Young justice Lex Luthor had severe anger issues when he was younger that makes Connor look like a kitten. It involves fights, broken bones, blinding people with his thumbs, furniture crashing through windows, setting buildings on fire, and having to bury a corpse. It became apparent that this still happens when he repeatedly shot a genomorph after Connor’s escape.

New Son’s - Part 3

Part 2

Finally Part 3!! Let me know what you think!!

You, Conner, and Match take the ZETA tubes straight to the Batcave. The two boys look around and you give them free range to explore. Match immediately takes an interest in the training area, where a variety of weapons and chemicals are tested. Conner gravitates towards the medical unit, he seems interested in the advanced technology that’s scattered around the Cave.

“What does this machine do?”

“It detects any kind of poison in the body and has the ability to administer a cure if we have one on file”

Conner touches it gently, “Do you use this often?”

“Not on myself, but I do have to use it on Bruce and the boys sometimes” There’s a crash from behind you, “Match!”

Match is sitting in the middle of a large pile of scattered training equipment, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to -”

You quickly make your way over to him, “It’s alright, Match. Are you alright?” He nods, “Good, then there’s no harm done. You’re fine, and there’s nothing here that’s irreplaceable. This family tends to go through a lot of training gear, so if you break a few things it’s fine” Match still looks a little shaken, “How about we clean this up, and then we can go upstairs. If you’re still interested in learning how to use anything down here I’m sure that either me or the boys will be able to help you”

“Are you sure they -”

“Match, sweetheart, I’m sure. Everything is fine, no one is mad. Alright?”


Conner kneels down beside his brother, “Yeah, everything’s fine! I’ll help you clean up, and then we can meet some more people”

Match quickly shakes his head, “No! You can’t move your arm too much! Mom said -” He freezes, voice caught in his throat, and you pause, hand hovering over one of Damian’s wooden katanas.

“Match, Conner, do you two want to call me mom?”

Conner shuffles his feet, “Cadmus gave us some real memories when they were feeding us information, showed us what a family is supposed to be like, and you – you’re just like the moms they showed us. You’re kind, you care about us, your honest and warm, and … and you smell nice”

“Boys, if you want to you can call me mom. I didn’t want to pressure you into anything, but I was hoping that this could be your new home, that we could all be a family”

Both Conner and Match jerk forward, squishing you between them, “Thank you”

“You don’t need to think me, sweetheart”

You and the boys end up sitting there for another fifteen minutes. “Alright, come on. Your new brothers are all waiting upstairs for you”

“For us?”

“Yes, for you. Now, they might be a bit wary, and they might not be nice, but that’s just because they aren’t very good at meeting new people. You’ll have to be patient with them”

“They know that we’re … Kryptonian, that we aren’t human?”

“Of course they know. Dick, my oldest, he’s excited to show you around Gotham, to teach you guys to be teenagers. Jason, my second oldest, is a little wary of you guys. He’s afraid that you’ll hurt me, that you’ll lose your temper or something. Tim, my second youngest, is interested in how you guys were made. Conner, he might be able to show you how to use the labs and how we run experiments. Damian, my youngest, he’s – different than my other sons. He’s got a temper, and is not afraid to resort to violence. Match, he’ll be able to show you how to use the training equipment.”

“They’ll be our new brothers?”

“If you want them to be, yes. They can either be your brothers or your best friends, it’s up to you”

Match throws his arm around Conner, “They are waiting upstairs?” You nod and he grins, “Then let’s go meet our new family”

All four of your sons are sitting at the dining room table, and it’s obvious that they are trying to come up with a plan to get Alfred’s cookies from right under the old butler’s nose.

“Boys, you should know that you can’t steal cookies from Alfred, not even Batman has managed to do that”


The boys all rush forward, quickly surrounding you in a hug, “Yes, hello boys. I missed you guys too”

Tim pulls back first, “Where are -”

“I asked them to wait in the hall, remember they don’t know you guys yet, and to see you all running at me like that … well they might have perceived you as a threat”

Tim tries to look around you, “Can we meet them now?”

