding his hand and Fubuki is whooping drunkenly and King is running back after each lit fuse with as much speed as he can muster.

It’s the best when darkness once again falls after the last explosion and Genos can lean into Saitama’s shoulder with a happy sigh as the latter tightens the arm around his waist.

One Punch Man - SAIGENOS


Comforts of home Living with someone else is more comfortable than Saitama expects.

Saitama’s Feelings -  Saitama becomes aware of his growing feelings for Genos, but he’s not exactly sure how to handle it.

Naturally - In which Saitama is in love with Genos and everything just falls into place.

One - The pair had fallen into a comfortable life… one that sort of scared Saitama. He never dreamed of such a thing; not that he imagined living out his days in horrible excitement, especially since his emotions had become so incredibly dulled when his strength massively increased. It was just…Was Genos content?

My Arm Suddenly Fell Off - Sometimes, Genos tries his best to give Saitama the most obvious hints in the world. Most of the time, Saitama is just hopelessly clueless, but Genos is just as hopeless himself.

Regret - Everyone has discussions, everyone fights. Even teachers and disciples.

The Goal - Saitama gives his support to Genos in order for him to achieve his goal, but later it dawns to Saitama just what kind of a goal Genos had in his mind in the first place.

Doddles - "Sensei I’m so sorry you had to find out like this.“Saitama looked from Genos’ note book with the cute doodle of them kissing back to the cyborgs embarrassed state."It’s fine I already knew anyway.”“W-what! you did?” Genos looked up to meet his sensei’s eyes, wanting to self destruct from embarrassment.“Yeah, you’re not exactly aloof about it Genos.” (Chapters 12/?)

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