genocidal famine

The only thing that gets me shit fucking arse over tits angry immediately is the denial of Irish slavery and the history of how we were genocided and forced to run or die.

No, it was not because of our skin colour, but we weren’t considered human.

It is not comparable to the African slave trade, or the genocides of WW2, but it happened and it’s disgusting and disrespectful to try and erase over 800 years of horrendous pain, suffering, and the destruction of our culture.

No one is saying “ohhoho whites were slaves too” here, because our rotten history is not defined by race relations. The British knew we were white, but we were white animals. Barbarians. Subhuman, and only good for ploughing fields, raping, and beating the shit out of.

Don’t misunderstand tho, yeah a lot of us were herded like cattle and sent to work in places like the Caribbean too. Some worked the fields and others were told to hold the whip, and that was disgraceful. Yes there were Irish who were bent over backwards to screw over the other slaves to earn Master’s favour. We know this, I know this, and would not deny it despite the shame that comes with it.

But for every one slave who got “lucky” (I cringe at using that term) there were countless breaking themselves in the heat or collapsing, hollow-cheeked with distended bellies, back home in Ireland, dying by the literal thousands from starvation that the scumfuck Brits just let happen. “Sure they were only fuckin Toms and Paddys anyway.”

Please remember, next time you want to deny anything bad ever happened to us, it was not long ago there were signs all over America depicting “no blacks, no dogs, no Irish.”

We wouldn’t erase or deny your history so please don’t do it to us


What are some things that you seem to always include in your stories? This could be an interesting thread. It’ll help you see the things that are unique to your writing

I’ll start.

  • I live by the hills in real life so I constantly write about hills and mountains
  • I love trees and write about forests or magical trees or such often
  • Grew up in the Bay Area so I wrote about fog a lot
  • Rivers and lakes. Not the ocean so much…
  • There and Back Again/Into the Wild tales where the main characters adventure into far lands and return home afterwards changed.
  • Anything to do with flying in open air; steampunk sky ships, dragon-riding, etc
  • Swords as main weapons; or times when guns and swords are still used together
  • Sideshadowing: showing that the world of the story is a lot larger than the plot of the story itself
    • Idle dialogue of things happening in the world that aren’t touched on in the story; heroes of other stories (this is the real reason I have over two dozen novels, short stories, and series in queue)
  • The un-glorification of war and murder
    • I write a lot of war stories that show the graphic and extremely dark and miserable side of these things; losing loved ones, genocide, rape, famine, pestilence, PTSD. I really hate stories that glorify war and have a bunch of mindless killing. When people die or kill in my story, that weight is always shown hanging in the air.
  • Fellowship of the Ring casts:  several characters with different histories and relationships with one another, and a multitude of personalities that often clash at some point
  • The Princess Saves Herself/Dame in Distress: My favourite stories are ones with girl main characters that take care of their own problems; slay their own dragons. If there’s a male love interest involved, he usually tries to help and ends up getting himself in trouble, leaving her to kick dragon’s ass AND save male character’s ass.
  • Characters battling anxiety and depression

I think I’m actually gonna tag some people to get started. You can tag people if you want, or ignore this, or just do it without being tagged.

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Tarsus IV Updated Fic Rec (a hundred in all).

Mostly reboot but there are some original Star Trek fics in here. If there are any mistakes please send me a message. The new stories start at 31 for ABOUT TARSUS IV, 25 for MENTIONS/REFERENCES TO TARSUS IV, 6 for CHRISTOPHER PIKE & JIM KIRK, and 4 for HOSHI SATO & JIM KIRK. There are also two new lists (Tarsus IV at the Academy & Spock on Tarsus.) I also found a fic where Uhura was on Tarsus IV. Hope you enjoy.

Update: Tumblr has a limit on links per post and I surpassed the limit with this post. 