“Yes, Timmy, you can meet them now. Conner still has an injured arm, so be careful with him. Match is very protective of his little brother, so Dami and Jay if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything”

Jason snorts, “They’re kids, Ma. I may not trust them, but I’m not gonna be mean to a couple of kids who haven’t ever had a life outside of Cadmus”


“I have already told you, Ummi. It will be good to have two Supers on our side, I would not do anything to jeopardize that”

“Good” You turn back to the hallway and gesture the two boys into the dining room, “Boys, meet Match and Conner”

Dick is the most eager, he’s always looked forward to getting new siblings, “Hi! My name’s Richard, but everyone calls me Dick”

Match grins and extends his hand, “I’m Match, and this is my little brother Conner”

“It’s really nice to meet you guys! Mom hasn’t stopped talking about you since you were found. Bruce wouldn’t let any of us go to the Watchtower, so we had to wait until Mom brought you here”

Tim steps up next, “My name’s Tim”


“And I am Damian Wayne”

“’m Conner, and – and I’m really glad that you guys are letting us stay here”

Jason lets out a harsh chuckle, “Trust me kid, if it was up to me you wouldn’t be. We still don’t know much about you two, and mom is very human. She’s the only one out of all of us that has not had to come back from the dead, she doesn’t have any kind of immunity to death, and if you don’t know how to control your powers how do we know you won’t accidentally kill her?”

Conner’s eyes widen and he frantically shakes his head, “We wouldn’t ever -!”

“You think you won’t. That’s why we’ll all be staying here for a few weeks. We’ll be getting to know you and helping teach you how to control your powers as best we can”

“Of course” Match curls Conner closer to his side, “We wouldn’t expect anything else. We want to keep mom as safe as possible, and it’s actually a comfort to know that you all will be here”

Damian looks confused, “You do not mind that we do not trust you?”

“No, Conner and I don’t trust any of you yet, so it would make sense that you don’t trust us. Mom told us that you Bats tend to be paranoid, and that we’ll just have to get to know you”

“I’m looking forward to getting to know you though. Match is a great brother, and I’d really like it if you guys could be my brothers too”

Dick makes a sound in the back of his throat, like he’s fighting not to just grab Conner and hug him, “I’d love to call you my brothers”

“We’d like that too. Now” Match eyes the cookies that are resting on the table, “Mom told us that there would be cookies, and those smell really good”

Alfred steps out of the kitchen, “Yes, I have had to stop the young masters from stealing the cookies several times already. They should still be warm, would you like a glass of milk?”

“Yes, please”

The butler smiles, “Finally, a young man that has manners, you boys could take a few lessons from Master Conner.”

The two Supers fall in love with Alfred and his cookies almost immediately, Conner even asks Alfred to teach him how to cook.

“So did mom show you guys the cave?”

“Yes, mom said that, perhaps, Damian would be willing to show me how to use your weapons, and that Timothy wouldn’t mind showing Conner how to use the labs”

Your youngest son grins, “It would be good to spar against you, Kryptonian”

Match grins, “Bring it on, kid”

Conner reaches out, his uninjured arm reaching out to touch Match, “Remember to be careful, he’s human. I don’t want you to hurt our new brother”

The older Super cups the back of Conner’s head and presses their foreheads together, “Don’t worry, little brother, I won’t hurt him. I promise”

“Don’t worry Conner, I’ll go downstairs with Match and Little D to make sure they don’t hurt each other.”

Dick, Damian, and Match all take off down to the Cave, eager to test each other’s skills. But Conner looks a little uncertain as soon as his older brother is out of sight. The two haven’t been separated since they woke up.

Thankfully, Tim picks up on his unease, “How about we go and watch a movie, Conner? We’ll even let you pick”

“Are you sure? You guys don’t have to stick with me if you have other things to do, I can – I can just wait here for Match”

Jason rolls his eyes, “Come on, kid. You’re our brother now, I’m pretty sure we can watch a movie together” The older boy slings his arm around Conner’s shoulders, “Now, you’re gonna have to pick out a Disney movie, because those are the best”

Conner and Tim didn’t even make it halfway through the movie before the two fell asleep. They end up curled together on the overstuffed couch, like two kittens sniggling together for warmth. When Jason notices them he lets out a sigh and gets up to cover the two with a blanket.

He then flops onto the couch that you’ve taken residence on, “You know it’s not easy to be wary of a kid that acts like an uncertain kitten”

“I know, Conner’s really uncertain of his place because he’s half human and half Kryptonian. Match has a much more confident and outgoing personality. I think it has to do with the different ways the two were developed”

Jason cocks his head and raises an eyebrow, “What do you mean?”

