During the PSAT section with Gen and Hosokawa I was literally thinking, “This got really gay really fast.” then my vice principal came over and read the section behind me and whispered “homo” and I literally fell out of my chair I laughed so hard and that’s the story of how my vice principal and I started shipping genokawa..

Frustration- A Genokawa Fic

Frustration is a powerful thing. It can lead to dismay, to despair, to anger– but no one would have expected it to lead to love.

“Gen,” Mr. Hisokawa turned to his translator, frustration evident in the lines creasing his forehead, “teach me how to speak your language.”

Gen’s head popped up in alarm, and strands of his unkempt hair fell into his eyes. He stood up from his seat to bow to his employer.  "Is my work unsatisfactory? I apologize sir, but if you give me another chance I-“

Mr. Hisokawa’s laughter cut Gen off, and Gen pulled back in shock. This wasn’t his first translation job; however, it was the first job where a client was unsatisfied. And he didn’t quite know how to handle it. He stood in the same spot, stiff as a board, as Mr. Hisokawa sat down on the hotel bed. 

"It’s not that- no, not at all. Gen, you have proved yourself many times over.” Mr. Hisokawa offered a kind smile at the young boy, and Gen responded with a relieved sigh. “I was just trying to order room service,” the older man gestured to the telephone on the dresser, “but when I tried to speak, they simply hung up on me.”

Now it was Gen’s turn to laugh, though he did his best to hide it. Mr. Hisokawa furrowed his brows in frustration, and he crossed his arms over his chest in defense, as if Gen’s laughter was attacking some part of him. The younger sat down, his energy being drained as he released the tension he had built up with the pressure of this huge job.

“I’m sorry sir, it’s just that-” Gen paused, staring at Mr. Hisokawa, looking at him as if he needed a go ahead to continue his statement. The businessman tilted his head slightly to show his interest, and so Gen continued, “-you have a very thick accent.”

Mr. Hisokawa’s face flushed with embarrassment, and his eyes widened in shock. No one, not a single one  of his previous translators had ever brought up his accent. However, with Gen, it just seemed normal. There was this sort of familiarity that the man just couldn’t place, but he knew that he only felt it with Gen.

Upon Mr. Hisokawa’s reaction, Gen’s face flushed as well, with an embarrassment of his own. “Sir, I didn’t mean to offend you!” Gen stood quickly, bowing with utmost respect for the man. He had let himself get too casual, too comfortable with the client- Oh god what a horrible mistake-


Gen straightened to look down at the man, and he raised his eyebrow, a tad confused. 

"I was trying to order tickets to an Opera.” Mr. Hisokawa cleared his throat before continuing, and Gen noticed his gaze shift to avoid eye contact. “I was hoping to enjoy Athens while I was here…and that you would accompany me?” The last bit turned into a question as Mr. Hisokawa found the courage to look at Gen in the eyes, and he was very surprised to see them filled with glee.

“I’d love to! Actually, I know one of the actors in the opera being performed this week!” Excited, Gen leapt up to move to the phone, surprising Mr. Hisokawa in the process.

“The energy in kids these days…” Mr. Hisokawa thought to himself, but he had to admit that he admired Gen. The way his hair just shined in the sunlight, how his skin was tanned to the point where it as handsome…

“-And I’d like 6 tickets in the front row, make sure they’re good.”

The man’s thoughts were cut short by Gen’s quick Greek, but Mr. Hisokawa recognized the number 6. He held up a hand and mouthed to Gen “Only 2. You and me.”

Gen’s face flushed once again, but he delivered the final order in an instant. He froze as the clerk on the other end asked for a first name, because after all this time, Gen had only known Mr. Hisokawa as- well, Mr. Hisokawa. He had been taught as a child that a last name was all you needed to be successful. “Sir, they want a first name to put the order in for.”

Mr. Hisokawa smiled,  realizing that Gen did not know his name either. “Katsumi. The name is Katsumi Hisokawa.”