  1. The Kids Are (Not) Alright by notfreyja, Straight_Outta_Hobbiton on archiveofourown. Rated Teen.  Summary: When Jimmy goes to a new colony on Tarsus IV, every thing was supposed to be fine. Good, even. He was supposed to have other kids to play with, become more socialized. Maybe even learn how to live off of a Starship.No one was prepared for the reality.
  2. Falsified History by SadieYuki on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: According to John Harrison’s bio, he was one of the colonists on Tarsus IV and became one of the Tarsus Nine. Jim knows this isn’t true.
  3. Starfleet academy finds out Jim Kirk was on Tarsus IV by CharactersSecretsExposed  on Rated K+.  Summary: Kirk and the other cadets go into the forest as an assignment to reproduce the events of Tarsus IV and test their survival ability. Afterwards, Kirk’s class continue studying Tarsus IV and a survivor is invited to talk to the students. Kirk’s past is revealed and he returns to the academy after a brief hiatus. New evidence arises that suggests Kodos is still alive and Earthside.
  4. Recognition by  JadeMac2442 on Rated Teen. Summary: Post Tarsus IV, Riley get assigned to the Enterprise. He hasn’t forgotten the color of those eyes. A Conscience of the King Prequel.
  5. Arena by whatshouldntbe on livejournal. Rated R. Summary: During the last six months of her first year into her captaincy, Jim Kirk is forced to revist her dark past when a rumor surfaces around the ship concerning the suspected whereabouts of Governor Kodos. (This is part three of the What Shouldn’t Be series. The previous two parts mentioned Tarsus IV but this part is about Tarsus IV.)
  6. The Line Between Giving Up and Giving In by rayrae118 on Rated Teen. It was an old nightmare, suppressed for years; because what good did it do to dwell on the past? It wouldn’t change anything. Until one day, it wasn’t the past anymore. The nightmare had come back to life, the monster had come out of the closet, and he’ll need his friends, now, more than ever before. Tarsus warnings apply.
  7. A face from long ago by silver-thyla on tumblr. General.
  8. Five Vulcans Jim Met, One He Kept by surrenderdammit on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. (Link takes you to chapter two where Jim is on Tarsus with T'Pring.)
  9. Haven by JadeMac2442 on Rated Teen. Summary: AU. Christopher Pike is on the crew of the ship that relieves Tarsus IV. He finds a young orphan Jim Kirk in a cell, and decides to adopt him. Very dark at first. READ the WARNINGS.
  10. The World May Never Know by SadieYuki on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: How many lies does it take to get to the center of a Jim Kirk? Or, five times Jim Kirk hid the truth from Leonard McCoy, and one time he finally opened up.
  11. one acquainted with the night by contrarian on archiveofourown. Rated General Audiences. Summary: Shutting the door carefully, she listened to the dull sounds of dry heaving from the small en suite. A toilet flush. Silence.Gaila wasn’t about to intrude on his privacy. She hated to be vulnerable herself, and she always got the sense that she and Kirk were kindred spirits, in their own way. It would feel worse to leave him to sickness or misery, though, so she padded over to the closed bathroom door.“It’s just me, Gaila. Are you okay?“
  12. You Don’t Have To (Say Yes) by luminousbeings on archiveofourown. Rated Mature. Summary: The abridged sexual history of James Tiberius Kirk.Or, Jim’s varyingly unhealthy idea of what sex is supposed to be (a it-gets-worse-before-it-gets-better story) (Warning: This fic is beautiful dark.)
  13. Words of Revolution by infiniteworld8 on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: Kirk’s worst memory. A class assignment of ethics and morality dredges up memories from years ago, that he’s done his best to forget. The horror of Tarsus IV threatens to overwhelm him as he struggles to keep his past a secret from his friends. (Part one of a series.  The series is Words of Revolution , Alternate Ending (The Janus Directive) and deleted scenes.)
  14. The Janus Directive by infiniteworld8 on archiveofourown. Rated Mature. Summary: Kirk finally let’s people know he’s one of the Tarsus Nine. But is having the truth known really a good thing? Pandora’s box has been opened and there’s no closing it and what will come to light will rock the Federation and Starfleet at their core. (I have yet to read this part of the series though I’ve read part one & three. This is part two of the series Words of Revolution , Alternate Ending (The Janus Directive) and deleted scenes.)
  15. Memory by zhen123 on Rated M. Summary: The members of the Enterprise are forced to endure their worst nightmares. The Bridge crew comes together to discuss their experiences, and Jim tries to play it off with humor. However, he was affected worse than he lets on. slash.
  16. Quirks by  SpiritBearr on Rated Teen. Summary: Tarsus was many years ago. Sometimes that doesn’t matter. Bones wonders why he didn’t see it before. Jim just wants to be left alone.
  17. Imaginary Numbers by Isa_Iadel on archiveofourown. Rated Mature. Summary: There were those who understood men like Governor Kodos well enough to know what was coming and they made plans. But how long can they survive when the Federation doesn’t believe the rumors of famine and genocide?
  18. UNDER ORDERS by Ann Harrington but was submitted by califmole on livejournal. Rated Gen. Summary: Knowing is only half the battle. (Pike finds out about Kirk being on Tarsus IV. Definitely worth reading.)
  19. Fractured Lives: A Place Called Tarsus IV by Rakuyou_Tenshi (Citrus_Luver) on archiveofourown. Rated Mature. Summary: Even at a young age, Jim had known he was different, but sometimes different is okay. Sometimes different is better. Sometimes different saves you.These are Jim’s early years. The years Jim wishes he could forget, but can’t because he lived and they didn’t. The years that lead to the best thing in his life… even if it’s fleeting.These are the before, during and after Tarsus years.
  20. Green by WingedQuill on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: Jim isn’t the only person on the Enterprise with an altered childhood.
    Spock struggles with three things: emotions, humanity, and food.
    S'chn T'gai just tries to survive. (Spock is on Tarsus.)
  21. Cor Aut Mors by mischief_afoot on livejournal. Rated R. Summary: There is nothing left; all the avenues they’ve tried to restore the land to fertility have failed. (Another Spock on Tarsus fic that features Jim who is Betazoid. Warning: Dark but worth reading because of the ending.)