“Match was raised to be a warrior. Once he was developed enough they had him fight against the other clones and Genomorphs. Conner never had a chance to even be out of his pod before we found him. All he knows is the memories that Camdus gave him. According to the files that the JLA stole Conner was going to be used to help control Match. They were betting on the older clones protective instincts. Apparently, Match was starting to get out of control, trying to escape, and by having a younger and weaker brother they were going to threaten and hurt Conner to control Match.”

“Poor kids”

“I know. Conner doesn’t have any kind of combat training, and doesn’t seem to have much of an interest in learning how to hurt people. He was designed to be weaker and unable to protect himself, so we’ll have to take up the slack.”

Jason groans, “Fine, I’ll help you look after the kid, he’s not really a threat to you, but Match – the jury’s still out on him”

“I understand, Jay. Just promise me you’ll try with him” You wait for Jason to nod before continuing, “Lex Luthor wants to meet them”

“He’s the human half of Conner’s DNA, right?”

“Mmhmm, I went to see him, explained a few things. Apparently he didn’t know that the scientists had made a clone with his DNA, Match was supposed to be the only Kryptonian clone made. He didn’t know that they were pitting the clones against each other and making them fight to the death. Lex wants to meet them, and he wants to do it here”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea, Mom?”

“I think it will be good for the boys to have some of their questions answered. It’ll also be good for them to have one of their father’s in their life, since Clark decided that he didn’t want them. I’m going to be there so they won’t be alone”

“We’ll stay close, just in case one of them loses their temper”

“Thanks, sweetheart. Now hush, this is my favorite part”

How do you think the meeting with Lex will go? What do you think will happen next? Will this peace last?


Here are the various Genomorphs from the animated series Young Justice.  The show follows the proteges of the Justice League, and the Genomorphs were encountered on their first mission.  They are experiments of Project Cadmus, they are the G-Trolls, G-Gnomes, G-Elves, G-Sprites, G-Goblin (Dubbillex), and G-Dwarves.  The name is a reference to genome in science, and the majority each carry a similar design (except G-Sprites).  Each are grey in color, with red accents that highlight their muscles, as well as glow read to indicate their telepathic abilities.  They caused some trouble, but they soon rebelled from their captors.

Photos Courtesy of DC Comics, Warner Bros. Animation, and DC Entertainment

A Funny Feeling - Superboy x Reader

Originally posted by itcuddles

Requested by Anon - an imagine where the reader falls into the Young justice universe, with Superboy developing a crush on them (but not knowing what it is)

There was a flash of light, and suddenly you were falling. You screamed as your body began to tumble uncontrollably in the air. The spinning made you ill, and the swirling of the pavement below made time slow. You knew there was no way you were going to survive this. Closing your eyes, you prepared for impact. 

Suddenly, someone slammed into you. Two well-muscled arms slipped around your legs and upper back, pulling you into a brawny chest. The air went out of your lungs as you felt the person who held you land heavily on the pavement. You heard the pavement crack under the force of their landing. 

“Ahh,” you squeaked, wrapping your arms around the person’s neck to keep from falling out of their arms. You took a moment to get your bearings before meeting the blue eyes of your savior. 

“Are you…,” he started before his voice faded off. You took in his dark hair, and chiseled chin while he stared at you with wide eyes. He still held you tightly in his arms as you let go of his neck to get a look of the symbol on his chest. A red superman ‘S’. You frowned at it before everything clicked.

“Oh my,” you remarked, looking up at Superboy’s face again. You finally recognized him. “No…it can’t be…” Superboy’s brow crinkled in confusion. He opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a gust of wind. 

A yellow blur stopped in front of you and Superboy. “Nice catch, Supey,” Kid Flash praised as you paled at the sight of him. You recognized him right away. He winked at you. “You must be an angel since you fell from the sky.”

“Leave her alone,” Artemis chided, striding up behind him. Your eyes were wide when you recognized Artemis too. “No one needs to deal with your cheesy pick-up lines.”  Kid Flash turned to snap back at her, entering into an argument. 

“You can put them down, Superboy,” Robin teased, swinging down next to the two of you. “Unless you want to carry them.” Superboy blushed, setting you down on your feet. You held onto his arm as your knees felt too weak to stand. This had to be a dream. The heroes from the TV show couldn’t really be here.

