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What liberals don’t seem to understand, is that fascists and Nazis see the liberal stance that they should be allowed to openly advocate genocide and ethnic cleansing as long as they aren’t literally murdering anyone that second not as principle, but as weakness.

Saying you’ll actually stand up in once they start actively expelling and murdering people isn’t good enough, because once that starts it is already way past too late. You don’t get to absolve yourself of blame while also wondering where the “Good German” was during The War.

If you really had principles, you wouldn’t stand by as these people advocated for expelling entire ethnic and religious groups en masse. You wouldn’t stand by when they blame all of society’s problems on Muslims and Latinos, Black people and Jews. You wouldn’t stand by when they advocate for their removal from society.

If your believed in America as you say you do, you’ll stand up and not let this happen.


A friend posted a picture about cities that have abolished Columbus Day and made it Indigenous People’s Day. Someone posted “Fuck Indigenous Day” and proceeded to make a bunch of racist comments that denied and justified genocide. These were the comments made by this idiot who came in to white knight for the other one.

She uses her full legal name and lives in California.

Tumblr. Do your stuff.

UPDATE: It would appear that the employer has been receiving a lot of e-mails because of this post, especially when word got out that the manager actually laughed at the comments Erika left on Facebook. 

Because someone wrote an e-mail to the CEO and this was the outcome:

For those who can’t read it, here’s what is being said:

Concerned: Hello! I am emailing you today to let you know that your office manager, Erika Everett, has been going on a rather racist and violent tirade on facebook. Apparently, someone on facebook being happy about Columbus Day being renamed Indigenous Day in some places was very upsetting to her. Here she is saying it’s ‘too bad we didn’t get rid of all the indians’ Here she is making light of child abuse I will note that someone has already contacted you, by means I’m not sure of, and apparently her supervisor and Ms. Everett apparently laughed about her disgusting comments together. It is already making the rounds of the internet. Hopefully some disciplinary action is taken before it become too much public knowledge that yet ANOTHER unapologetic racist is a manager at a financial service industry. It doesn’t bode well for a company that backs up this kind of behaviour. I hope Pinedo Financial Services is not one of these companies. Thank you - A concerned observer


Concerned: Thank you for the confirmation about your company’s standards. It’s a shame that you find this e-mail to be harassment when you employ people that laugh about genocide and child abuse. But it’s nice to know that your company endorses that. Well done. - Still Concerned

Whatever you guys are doing, you’re doing it well.

Hey, why stop there?

While we’re at it, what’s JK Rowling’s magical explanation behind Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women? Are they getting kidnapped by Death Eaters?

Oh wait! Were there Residential Schools for Witchcraft and Wizardry too?

Did Voldemort order the sterilization of Native Muggles to prevent Native Mudbloods?

Are the Malfoys behind the Oka Crisis all along? Did Lucius stab Waneek Horn Miller while she was carrying a four year old?

Do you realize how fucking gross and offensive this is now?

like, sorry, that I’m so humorless, but being a part of a people that has gone through events like genocide, pogroms, ethnic cleansings etc., (and we’re STILL being terrorized) really fucks your ability to laugh off people joking about killing you. Sorry we’re not better sports about it! 😂

  • Left-wing antisemites: From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!
  • Left-wing antisemites: Jews are Nazis!
  • Left-wing antisemites: Apartheid! Genocide! Ethnic cleansing!
  • Left-wing antisemites: Jewish lobby!
  • Left-wing antisemites: Holocaust industry!
  • Left-wing antisemites: Why don't pro-Israel Jews join us in condemning right-wing antisemitism?

The Great Synagogue of Tripoli - Libya

The synagogue has been left abandoned & vandalised since Libyan Jews were kicked out in the mid-late 20th century.

In the early 1930’s Jews made as much as 4% of Libya’s total population & 25% of Tripoli, sadly today the community is extinct.