  22. Tarsus IV by princess Naphatarie on Rated K. Summary: A KirkSpock or Kirk & Spock fic right after Conscience of the King.
  23. Brutality by BonesOfBirdWings  on Rated Teen. Summary: Khan isn’t the only brutal one. After all, Kirk didn’t see Khan on the dying fields of Tarsus IV, did he? (Warnings: Some violence, and a little squicky. The Horror genre is there for a reason.)
  24. A Moment on Tarsus IV by To.The.Hilt on Rated K+. Summary: The anniversary of the Tarsus Massacre rolls around. Kirk tries to forget what day it is, Spock and McCoy refuse to. Discoveries are made about the event that shaped Jim Kirk. Kplus for subject matter. Nothing too bad. NON SLASH
  25. Still in the Game by Moonfairyhime on Rated Teen. Summary: I had hoped that, out of all the horrors you have experienced in your life, you would have been spared from Tarsus IV. It pains me deeply, Jim, that you were on Tarsus even in this timeline.
  26. Faded Pain by Blacktipped Angelwings on Rated M. Summary: History class really sucks when you’ve been part of it, and wish you hadn’t. How does Jim Kirk handle an assignment on Tarsus IV when all he ever wanted was to forget? Tarsus warnings. Also, remember trekkies, this is not the same Tarsus IV as the original series. This Kodos is not a man who thought he was doing what was best.
  27. Ni'Var by WerewolvesAreReal on archiveofourown. Rated
    General Audiences. Summary: Humans have daemons. Vulcans have katras. Spock, born of both, has neither. Which he’s fine with. Really. Meanwhile, James Kirk is a little curious about this whole daemon business, because how the hell can he have two souls - ?
  28. The Stars Shine On by FyreFlyte on Rated Teen. Summary: For Jim Kirk, the scars of Tarsus IV won’t ever fully fade. But sometimes a fellow survivor and a few close friends can do more than the psychological counselors ever could. A loosely connected series of oneshots. Part Three: Told from Riley’s POV. A mission gone wrong, a feverish Jim, and an observant Vulcan.
  29. History by AutumnDawn21 on Rated Teen. Summary: He wasn’t supposed to read those books, the ones with the pictures of prisoners from a war long ago. It wasn’t supposed to happen to him, either. Tarsus-fic
  30. The Once & Future Captain by Turtle_Goose on archiveofourown. Rated Mature. Summary: The crew of the Enterprise is tasked with a classified mission to find a translation device that was developed by Hoshi Sato before her death. The mission takes the Enterprise to the mysterious Tarsus IV, a dead planet that once supported a thriving colony. Concerned about Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Riley’s alarming behavior, the crew delves into Kirk’s old life on Tarsus IV, uncovering the hidden horrors in the planet’s past and finally understanding their Captain in a way they’d never though possible.
  31. Rebirth by whiteraven1606 on archiveofourown. Rated Mature. Summary: For a prompt at a LiveJournal community st_xi_kink_meme. Promt was: "Somehow, Reaper (who wasn’t McCoy at the time) helps ends Tarsus IV and he meets a young Jim Kirk. He feels the need to protect the kid and he personally takes a sickly Kirk back to Earth, where he leaves him with Pike. Years later, Kirk and McCoy meet on that shuttle, because Pike called Reaper!McCoy and told him Kirk was joining Star Fleet and could use a friend. From the start, Kirk thinks there’s something familiar about McCoy, but it’s not until post events of the movie that the truth comes out. Happy ending for the boys."I AU’d Tarsus IV to suit me and the medical stuff is completely wrong, but served my purposes. Deal with it.Work Text:
  32. A drabble that has no name by sadieyuki on tumblr. Rated General. Summary: fbexplorer asked: tarsus prompt: Chekov and/or Sulu find out, against Jim’s wishes, how does he react?
  33. Immutable Things by dogpoet on archiveofourown. Rated Mature. Summary: Spock once told you that the universe is made up of parallel worlds, that every choice you make creates two branches on the crooked line of your life.
  34. Predetermined by BonesOfBirdWings on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: James T. Kirk always goes to Tarsus IV - because George Kirk can die, Vulcan can be destroyed, and Jim can be resurrected, but Tarsus IV is immutable.OR - An exploration of the fanon fact that Jim always experiences the massacre on Tarsus IV, no matter the universe. (Worth reading.)
  35. Copernican Theory by sinestrated on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: "Please don’t hurt me,” he whispers. (I loved Winona in this.)
  36. rhadamanthus by spqr on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: Spock murmurs, “I cannot imagine a universe in which it is not my life’s duty to protect you. You are — “ he has to search for the right words, in Jim’s language. “You are — most dear to me, of all things.”
  37. Rescue by shoreleave on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: Missing scene from Any Road Will Take You There. Lt. Christopher Pike arrives at Tarsus IV and finds a belligerent, uncommunicative boy who doesn’t want to be rescued.
  38. Mr. Sensitive by waldorph on archiveofourown. Rated Explicit. Summary: Tarsus IV was a catastrophe of eugenics and desperation, and Jim Kirk was there. (”written for the st_xi_kink meme: anon’s prompt was “I want to see a situation where Kirk is some how left Emotionless and basically acts like a robot, and its up to Spock to try and reawaken the emotions inside of Jim.” And scarlet_pencil’s addition of “Maybe they see something that shocks Kirk into remembering traumatic events from Tarsus IV, which cause him to revert to being emotionless because he can’t really deal with that?”)
  39. Blue Fields by WerewolvesAreReal on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: In his thirteenth year James Kirk ends up on Tarsus IV with his aunt and uncle. During the famine he takes refuge with a six year-old named Kevin Riley and a young half-Vulcan.
  40. The Devil’s Defense by wild-springflower on Rated K+. Summary: He’d thought he would be in the clear. He’d thought they could finally be done with the hellish topic and move on, but really, when had life ever been so kind? So now Jim was sitting, hands poised over his PAD, wondering just what exactly one could type into a search engine to find compelling arguments defending Governor Kodos’ actions on Tarsus IV. (Academy Era)+
  41. Ingenious Idiot by Kanae Yuna on Rated T. Summary: “The truth is plain and simple: James T. Kirk is a genius, even under the most unfavorable conditions…” A series of one-shots where Jim shows his ingenuity while he’s bleeding, poisoned, or just hurt in some general way.
