Reasons to bring back Young Justice
  • To find out more about Martian Culture
  • What happened to Match?
  • Red Arrow/Arsenal team up
  • And the rest of Genomorph City
  • More of the Forever People
  • What they meant by “If Superman ever turns from The Light.”
  • So Wally can come back
  • More Klarion
  • Tim Curry is not getting any younger, and G. Gordon Godfrey is clearly in cahoots with Vandal Savage
  • So Khary Payton can play someone aside from Cyborg for a change
  • So I can sleep peacefully at night
There are 7 types of Genomorphs
  • G-Gnomes: the small psychic creatures.
  • G-Trolls: the huge Genomorphs with enhanced strength.
  • G-Elves: the clawed warriors.
  • G-Sprites: the creatures that are kept in jars and are capable of producing energy.
  • G-Dwarves: worker drones with tentacles.
  • G-Goblin: Dubbilex, capable of telekinesis and speech, and telepathy but this is unknown to Cadmus. 
  • Project Kr: Superboy, a genetic clone of Superman.

Here are the various Genomorphs from the animated series Young Justice.  The show follows the proteges of the Justice League, and the Genomorphs were encountered on their first mission.  They are experiments of Project Cadmus, they are the G-Trolls, G-Gnomes, G-Elves, G-Sprites, G-Goblin (Dubbillex), and G-Dwarves.  The name is a reference to genome in science, and the majority each carry a similar design (except G-Sprites).  Each are grey in color, with red accents that highlight their muscles, as well as glow read to indicate their telepathic abilities.  They caused some trouble, but they soon rebelled from their captors.

Photos Courtesy of DC Comics, Warner Bros. Animation, and DC Entertainment