Aqualad walked over to stand next to Robin while Ms. Martian floated down to land beside you. “Are you alright?” Aqualad asked, watching you with concern. You must have looked as shocked as you felt. 

“I…,” you gasped, taking a long look at each one of them. You observed Superboy kept his eyes on you the whole time. Fear tingled in your gut as you slowly sat down on the ground. “This can’t be real,” you muttered to yourself, burying your head into your hands. “This has to be a dream.”

“What has to be a dream?” Superboy questioned, tilting his head at you as he sat down beside you. The other heroes crouch around you while Artemis and Kid Flash continued arguing a distance away.

“This,” you said, gesturing around you. “You guys can’t be real.” You pinched yourself to see if you’d wake up, but nothing happened. “Oh boy, this is real.”

The heroes around you looked at each other, having a silent conversation. However, Superboy’s gaze never left you. “Why did you think this isn’t real?” Robin asked after a moment. You narrowed your eyes at him.

“Because you only exist in the TV show and comic books,” you exclaimed, a headache brewing in your head. “None of you are real.” Ms. Martian was about to speak, but a passing shadow distracted her. You all looked up to see Superman floating there.

“Is everyone alright?” he asked, landing in front of you. His gaze lingered on you, making you feel a little faint. You met Superboy’s eye.

“Please tell me he isn’t real,” you begged. Superboy just continued to stare at you, not sure what to say. Aqualad pulled you back into a standing position.

Superman heard your words, taking a step forward to tower over you. His eyes were kind, but you were terrified. “I’m as real as you are,” he answered. You gulped as someone landed behind you. Spinning around, you met the white lenses of Batman. His eyes narrowed at you as you began to sway. You are embarrassed to say, but you fainted. 

It was about two months since you fainted. The league questioned you intently before deciding you weren’t a threat. They moved you into the cave with the team until they were able to find you a way home. Unfortunately, it was looking like you would be stuck here.  

Not that Conner would mind if you were never able to go home. He didn’t understand it, but a funny feeling buzzed in his chest every time he was close to you. It was an odd, yet pleasurable feeling. 

Conner didn’t understand what was happening to him. The genomorphs never programmed him with anything of this nature. He probably would have dismissed the feeling all together if it wasn’t for one conversation.

It was the weekend, and no missions had been assigned. Due to the boredom, Dick, Wally, and Conner were lounging around the living room of the cave. Dick and Wally were trying to make a tower out of playing cards while Conner was staring blankly at the far wall, thinking of you. Batman had taken you to visit Doctor Fate to see if there was a magical way to get you home.

Dick and Wally whispered to one another as they glanced over their shoulders at the distracted Conner. Wally got a playful smirk on his face as Dick started building the base of their card tower.

“So, Supey,” Wally began, nudging Conner’s leg. “What’s the deal with you and (Y/N)?”

Conner raised an eyebrow, blushing slightly. “I don’t understand what you mean.”

Wally chuckled, helping Dick place a card on top of two balanced ones. “I mean why do you get doe-eyed when (Y/N) is around?”

“Doe-eyed?” Conner asked, startled. He didn’t know what that meant, but he doubted it was something good.

“He means that you stare at them with a love-sick expression on your face,” Dick explained, balancing two more cards on the table. 

Conner’s eyes went wide in surprise and embarrassment. “I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know? How can you not know?” Wally exclaimed. The volume of his voice shook the cards on the table causing Dick to frown at him. 

“The genomorphs never programmed me about…this feeling,” Conner explained, wringing his hands together. His stomach twisted as both Wally and Dick sent him curious looks.

“What feeling?” Dick questioned, freezing to stare at Conner. Wally’s mouth just dropped open.

Clearing his throat, Conner felt he could trust Dick and Wally enough for a straight answer to what his feelings were. “When I’m near (Y/N) I get a funny feeling in my chest like I have heart palpitations, but it’s not. It’s not an unpleasant feeling, it feels like my breath is taken away.” He looked at Dick and Wally imploringly. 

Dick and Wally traded looks before they both burst out laughing. Conner’s face reddened, humiliated. He started to get up to leave, but Wally sped in front of him to stop him. 

“Calm down, Supey,” Wally said, taking a deep breath to stop his chuckling. “What you’re feeling is normal.”