  42. Mother of The Nine by SilasSolarius on archiveofourown. Rated Explicit. Summary: There are rumors amongst the Federation about the mother of the nine Tarsus survivors… however when the warp core malfunctions in orbit of the planet instead of in orbit of Qo'nos the Enterprise and her crew find themselves seeing a new side of their captain…and a certain augment finds true love. KHIRK.. TARSUS WARNINGS
  43. caught in the hands of fate by Caliente on Rated K+. Summary: “The death count on Tarsus IV is estimated at over four thousand, although many of the deceased are still being identified.” The tragedy of Tarsus IV as witnessed by Winona and Jim Kirk in a farmhouse in Iowa. (An untold tale from James T. Kirk’s childhood.) –– set during the 2009!film
  44. Let Me Help by RayShippouUchiha  on Rated Teen. Summary: Or the five times someone said, “I love you” and the one that meant so much more. Warnings: Implied abuse, rape, Tarsus, and Kirk/Spock
  45. Kirk and Kevin return to Tarsus IV (requested) by CharactersSecretsExposed on Rated K+. Summary: The Enterprise is forced to make port at Tarsus IV after their ship is damaged in a meteorite storm. They encounter old places and old faces. Kevin is welcomed with opened arms but Jim is shunned for his Captaincy. What happens when his past is finally revealed? [Requested by Milkywaysupernova]
  46. Tarsus IV Rescue and JT’s Return to Earth by CharactersSecretsExposed on Rated K+. Summary: Starfleet arrives on Tarsus IV to start the rescue and evacuation of it’s inhabitants. Christopher Pike joins a search party to look for a group of children and is the only one who can inadvertently win over the trust of their teenage leader. Starfleet returns to earth where J.T meets the members of his future Starship crew. Christopher Pike succumbs to his parental side.
  47. Tectonic Shift by wonderfulwrites on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: Kirk and Uhura finally hash out their differences. Too bad it takes a natural disaster to get them to do it. (Uhura on Tarsus!)
  48. Intrusion by aewriteon on Rated T. Summary: After responding to a routine distress call, Bones, Uhura, and Spock find themselves separated from the Captain. After being questioned by their captors, however, they begin to suspect that all is not as it seems. (Worth reading.)
  49. And The Band Keeps Playing On by Yum on Rated K+. Summary: Jim asked five questions about Tarsus. He received five answers.
  50. Another Little White Lie by rayrae118 on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: The odds were always stacked against him. From his father’s death, to Tarsus, it seemed like he really couldn’t win. But he wouldn’t be James T. Kirk if he didn’t deliver a great big ‘screw you’ to the universe, and rise above to become the Captain we all know and love.(A must read.)
  51. Unraveling by AnnaKnitsSpock on archiveofourown. Rated Explicit. Summary: When the Enterprise receives a December assignment to accompany a Federation investigation on Tarsus IV, Jim is forced to confront not only the trauma he experienced there, but also his conflicted feelings about Christmas, his childhood, and his first officer.
  52. Kirk and the Kobayashi Maru by Jess_S on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: Why Cadet James T. Kirk found the Kobayashi Maru so distasteful that he couldn’t mount an eloquent defense. (Must read.)
  53. When Hope Is Gone by CatchingCraziness on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: The survivors of Tarsus IV couldn’t bear to be separated from the new family they’d created, so once they were rescued from the death filled planet, they ran away.Or How James T. Kirk, at age fifteen, became a father to eight children.
  54. Pyrrhic Victories by collapsethelightintoearth on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: It’s funny, Jim thinks, how everyone assumes his rejection of no-win scenarios was fostered by the sacrifice his father made.
  55. From So Far Away You Journey by alma_gloriosa on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: While attending the funeral of his cousins, ill-fated colonists of Tarsus IV, Leonard McCoy witnesses what he believes to be the abuse of Jim Kirk, the boy who saved their daughter, Lila. When Leonard reports what he saw and discovers that Jim has nowhere else to go, he sets into motion a series of events that will change both his and Jim’s lives forever. (Bones adopts Jim after Tarsus!)
  56. Odds and Ends by lizzledpink on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: Nobody escapes a tragedy unscathed. Not even Spock.
  57. she’s the one that they call old whatsername by kaydeefalls on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: "You gotta plant your flag in the dirt and declare victory on your own terms. The winner is whoever survives long enough to write the history books.“ (Always-a-girl!Kirk.) (Worth reading.)
  58. Atlas by Angel Baby1 on Rated M. Summary: Between what was and what will be stands James Tiberius Kirk, in all his fractured patchwork glory. Because saving the Federation was only the beginning. Eventual K/S (Worth Reading.)
  59. Interspecies Ethics - Tarsus IV by MermAight on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary:  Big, black holographic letters before a plain white wall. A name seared into his memory like a fresh burn scar that itched, stung and roared when touched, followed by the most bullshitty question he had ever heard, in neat, 20 % transparent letters:TARSUS IV - Were Kodos’ actions defendable?
  60. Similarities by HappytheExceed on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: AU: Set before the five-year mission in STID. Bones was going through emotional roller coaster. His daughter, Joanna was put through an ordeal similar to the infamous Tarsus IV. Bones had to help young Joanna to come to terms with what she had went through while working on a mission to only realise that his best friend was involved had been through worse than he had imagined.
  61. The Conscience of the Boy by Rakuyou_Tenshi (Citrus_Luver) on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: At the academy, Jim "celebrates” the evacuation of Tarsus every year by holing up in the library searching for signs of Kodos in anything. Then, he goes out looking for someone to fuck. He never twigs why it’s Bones he’s always bringing home with him.
  62. Notes on Tarsus IV by kirk_to_enterpise_15 on archiveofourown. Rated Not Rated. Summary: Spock finds out about Jim’s time on Tarsus…in the classroom.

