A Curse and a Trophy Husband | Regina and James

Regina Mills was bored and lonely. It had only been a few years since she cast the curse. Was it two, three, four? She was beginning to lose track of the time. She hated that she herself was getting lost in the haze of the curse.

The Huntsman…or Sheriff Graham, as she supposed she could call him now, wasn’t enough. He willingly came to her, but he could never feel, so there was never much passion. Not that Madam Mayor was in love with him, either. It would’ve been nice to have someone care, though.

She thought of available people in town who might grow to care for her. Citizens of Storybrooke who actually had their hearts. While most had their hearts in their chests, she could think of no one who might be interested. No one in town at least. She thought of Prince Charming, and if he weren’t in a coma, she’d pick him because it would be perfect revenge against Snow White.

Then she thought of another. Prince James, thought to be dead but kept in the asylum all these years. He was handsome and cunning and he might be willing to play this game.

On the Eve of the Execution | A Sinner and Saint AU
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“Because you’re a softhearted fool who would try to come up with an ineffectual punishment that left her alive to do us more harm?” James easily countered, seemingly unruffled by Snow’s violence.

Letting out a slow breath Snow. “Did you have to lie to me about it?" 

The Prince and the Portal Jumper

Jefferson sucked in a breath as the king finally took his leave. The air seemed somehow lighter in his leaving, fresher. And really, Jefferson hadn’t been sure how much longer he could hold up the ruse of actually giving one royal damn about George’s precious kingdom or its troubles. It wasn’t that he had anything against either of them - the king or his kingdom. 

He just wasn’t interested in standing around hearing about it. Things to do, places to be, after all. Specifically, not that, and not there. Castles were always so…stuffy

“By your leave, your highness,” he called into the empty room, and with a tip of his hat and a rolling flourish, he pocketed his gold and started for the door. 

The Prince and the Huntsman || Graham&James

Growing up, he’d had no one. Not a single person. He’d been abandoned in the woods by the people who were supposed to protect him. So he’d been raised by the wolves. Because of this, he felt a special connection to them. He felt their pain, their happiness, their anger. But it wasn’t only the wolves. It was all wildlife. 

Animals were compassionate, smart, beautiful. And then there were humans. Who were cold, sick and twisted. So he’d always sided with the animals. After all, that was why he was a huntsman.

He stayed quiet as he crept through the forest, stalking his prey. He wished he didn’t have to do this, but he needed to live, as did his companion, his wolf. He pulled back the arrow, took a deep breath and let go, the animal dying instantly. “I’m sorry,” he whispered as he put the bow back and walked over to the animal.

He ran his hand over the fur, a tear falling down his face. He said his prayer, the one he always said when he killed an animal. His companion appeared and he smiled at the wolf. “And we will eat well for a few days,” he said when he heard something. His eyes widened and he turned, looking around. “Who’s there?” he called.

Enter Asylum. || @Genocideandcharm

Posing as people from various jobs in the town had become Jefferson’s second nature as he used the tactic to gain information. As long as Regina didn’t catch him it was fine. She hadn’t as of yet. Today was the hospital. He donned the white scrubs and sneakers, his scar around his neck visible and uncomfortable but, it was just one of the discomforts that he had to make in order to hopefully get a one up on the Queen.

He wandered around and chatted to Victor Frankenstein  saddened as he was once an old friend of his. As they chatted about some John Doe whom Jefferson knew to be Prince Charming he spied a woman entering a passcode to a door and going down to a lower floor. Curious. 

The Hatter himself copied her movements and slunk through the shadows, reading the nameplates. There was one for himself which he simply laughed at, Belle (That could be useful someday) and.. James. He paused a moment before unlocking the door with the same passcode , staring into the face of an old… friend.

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can you tell me some of your favorite partners and talk a bit about them. You look to have multiple blogs and you seem to have quite a few amazing ones. Which one's would you recommend to a new blog with multiple verses? Maybe your top 7?

{Ehehehe…yes, nonnie, I have quite a few blogs and a lot of amazing partners on each and every single one of them. And really, the only reason why any of my blogs are the way they are is because I have such fantastic partners who always know how to bring out different things from my muses.