“Yeah Conner, it sounds like you have a crush on (Y/N),” Dick replied, abandoning his card tower to stand at Conner’s side.  Conner’s brow furrowed in confusion. 

“A crush?” he asked, switching his gaze from Wally to Dick. 

Wally smirked at him. “The genomorphs didn’t teach you what a crush was?” Conner stared at him blankly while Dick punched Wally’s arm.

“You’re not helping him, Kid Mouth,” he scolded before turning to Conner. “A crush is when you like someone romantically.”  

“Oh,” Conner remarked, finally understanding. He nodded to Dick before turning to leave the room. 

Wally zoomed in front of him, stopping him again. “Dude, so are you going to ask (Y/N) out?”

“Is there a point? (Y/N) may have to return home at anytime.” Conner responded. He knew that “asking someone out” usually came after the revelation of liking someone romantically, but it seemed pointless.

“Well, take a chance. Don’t tell anyone this, but I overheard Batman say that it is unlikely that they will find (Y/N) a way to get home,” Dick stated plainly, lowering his voice. 

Conner’s heart ached at Dick’s words. He hated how you may never get home, but a small part of him was glad you may be here forever. “How would I ‘ask out’ (Y/N)?” Conner inquired, grimacing at the devious grins that grew on Wally and Dick.

“Don’t worry, Supey,” Wally reassured, slipping an arm around Conner’s shoulders. “We’ll help you.” Conner began to wonder if he made a mistake talking to these two.

A day later, you were lying on your bed in your room at the cave. This whole experience was surreal, but amazingly cool. If you had to be completely honest, you were enjoying your time in this universe, but you missed your home. 

A knock on the door made you rise from the bed. However, when you opened the door, you were surprised to see Superboy standing there awkwardly. He hasn’t spoken to you since the day he caught you, but he always seemed to stand close to you when you were in the same room together.

“Hi Superboy,” you greeted, giving him a friendly smile. He stared at you for a moment before clearing his throat. 

“My name is Conner,” he replied, studying every part of your face. “You can call me Conner.”

“Okay, Conner,” you answered. You paused a moment for him to continue, but when he said nothing, you prompted him. “What brings you to knock on my door?”

Conner blinked at you before glancing back down the hallway. “Could I speak to you in private?” You leaned out to peeked down the hallway only to see Kid Flash and Robin quickly duck behind a corner. 

“Sure, come in,” you offered, stepping aside. He marched in, standing beside your bed gawkily. You locked the door behind him. A smile came to your face when you heard two cries of disappoint echoing from the hallway. Conner and you stared at each other for several moments until he finally spoke.

“Ever since I met you, I get a funny feeling in my chest when I’m around you. I talked to Wally and Dick, and they explained the feeling means that I like you romantically,” Conner explained, clenching his hands to ease his nerves. 

“You like me?” you asked, stunned. It had never occurred to you that all his staring was because he liked you. 

Conner bit his lip, blushing as he looked down at his feet. He gave you a slight nod. “Wally and Dick also told me I should ask you out since I have a ‘crush’ on you,” he continued, his entire face burning red. “So, do you want to go out with me?”

Your mouth dropped open as your heart fluttered with excitement. A big smile grew on your face when you gained the ability to speak. “I would love to go out with you, Conner.”

“Good,” Conner answered, clearing his throat. He shuffled his feet nervously. “May I pick you up tomorrow at five?”

“Yeah, that would be great,” you replied, giving him a big smile. Conner made to leave, but you stopped him. “Conner, I want you to know that Batman told me yesterday that I may never get home.”

“I’m sorry,” Conner responded. His blue eyes were filled with sympathy and a glimmer of something else. “But I like to think that maybe it gives us a chance to know each other.”

You gave him a small grin. “Yeah, maybe,” you commented as Conner left the room. Maybe if you could never get home, you would be able to find a life here with Conner.  

So my dad was watching yj for the first time

On Roy- “He walks dainty”

On the giant genomorphs- “What the? Giant cows?”

On seeing Connor for the first time- “Who dat?”

On kaldurs ‘ask yourself what would Superman do’- “Wwsmd”

On superboy yelling YOU WANT ESCAPE- “Chill”

On 'he hacked the motion sensors’ - “yesss”

On 'feels like fog lifting’- “Must. Go.”