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Opium! Submission! Kismet! Lattice work, caravanserai fountains a sultan dancing on a tray! Maharajah, rajah a thousand-year-old-shah! Waving from minarets clogs made of mother-of-pearl; women with henna-stained noses working their looms with their feet. In the wind, green-turbaned imams calling the people to prayer. This is the Orient the French poet sees. […] Orient! The soil on which naked slaves die of hunger. The common property of everyone except those born on it. The land where hunger itself perishes with famine! But the silos are full to the brim, full of grain - only for Europe. - Nazim Hikmet

*The nadir for war-time India was the Bengal famine of 1943. In a year of good harvest, the cost imposed on India of supporting the massively increased military presence of wartime led to inflation of food prices and catastrophic famine. The London government opposed the provision of any famine relief. Churchill blocked the Canadian government and local commanders from providing food aid, proclaiming “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion”. Even his underling Amery, Secretary for India, was moved to tell Churchill to his face that he had a “Hitler-like attitude”. The resulting, entirely man-made famine killed between 1.5 and 3.5 million Indians and should be ranked alongside Stalin’s Holodomor as an act of state murder on an unimaginable scale.

When we think of education, we think of learning, that is the acquisition of new knowledge and materials applied to a context that supports our development and understanding. But what we often do not think about is how the opposite also supports our development, how the adverse (as opposed to the cessation) can also give way to new and unexplored terrain when it comes to our development. We have learnt how to learn, but never how, or more importantly when, we must unlearn so as to progress and adapt to ever-changing social conditions.

