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1: What is your relationship with your parents?
Long story short, I have great relationship with my Dad. He is extremely supportive and always takes time to make sure I know he loves me and is proud of what I do. I have a strained relationship with my Mother who was the source of a lot of abuse, but she is currently trying to reconcile so hopefully it’ll be all good in time.

2: What is your best memory?
First performance I ever did. Played a major role in my primary school musical. Fell in love with being on stage

3: What is your best quality and worst defect?
Best quality is definitely my perseverance. Worst defect is definitely my condescending attitude toward people with shitty work ethic.

4: If you could be an animal for one day, what animal would you be and why?
Peregrine Falcon, fastest bird in the world, would be awesome. 

5: Do you have tattoos or piercings? if you have, in which places?
I do, I have my left ear pierced and six piercings in my lip (starting in the middle there are three evenly spaced toward one side and three beneath them). Tattoos I have my band’s symbol on my shoulder. The lyrics to the first song I wrote on my own on my forearm. Stitches on my lefts hand fingers and half a snake on my pelvis.

6: Are you in a relationship? if not, which are the qualities that you search in someone?
Kind of, I don’t really know to be honest.
Qualities wise though, I want someone who can do all the things I can’t but also needs my help with stuff so that we make one complete indestructible team. 

7: What kind of music do you hate and why?
Anything based off loops, because write your own damn melodies.

8: How much languages do you speak?
Proficiently, 1. But I can get by on 3 (Hebrew, German and English)

9: What career do you want to follow?
I want to own the music industry. All of it.

10: What is your political view?
In a perfect world I would say I was Theocratic. But since we are not in a perfect world I believe that people should work hard so that those who can’t don’t suffer. I also believe we shouldn’t be creating jobs but searching for ways where the world can live without having to work. Like advance technology so that we make enough food where no one needs to buy it and what not. So whatever that is.

11: What is your sign?
I don’t understand this question.

My questions for ya’ll
1. What makes you happiest in life?
2. If it were to be taken away what would you do about it?
3. Favourite band and why?
4. When was the last time you made direct eye contact with someone because you wanted them to see you?
5. Is there ever a time when violence is justified?
6. What is the price of freedom?
7. Will you come to my next gig if I give you a cookie?
8. Would you ever leave your current life if you knew that you could live undisturbed on a self-sufficient farm?
9. Where would you like to retire; the mountains, forest, beach, city or country?
10. Favourite book? 
11. If you could learn an ancient language what would it be and why?



Overkill - Genocya.