So when you say things like “Native Americans have a responsibility to teach [non Natives] their myths and legends and culture!!!” so you can shift the responsibility of being racist on the people you’re targeting, this is what you’re really saying:

In order for you to “understand why we’re so upset with you,” we are expected to talk about, in detail, every single aspect of our struggle for survival, again.

We are expected to talk about ethnic cleansing, genocide, war, colonialism, sexual violence, residential schools, forced assimilation,  the kidnapping of our children, skyrocketing suicide rates, cultural appropriation, racist stereotypes, our women going missing and being found murdered, again.

We are expected to talk about our personal experiences with racism from our partners, our friends, our friends’ family members, our teachers, our employers, our co-workers, acquaintances, online communities, fandoms, entire industries, pop culture icons, government officials, and even the lateral violence within our own communities, again.

We are expected to spell out, in detail, as to what our family members of the previous generation survived in order for us to be here, again.

We are expected to relive our trauma, again.

With all of the information already available for you on the internet that’s a mere Google search away, you expect us to start from square one all over again with no regard for the toll it takes on our hearts, just so you can ignore it AGAIN.

Excuse me, but fuck you.

What I really dont understand about Neo-Nazis is like the sheer level of cognitive dissonance that they must have to manifest to rationalise their shit, like - do they think they’re the good guys?? when they watch star wars, do they root for Darth Vader and the Empire?? do they think indiana jones is about a bunch of soldiers tryna do their job waylaid by a murderous archaeologist?? sure, some of them rationalise by denying the holocaust happened but some of them are literally lobbying for a second one - how can you exist in this day and time, where nazi is literally a word synonymous with evil, and still think youre in the right?? that genocide and ethnic cleansing is the force for good??

West Coast Gothic

* Due to its brutal reputation, your town had to change its name. The old name bubbles to the surface, from time to time, belching out of the ground when no one will say it. It’s very loud, but no one can hear it. Except you.

* Every year, today, the island is covered with white birds, one for each of the indians who they killed. Every year, one more bird.

* The railroad is halted due to a landslide, but service will be restored shortly. The railroad repair is halted due to a landslide, but should resume shortly. The rescue team is halted due to a landslide, but…

* Even after they drove the Chinese out of the town at gunpoint, everyone remembers where Chinatown was. No one wants to live there. Not because there are ghosts, but because the ghosts have gone off to a better life in San Francisco, haunting real high end properties, and we’re still here.

* You meet a village of tiny elves living in the stump of a tree, but it turns out they just want to sell you weed.

* When the first Spanish explorer landed, he planted a cross on top of the hill. It’s still there. Each year, it’s gets stronger.

* Due to a tragic series of landslides, rail service has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Please refrain from using the rail ties for scrap, as they are haunted by vengeful spirits.

* In the attic, you find a picture of your grandfather, holding a line of scalps, thumbs up, smiling.

* They flooded the workers in the bottom of the mine to save on wages. Even now, if you go at midnight, you can hear them organizing an underworld union.

* Your local school refuses to have a state history curriculum, on the grounds that it will drive men mad.

* The indians called it a forbidden valley. The settlers called it bad luck. Now we call it a cancer cluster. When you go to sleep there, you dream of all the dead children.

* The tree is taller than you. It’s taller than your house. It’s tall enough that you can’t see the top. It’s tall enough that you can’t reach the top. It reaches upward, upward, into space, never ending.

* There are lizards and rats that live only in the trees, a secret society, disdaining the earth. At night, they observe you, writing reports for their superiors.

* The university has a local history room. You cannot go to the local history room. Do not ask about the local history room. Your name has been noted down, and you can expect a visit from our agents shortly.

* The local city council refuses to apologize for the massacre on the grounds of an ancient indian curse makes it even.

* In the woods, under the trees, the growers keep their pot plants. Under the pot plants, the other growers grow a different weed, that grows up red and whispers of vengeance.

* The bay mud is full of old cars, because the best mechanics are slithering things, not quite human, below the mud. Plus, free oil change.