First, unlearning is different from “not learning”. The latter is a vehicle with no movement, the former is a vehicle that must shed some of its load (not a vehicle moving backwards). In simpler terms, think of learning as getting dressed, and unlearning as undressing. But removing only the layers which are redundant, serve little purpose, or do not benefit a person in their current condition.

We must think of unlearning as acquisition and reversal, or a return. The act of checking out knowledge from a library and knowing when to return it when we no longer need it. To unlearn is to adapt, to shed, to confess, and to acclimatize to a changing world. But it is also to better ourselves for our own sakes and not just for that of social benefit.

For many, it may be difficult to think of anything that one should need to unlearn. But unlearning is unlike learning in that it is not a universal “one-size-fits-all” curriculum such as those taught in the schools of our youth. Unlearning has more to do with our understanding of social cues and our individual emotional intelligence, and has more to do with our personal selves than we may realize.

In that sense, everyone’s “curriculum” or itinerary for unlearning will look vastly different, and will undergo multiple changes perhaps on a daily basis. Unlearning is, or should be, the method in which we self-identify traits, behaviours, and patterns within ourselves which are harmful to us and others around us. It is a journey in betterment and self-realization, a process which has no set timelines or templates, and something that we are (and should be) in total control of always. And perhaps that is what makes the concept of unlearning so difficult and frightening. Because it is self-directed. It is a battle in which we both lose and win and are faced with constant decisions that will test us to our limits. Some decisions will be easy, and many not so much.

Unlearning is a process in which we must question ourselves and our conditioning, and whether our thoughts, beliefs, and practices are still relevant, tolerant, accepting, and inclusive of others’ and their spaces. It is not an experience in which others highlight our faults for us to examine and consider, it is one in which we must hold the spotlight upon ourselves and be brave enough, and at the same time vulnerable enough, to consider.

How do my actions affect those around me? Am I overly critical or judgmental? Am I partial to a specific race, sex, or creed? Do I favour one kind of friend over another? What are our faults? These are some of the questions we might ask ourselves. But this is not a game of Detective in which we find someone to blame. Blame is counterproductive because it does not guarantee accountability. The only way we can bring change is to admit that something that we had personally known to work or to be acceptable in the past is not as such any longer, and work to change or adjust the habit.

Unlearning is the new (unofficial) curriculum of education. It is taking what we know that no longer serves us and returning it to the archives. There may be a time when we must relearn that which we have unlearned, but until that time comes we must be able to trust in our own judgement and character to stow away that which is not mutually beneficial. Today, nations struggle with the concept of unlearning their tragedies and overcoming the lingering demons of their nightmares. Nations struggle with unlearning colonization, the horrors of genocide and famine, and terror. We each struggle with something, but personal (or even collective) struggle does not, and will not, ever justify forcing similar struggle upon someone else.

The term “we are only human” is often applied to many scenarios, but let this not be one of them. We, as human beings, are too aligned with our past and we are so convinced that history shall repeat itself that we do not even bother to prove it otherwise. Let us break the cycle and look inward before we look out. Let us unlearn the damage we do to one another, as individuals, communities, and nations.

We live in a society that is changing daily. Our core values are being challenged at a much more rapid and constant rate than ever before with the emergence of new standards of social interaction. We are closer and more connected today than we have ever been in the past, and that connection is only bound to grow. As we find more of ourselves in the same crowded room, there is bound to be conflict of some sort arising from some odd corner. But before we begin to shift blame, let us look inward and alter any possible causes of conflict or disaster by correcting ourselves first, so that we may be justified when holding others accountable for their actions. Let us learn to unlearn.

