On the Eve of the Execution | A Sinner and Saint AU
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“Because you’re a softhearted fool who would try to come up with an ineffectual punishment that left her alive to do us more harm?” James easily countered, seemingly unruffled by Snow’s violence.

Letting out a slow breath Snow. “Did you have to lie to me about it?" 

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“But no pool.” James knew Ariel wanted a pool and he’d been looking forward to teaching Emma to swim.

“Hmm…oh, true.” Ariel murmured, looking over the flier a second time. “Oh! But this one does!” she said, pulling out another. “And the master has access to the backyard patio. Emma’s room would be a tiny bit smaller, but still spacious.”

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“You destroy all my best clothing.” James muttered, though he wasn’t really complaining, he loved the way Killian was so careless of things, it made his other treatment of James that much better. “You owe me a new tie.”

“Only because it’s so much work to get you out of so much.” he grunted, lips trailing along James’ neck as he unbuttoned the crisp shirt with clumsy fingers, a handful of buttons coming loose and clinking to the floor as they slipped past calloused hands.

A New Year and a New Family | A Sinner & Saint AU
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“Happy New Year,” James replied after kissing back, wrapping his arms around Snow’s waist and looking towards the egg. “It will be fine. Everything will be fine. Blue said so.”

“I know.” Snow chuckled leaned forward to brush their noses together. “I know we’re safe now… it’ll take me some time to get used to it.”

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James had never expected to see Ariel again, especially not now. He’d heard she was happily married to her soulmate, the last time he’d checked into her, and the pain it had caused had been enough to let him know he didn’t want more information. He gave a polite smile, nodding in greeting. “Hello. It’s been a while.”

“I…um.” she swallowed nervously, hand sliding the sleeve down further to ensure her sleeve remained concealed from his view. She could feel herself shake in spite of the warm weather. There was anger. Frustration. Heartache she spent years trying to bury as far back as she could.

It had to be wrong. James couldn’t possibly be her new soulmate. Her own clock had hit zero when she first met Eric at sea. When she found her real prince and saved him from a watery grave. She remembered that day at sea when she found him sinking. How any thoughts on her clock took a backseat while she put all her efforts to rescue the handsome young man from certain death, only realizing after he’d been carried off by his servants that he was her soulmate, already too far for her to make the journey on her legs to stop him. And it was only after her banishment that they would find each other again.

She began worrying at the inside of her cheek, eyes looking at anything but James. There had to be some explanation to this. There had to be a reason it reset only to hit zero when they found each other again. Perhaps a fluke. Perhaps he’d lead her to her real soulmate. Perhaps she missed him in her decision to turn back.

Eyes flickered to the beachgoers near them, but there were no signs of anyone who might be in search of a soulmate. No searching, worried eyes. No one dividing their time between  scanning the horizon and looking down at their wrist. Ariel was alone with nothing but a set of zeros on her skin and the man she once foolishly gave her whole heart to.

“I-I….h-hell-o.” she stammered, eyes fluttering as she gripped at her wrist. “I don’t think I ever expected to see you this far out from the main lands.” she added, jaw clenching slightly. Should she say anything? Or let him speak first? Her eyes flickered down to his own wrist where his own numbers would be, wondering if he had been staring at his own countdown like she was. 

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James wrinkled his nose. “Maybe we can hire someone just to feed her.”

“If we can find one. We couldn’t even find a wet nurse when we first got here.” Ariel said, slipping into a clean pair of jeans before she rifled through for a clean shirt, picking out one she wouldn’t care soiling much in case Emma was tempted to practice her aim on her again. “At least the kitchen’s still clean. She only ever seems to like to fling it at whoever’s watching her.” she chuckled.

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“Why is she always /my/ niece when she does something bad? Why isn’t she your step-granddaughter?” James joked, glancing at the shirt then wincing. He’d lost a lot of good pieces to Emma’s clumsiness.

Regina cringed. “Namely because I haven’t been Snow’s stepmother in many years,” she replied. “And it seems she takes after you far more than either of her parents.”

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James woke instantly at the noise, reaching for the knife he kept under his pillow before he realized it was a knock. He stood, sauntering to the door, and pulled it open, surprised to see Emma. “Is something wrong?”

She bit down on her lip, “I’m sorry, I just.I can’t sleep” even though it had been so long since she had crept into his room in search of safety it had been an automatic response to night. “I don’t like it here”

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“Ariel, this silly show will go on without you,” James stated. “I’m driving you to the ER.”

She slumped “But—” she hissed at the throbbing pain on her ankle. She’d worked so hard the past few weeks and had looked forward to performing outside of her actual classes. It was her show. The choreography, costumes. It was all her. But she saw the look on James’ face, and it was clear he wasn’t going to hear it. “Fine….and it’s not silly.” she muttered. 

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James pushed Flotsam hard enough to knock him off his feet, glaring at Jetsam to back off. “I don’t want your assistance. I don’t want your money. I’ve already given Triton all the information I had on Ursula’s continued misdeeds. So fuck off.”

“Ooh.” Ariel hissed, watching Flotsam fall over. “Well, she’s not going to like that at all.” she replied, shooting him an agitated look. She hated having to deal with calming her aunt down, and this would just set her on a tirade.

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James swayed, the expression on Killian’s face, the emotions in his voice, at odds with the casual way he’d thought Killian had approached their relationship. He’d thought this would be easy. “Because I….It was never going to last. I’m a prince.”

He scoffed. “No of course.” he said, letting anger seep through him to mask what wounds James inflicted on him. “And to think, I just about believed you’d be different. But you’re just like any other of those royals. Manipulative, empty.” he hissed, each syllable almost dripping with what venom now coursed in him. “A shell with little need or desire to do anything but to stomp on us who aren’t of noble blood. You’re leeches, the lot of you.”

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“Ariel, I’m not going to let someone who’s beneath you slobber all over you.” James looked after the man in disdain. “You’re a princess, even if it’s of the fish variety.”

She let out a small snort. “Gods, you are too sweet.” she teased, slipping her arm around his waist before she kissed his cheek.


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“I am very easy,” James said, condescendingly. “You don’t have to make such a fuss. And leave the other villains to me. You’re always quick to remind me of my reputation as dangerous, but forget that I have it for a reason.”

Anna rolled her eyes.  "I was trying not to be too insulting.  Jesus, you get touchy,“ another hard roll of the eyes, "I don’t forget that you got that reputation for a reason, James.  I’m just well aware that there are people who are more dangerous than you.  And I’d rather not be responsible for–whatever they might do to you.”