* Your sister, who we don’t discuss, has run off to join the geese.

* All links to the outside world have been halted, due to a landslide, but service will be restored shortly.

Ethnic cleansing is a deliberate process of murdering minority groups of people so that land and/or wealth may be wrongfully taken. It is probably as old as human history. It has been perpetrated in the name of nationalism and patriotism for centuries, but the term ‘ethnic cleansing’ seeped into the contemporary vernacular around 1988, when it was first used in reference to a localised conflict in Azerbaijan. There, local Azeris in Ngorno-Karabakh were ‘cleansing’ the area of Armenians. The term received international exposure in 1992 when journalists cited the phrase to describe atrocities perpetrated in the devolving state of Yugoslavia, where culturally dominant Serbs ‘cleansed’ various areas of Serbia of Muslim minority Bosnians and Croats. According to some reports, the serbian controlled Yugoslavia military drove 700,000 ethnic minorities from their homes in Bosnia, forcibly relocated another 600,000, killed an unknown number - perhaps in the tens of thousands - and dumped the bodies in mass and unmarked graves.

I think the real reason why Native suffering and oppression doesn’t get discussed is because it would require a lot of people in this country to really do some serious critical analysis of what this country and government has done and is still doing and that the thought is too heavy and unfathomable for them to even process it. So instead they make excuses, they make justifications, they blow off any and all talk about it, and they put the blame and contempt on us instead of our oppressors, because the reality of it all would just be too much for them to possibly comprehend.

And pardon me if I can’t sympathize with you for choosing to tune out something that is a reality for us every single day. You’re not listening, you don’t want to listen, and because of that people are still suffering and dying. I can’t be understanding and sympathetic towards you. Not when Indigenous women still go missing and murdered in Canada by the hundreds. Not when one in three of those women will be sexually assaulted at least once in their lifetime. Not when Native children are being kidnapped by the government and taken away from their families. Not when Hollywood still continues to churn out harmful stories and messages that degrade us further. Not when people on the reservations are killing themselves. 

Hate is not the opposite of love. Indifference is. And people have been VERY indifferent towards Indigenous people for a long time.

May 19, Pontian Greek Genocide Remembrance Day

The Greek genocide, part of which is known as the Pontic genocide, was the systematic ethnic cleansing of the Christian Ottoman Greek population from its historic homeland in Anatolia during World War I and its aftermath (1914–23). It was instigated by the government of the Ottoman Empire against the Greek population of the Empire and it included massacres, forced deportations involving death marches, summary expulsions, arbitrary execution, and the destruction ofChristian Orthodox cultural, historical, and religious monuments. According to various sources, several hundred thousand Ottoman Greeks died during this period.[1] Most of the refugees and survivors fled to Greece (amounting to over a quarter of the prior population of Greece).[2] Some, especially those in Eastern provinces, took refuge in the neighbouring Russian Empire. Thus by the end of the 1919–22 Greco-Turkish War, most of the Greeks of Asia Minor had fled or been killed.[3]Those remaining were transferred to Greece under the terms of the later 1923 population exchange between Greece and Turkey, which formalized the exodus and barred the return of the refugees. Other ethnic groups were similarly attacked by the Ottoman Empire during this period, including Assyrians and Armenians, and some scholars and organizations have recognized these events as part of the same genocidal policy.

The Turkish government released a statement which claimed that describing the events as genocide was “without any historical basis”.

Pardon me, I’m going the fuck off on Twitter over this JK Rowling shit. White Europeans need to stay in their fucking lane when it comes to Native cultures. You’re the ones who paved the road for the Americans and Canadians when they tried to fucking kill us all.

It’s 2016. If you’re a billionaire best-selling writer who is still perpetuating these stereotypes that treat Indigenous people like they’re fairy tales or something that went extinct long ago, you’ve got blood on your hands. That’s all I’m fucking saying.