—  Nav K, Unlearning

anonymous asked:

do you agree with tim pat coogan that the potato famine was genocide?

informally i’d agree with it for sure and i’m glad more focus is being put on it in general. It wasn’t something I learnt about in school. whether it fits into a technical definition is another thing, but not entirely relevant tbh. Primarily it should be remembered as what happens when you put your capitalist ventures at the forefront, dehumanizing a population for profit. I also wish more irish people would see a reflection of this when they look at other exploited countries around the world and the people from there.

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Hi, I'm new here so sorry if you've already done this, but do you know of any good fics featuring Tarsus IV?

hi friend!! tarsus iv tag

Cardinal Rule by ayameshimitsu

The Enterprise is sent on a mission, one that is strikingly similar to Tarsus IV. Trapped on the warring planet, Kirk must struggle through his demons to keep Spock and his landing team safe.

Spock has recently found he has feelings for his captain and is determined to stay away. Can he when he sees Jim falling into the memories of his horrid past?

Unraveling by TGra

When the Enterprise receives a December assignment to accompany a Federation investigation on Tarsus IV, Jim is forced to confront not only the trauma he experienced there, but also his conflicted feelings about Christmas, his childhood, and his first officer.

Bases Loaded by kyliselle

As the Enterprise begins her voyage, Kirk tries to deal with the loneliness of being Captain. Luckily, he’s got Spock to help.

AT THE SAME STARS by spicyshimmy

First Officer Spock of the USS Enterprise is part of the away team that discovers the survivors of Tarsus IV. Captain Pike assigns him to the curious case of James Tiberius Kirk, who steals one of Spock’s sweaters. There were no sufficient Vulcan poetics to describe the emptiness of the colony as it was found on the morning of stardate 2249.43. The fully-completed residential sector was neither ugly nor beautiful but simply remote; a hollow landscape of metal alloys and sensible architecture, with determined vegetation growing alongside the support beams. They did not flower.

Imaginary Numbers by Isa_Iadel

There were those who understood men like Governor Kodos well enough to know what was coming and they made plans. But how long can they survive when the Federation doesn’t believe the rumors of famine and genocide?

God of the weak

Hello, my father

My lovely creator

Of nations you’re shredder,

But with good intentions.

Savior of souls

From the hell you’ve created

But you saved us with death,

A bloody mess you obviously needed.

You came to die and suffer

In a different way than the rest.

You woke up after the weekend

And went back to your heavenly home.

What a gift!

How merciful you are!

You violently killed yourself

To forgive the sins of another guy.

We’re obviously guilty

Of a man eating an apple.

Of listening to a talking snake

Who never even lied to us.

You’re obviously the good guy

After genocide and famine

Because you’re saving their souls

After you slaughter their bodies.

I know you like music

And people chanting your name

So sad that there’s other people

Who doesn’t believe the same.

A hurricane killed hundreds of people

Suddenly you weren’t there

Oh, I think you were busy,

Helping someone win a football game.

And people crushed by the earthquakes,

They are now in a better place.

With white robes and angelic voices,

They’ll say you’re great for the rest of eternity.

It’s that or everlasting fire,

So good we have a choice!

To be a slave or to be tortured,

You’re the true definition of love.

So please, come and preach!

I want to base my morals

In the book of an almighty

Narcissistic bitch.

So God, if you can hear me,

Answer this one last prayer.

Please turn my water into wine

So I don’t have to hear your bullshit anymore.

You, God of the weak,

Of those who can’t see

Their existence is empty

At the end there’s just death.

You, ilussion to keep

A couple people distracted

From the holes in their hearts.

If you want to wear my bindi please also suffer the times people looked at my lunch as though my mom packed me worms.

If you want to wear my bindi please also live through the time where I would tell people that I was Canadian in a desperate attempt to feel like I wasn’t an outsider.

If you want to wear my bindi please also hear my dad tell the story of when a customer in his cab told him “drop me off at X address, and then go back to your country”.

If you want to wear my bindi please also experience the times people treat me like I don’t know English when I wear salwar kamiz outside the house.

If you want to wear my bindi please also live with the fact that my people went through genocide and famine at the hands of whites, and then by the Pakistanis.

I would love to give you my bindi if my family and my nation didn’t have to suffer like this. Haven’t you people done enough already?

anonymous asked:

what do you dislike about communism?

Hello, anon! I shall answer this question last thing before I go to bed, so please forgive me if this is kinda messy. I will also try to be succinct. If you want proof or elaboration on something, feel free to ask.

Let me preface this though. If you look around on tumblr, you will find that most of people hating on communism are people from post-communist countries, or people from countries heavily affected by their communist neighbors. That alone should make you listen to us more carefully. I, myself, am from Georgia (obligatory the country, not the state) and live in Russia. Former Soviet Union countries are going to be fucked up from communism for a long, long, long time.