Anyways, I don’t know who I’d consider to be in my top 7, but these are the people that come to mind whenever someone asks me for my favorites (as you’ll notice, most of them are people that I follow on pretty much every blog I have):

  • askemmaswan/ thecharmingprincessemma​: I honestly cannot express how much I love this girl. I first met her on my Killian blog, and we instantly hit it off, and the muses interacted with one another in such marvelous ways that I couldn’t even think of a more perfect Emma. But that’s not the reason why I love her so much. She has always been so supportive of me no matter what, and whenever I’m not feeling well or am really down, she’s almost without a doubt the first person to message me and cheer me up, and when I came back from my uber long impromptu hiatus, she welcomed me back and then we just went back to our friendship like I hadn’t disappeared for 3+ months. She’s so understanding and just an absolutel doll. I can’t say enough about her.
  • genocideandcharm: I first met James’ mun on my TJ blog, and I’ll admit to being intimidated by her a lot. I mean, her character is so sassy and beautiful that it hurts, and I honestly didn’t know how to approach her for the longest time. In fact, if I recall correctly, she actually approached me first through a meme, and then we started plotting and just…yeah. I love seeing her posts on my dash because they usually brighten my day.
  • ariel-the-lionhearted: Hehehe. I’ve stalked Ariel mun for the longest time and have always wanted to do something with her because her writing is seriously phenomenal and just gorgeous to read, and it wasn’t until I finally got the courage to send in a meme thing on my Killian blog that I was able to do something with her. Her grasp on Ariel is amazing, and I love the story she’s created for both Ariel and Pearl. 
  • notthescarsyoucansee: This girl right here? This girl is someone that everyone needs in their lives because her OC, Anna, is seriously one of the most thought out and developed OCs I’ve EVER come across, and she’s honestly more of a well-rounded muse than a lot of canon muses I’ve come across. The mun behind Anna is a genius, and she knows how to draw on your heartstrings one moment and then deliver the crackiest of crack the next and have it all make sense and work.
  • herroyaldarkness: MEGS! Okay, okay. This girl right here? My first and only Regina. Her Regina is the ONLY person I’ve ever found that can get to Killian like no other, and their sass is just all sorts of epic. Her Regina is not afraid to tell Killian what she thinks of him and vice versa, and the two have the strangest relationship ever, but it’s great. 
  • thenotsosandyclaws: We just recently started following each other, but I’ve grown to adore Jack-mun like no other. Most of our interactions have been done OOC and just us chatting with one another, but we’ve got a few ideas plotted to thread that I seriously cannot wait for, and I definitely think that they deserve all of the love. Their portrayal of Jack is amazing, and the difference between Dante and Jack are so perfect that it’s heartbreaking.
  • truebigbadwolf: Man, I stalked this girl like crazy when she first started her blog, and I couldn’t be more happy now that she’s back again. I’ve not interacted with her much besides from a few replies on here and a few OOC messages through Killian’s blog, but she’s so koala tea that it hurts, and her writing is F L A W L E S S.
  • it-has-to-work: Megan!!! Okay, so I met Megan, like, a year and some odd months ago way back when I was on my Clint blog and she was on her Loki blog. Then I found her again on her Jefferson blog and decided to pester her there, too. She’s an amazing Jefferson and is willing to play up the many different facets of the Mad Hatter for more than just shipping purposes, which I’ve come to find is something that’s rarely done. I don’t think she’s all that active besides from our Runaways Verse because she had to take a break, but if I recall, she is trying to slowly ease herself back into her blogs like I am, so you should definitely follow her.
  • russiasthief: This girl right here? I adore her to bits. I just…she’s my Cas, and her Kenzi muse is the first muse to ever get a side of Chase to show that I’d never expected. {The muse is a right bastard and doesn’t give a crap about anyone, so imagine the shock when we realized he cared for her?!} She’s such a sweetheart, and I talk to her every day through fanmail. Her muse is amazingly well-rounded and well-written, and she is definitely someone that deserves all the love.

I wish I could name all of my lovely partners, but these are the ones that mean a lot to me, and yes, I know that I mostly went on about the people behind the blogs, but in my experience, it’s those people who run these RP blogs that make everything so wonderful and fun.

I really hope this helps, darling! I know I rambled quite a bit, but these are just a handful of people who make RPing worth it in my book.}

genocideandcharm replied to your post: [text] My brother tells me you tried to seduce him [text] Tried [text] Honestly, how could you not manage that?

[text] No, I’m saying he’s quite bad at resisting it [text] Though, perhaps you should give me a demonstration. Maybe I can make sure next time you’re not such a failure.

[text] He’s bad at resisting? I almost kissed him. [text] Perhaps I should give you a demonstration. I am no failure, I assure you.

genocideandcharm replied to your post: [ I don’t know if it was just…

Idk, but then you get to season two and find out that she made him repeat THE SAME DAY EVERYDAY OMFG and it’s like “whoa, they should have said this earlier, then things would have made more sense"

Yeah yeah, his shit was justified and she clearly was shown as a HORRIBLE mother the further in you got through the season but it’s just trying to look at it through Henry’s eyes, no knowledge of magic or curse–

But what what when the hell–?? I may have missed that can you explain omg? 

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