There are 7 types of Genomorphs
  • G-Gnomes: the small psychic creatures.
  • G-Trolls: the huge Genomorphs with enhanced strength.
  • G-Elves: the clawed warriors.
  • G-Sprites: the creatures that are kept in jars and are capable of producing energy.
  • G-Dwarves: worker drones with tentacles.
  • G-Goblin: Dubbilex, capable of telekinesis and speech, and telepathy but this is unknown to Cadmus. 
  • Project Kr: Superboy, a genetic clone of Superman.

Here are the various Genomorphs from the animated series Young Justice.  The show follows the proteges of the Justice League, and the Genomorphs were encountered on their first mission.  They are experiments of Project Cadmus, they are the G-Trolls, G-Gnomes, G-Elves, G-Sprites, G-Goblin (Dubbillex), and G-Dwarves.  The name is a reference to genome in science, and the majority each carry a similar design (except G-Sprites).  Each are grey in color, with red accents that highlight their muscles, as well as glow read to indicate their telepathic abilities.  They caused some trouble, but they soon rebelled from their captors.

Photos Courtesy of DC Comics, Warner Bros. Animation, and DC Entertainment

Oh those little things are genoms. And it was apparently just the shadow of the weird horned being.

Oh so they are like a portable phone, only they get into your head.

And that Guardian guy is being brainwashed by his.


What does ‘whelmed’ actually mean? You see I understand where Robin is coming from but I still can’t get he meaning of the word.

Okay, genomorphs are cool, kinda creepy and bad news.

And they’re busted.

Guardian was a hero?! Eeyep, definitely brainwashed.

artemisswan asked:

Prompt: Jim Harper discovers that there's a new head of Cadmus and they don't seem too keen on treating the Geomorphs like how they should.

Wow, what a good prompt! I struggled to come up with the perfect story on this one, but here we go!


Once the Martians had checked his mind to guarantee no more programming, the suit and identity were gone but not his careful eye on Cadmus.

After retiring from being Guardian, Jim still kept a close eye on Cadmus, making sure the Light never got a hold of it again and the geomorphs continued to be treated fairly. Before he swapped the gold and blue costume for his blue marshmallow jacket, he learned that the original Jim had lived in Metropolis. Using a little money he saved from Cadmus, he bought a house in the Suicide Slum as well as a DC apartment, intent on switching homes to live the life of the original Jim while as the League’s trust in watching Cadmus.

 When he found out an evil scientist by the name of Dabney Donovan was taking over as the head of Cadmus, Jim peeked through a window and was shocked that not only were the miserable genomorphs exhausted and sickly but most of them had burn marks and violent scars and gashes around their bodies. Using a small video camera, Jim left it behind until Cadmus closed for the night, took it home, and watched footage of Donovan throwing coffee, acid, and knives at the genomorphs, pushing them through glass objects and into walls, shoving their heads into toilets and boiling containers of water, and kicking them in the heads.

Jim regretted donating his costume to public view, but that night he prepared himself, dressed in all black, rented a black van, and drove to Cadmus on late New Year’s Eve-almost years since the Light overpowered him and everything else in Cadmus. Crawling through the air vent, and disabling security wherever possible, he woke one startled G-Elf and told him to wake the other genomorphs, send one G-Gnome to mind-control a sleeping Donovan. As little Jake held Donovan in a deep slumber Jim helped the sicker and gruesomely injured genomorphs into his oversized travel bags to nurse at home.

Finally he instructed the healthier genomorphs to implant clear memories into Donovan while he called the police and guided Donovan outside for his arrest. When the cherry and blue lights went away, and the sirens went dim, Jim helped heal the genomorphs and came up with a plan-he would have a PRIVATE PROPERTY sign posted over Cadmus so nobody could peek inside or enter, as the genomorphs would continue to live there in peace, with him smuggling food and gifts every weekend when he could. The genomorphs then held up glasses of clean water and toasted “to Jim-our guardian angel!”

I watched the Young Justice episode “Agendas,” for the first time today, and two major thoughts:

1. I cracked up at Hal and John’s reaction to Guy joining the league.

2. Genomorph City is some real shit and I screamed when the humans found it. Just looking out how out of place Connor and Match were when they got there, and how the Genomorphs look amongst us…oy

let’s face it, if I was a being able of shapeshifting, I would just be a xenomorph 24/7

henceforth, I can make lots of fangems but my gemsona would be a genomorph

actually what if crossover. what if a gem was infested with a chestburster OMG!! holy shit.

now, should my genomorph be smoky quartz or hematite. or labradorite, but that was gunna be my other gem

maybe black sapphire cuz sapphire is my birthstone