On project blockbuster- “What the. It’s a big giant kitty cat. A hulk kitty cat”

On superboys 'I’m Supermans clone’-“Sup- whaaat”

anonymous asked:

Heckie!! I loved the ship you gave me(the Conner Kent one) and I can't stop smiling now. If you get the time, would it be possible for a Conner Kent x reader who has a shapeshifting talent? I think it would be funny if the reader brings up conspiracy theories so reader reenacts them for Conner. You don't have to follow that at all, please keep writing and doing what you do! I love all of it!❤️

omg this is ridiculous im like disgustingly fond of this. it’s short (and I HATE THAT) but humorous; i hope u like it bby. 

title: later boy

warnings: conspiracy theory, connor probably written wrong

“What do you mean you’ve never heard of Avril Lavigne?” you gasped indignantly at Connor, honestly a little hurt. “She’s only one of the most iconic artists of the 2000s. And have you looked in the mirror? She practically wrote “Sk8er Boi” about you.”

“All those references you just made? Lost on me,” he deadpanned, crossing his arms. “The genomorphs didn’t really include pop culture references.”

“Alright, well listen,” you said, reaching for your laptop sitting on the coffee table. You searched the mentioned song in you library, hitting play, and almost immediately Conner scrunched up his face.

“This is horrible,” he muttered, arms flexing. You casually swung your legs up on his lap, settling the laptop against your belly and your head on the arm on the couch.

“It’s a classic, and you need an education,” you chided playfully, moving onto another song by the same artist. His scowl only deepened, kicking his own feet up on the table.

“I’m still at a loss as to why you mentioned this,” he grunted. You snapped your fingers and spun your laptop around, showing him a side by side of the artist.

“Does anything look off to you?” you asked, watching as his eyes roamed the two shots. Connor’s eyes roamed the two shots, eyebrows furrowed.

“Not really?” he tried, turning his eyes back to the TV. “One likes pants, the other likes skirts?”

“That’s the point!” You exclaimed, jumping up and startling Wolf, who had been snoozing by your feet. “Watch.”

Connor rolled his eyes as you morphed, hair turning long and blonde, clothes morphing into a punk rock look. You gestured with your hands before transforming to post-body swap Avril, hands on hips.

“Don’t you see it?” you stressed, morphing back to your original features. Connor smirked, hands coming to rest behind his head.

“All I see is how good you look as a blonde,” he commented offhandedly, and you laughed, hopping back to couch and crawling back onto his lap, his hands going to your hips as you dragged your laptop back onto your legs. your hair casually morphed back into its appropriate length and style.

“Oh, babe, look! There’s a Paul McCartney theory!” you claimed, giddy as you clicked the link. All Connor could do was groan and press his face into your back, but he couldn’t help the small smile forming onto his face.

He really did like you as a blonde.

Reasons to bring back Young Justice
  • To find out more about Martian Culture
  • What happened to Match?
  • Red Arrow/Arsenal team up
  • And the rest of Genomorph City
  • More of the Forever People
  • What they meant by “If Superman ever turns from The Light.”
  • So Wally can come back
  • More Klarion
  • Tim Curry is not getting any younger, and G. Gordon Godfrey is clearly in cahoots with Vandal Savage
  • So Khary Payton can play someone aside from Cyborg for a change
  • So I can sleep peacefully at night
Let’s talk about Beast Boy in Justice League vs Teen Titans

Cause he was great. The first scene we see him in, he shows up naked to training. 

What a fucking dork.

And his transformations are awesome. Cause he does this

And this

Look at him with his stupid “rock on” signs

Then he turns into a donkey


He gave Robin a ride on his back as a horse which I thought was adorable

Also he turned into a Krolotean, one of the aliens from the second season of Young Justice. I thought that was cool easter egg.

At least it looks like a Krolotean. It could be one of the genomorph things from Cadmus labs. Either way, still cool.


There are 7 types of Genomorphs
  • G-Gnomes: the small psychic creatures.
  • G-Trolls: the huge Genomorphs with enhanced strength.
  • G-Elves: the clawed warriors.
  • G-Sprites: the creatures that are kept in jars and are capable of producing energy.
  • G-Dwarves: worker drones with tentacles.
  • G-Goblin: Dubbilex, capable of telekinesis and speech, and telepathy but this is unknown to Cadmus. 
  • Project Kr: Superboy, a genetic clone of Superman.