So I figured I’d just watch a couple episodes of One Punch Man on Netflix because I’ve seen some gifs that looked cute and, I mean, it’s basically a superhero/shounen-fighting-manga parody, how into it am I gonna get?


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… so yeah, now I’m like 8 pages deep in the Genos tag on tumblr and most of the way through the anime and it’s 4 a.m. SEND HELP?!

AANNDD ITS DONE!! I made a short animation for @therealjacksepticeye and the #septicart event!! GOSH I SPENT SO LONG ON THISS AAAA!! But it was a challenge and plenty of fun!!! Worked day and night and happy w/ how it came out!!! I totally wanna animate more now heh! 

Decided to animate OPM since one of my first fanarts for Jack was a OPM comic! Thought it’d be nice! Hope you like it Jack! :D