Let me put my dislike for communism in two sections: what is wrong with the theory and what is (further) wrong in practice

Theory (more or less).

We are gonna have to oversimplify shit a LOT here, otherwise this will end up the length of an academic paper. Broadly speaking, communist society is “characterized by common ownership of the means of production with free access to the articles of consumption and is classless and stateless.”

Yes, I just quoted Wikipedia. So sue me. Let’s roll. I promise my first bullet point won’t actually seem too bad, to ease ya into it.

  • So, absence of classes sounds pretty nice. Everyone is equal sounds pretty nice, especially when you look at children of CEOs partying away and still getting jobs while you struggle with your student loans. Except that doesn’t just mean equal opportunities, it means equal limiting of opportunities. Communism always limits. Let’s say your brains, strength, driven personality allow you to succeed in many areas of life, bringing prosperity to yourself and your family. Well, you cannot keep that earned hard-earned prosperity to yourself, comrade, cannot be allowed to potentially form some sort of an upper class. Real life examples – look at what happened to kulaki for starters. In practice, you are also likely to be branded some sort of unsafe element, and ALL your prosperity taken from you;
  • But, well, if everybody is equally prosperous, it’s not bad that you can’t prosper more than your neighbors? Except that we are not a world of sufficient production and considering the situation on Mother Earth right now, won’t be for a looong time. Communism is not “equally prosperous”. Communism is “equally poor”. And any luxury items? Forget about them. They are only for the elite. Which brings me to my next point
  • There will ALWAYS be elite. I am not going to even put it into “practice” section. Human beings are competitive by nature, like all animals, because that’s what we fucking are. Thinking that a socio-economic system can eliminate that is ridiculous, just plain hysterically wrong. All communism does is limit the possibilities for climbing that ladder, opening up the way for those more willing to abuse and cheat the system.
  •  Joint ownership of means of production essentially means anything you “have” can be taken away from you at any time, or changed in any way, because you don’t really “have” it, and your right to it is not protected. And some motherfucker who keeps abusing and breaking that loom you two are using to weave cannot be restrained unless you go through the government
  • As communism is a system that promotes group identity over personal identity, any sort of “otherness” (and yes, dear Tumblr, that includes being LGBT*QA whatnot) ends up ostracized. Again, I am not going to put in it into “practice” section because this is basic human nature.
  • You are producing something that is not deemed useful to the system? You want to keep something to yourself of, for example, sentimental value when someone else could make use of it? You have personal desires conflicting with group needs? Lol bye comrade. Goal of the group means so much more than you.
  • not even gonna touch that “stateless society” utopian bullshit with a ten feet pole at least not many sharу it these days

You can tell from last two bullet points that I started to get my communism rage in, and can’t really make a proper argument, so Imma leave it at this for now. I barely scratched the surface.


I can’t man. I just can’t. Look at the history of communism. Just look at it. You will find it never fucking works – or it “works” in the sense that it works in China, with economy boost and not so great everything else. Seriously, educate yourself. You will find the worst atrocities committed in the name of communism, famines, genocides. You will find insanely high corruption (even in bloody China, with some of the most severe punishments in the world), red tape, alienation of all who do not fit the mold. Propaganda. Terrible human rights abuses – even in those cases we can blame on capitalism, like sweatshops, they happen IN communist countries (or, you know, dictatorships sometimes masquerading as democracy) – because think what you might, capitalist countries protect their own

oh but these were individual cases! You should not conflate governments with systems! If communism were done properly…

Look, brah, no. In theory it may sound nice and sweet, when argued by economists in their comfy chairs. Humans behave a certain way. This is why we fucking study history, so we don’t repeat its mistakes. If every single time we tried a certain system we got more or less the same shitty result, or in some cases fucking horrible result (and I am not even including North Korea in this, because North Korea is a flat out dictatorship), maybe…

Just maybe…


Anyway, I don’t know if you will read till the end, anon. No one else probably will. But thank you for asking.

I’m seriously confused as to how so many people, mainly SJW’s, are communists.

Like honestly what is so appealing about communism? Like it’s fucked country after country in the ass without lube for years and never worked out, what makes a bunch of teenagers on the internet think they can somehow make it work? Like it’s caused famines, genocides, heavily racist ideals, and a bunch of other shit that screwed countries over.

I serously want someone to explain to me what’s so appealing about communism in a sane and actual intellectual way that isn’t just insults or shit.

atrociousaardvark  asked:

so as a paki-american i never learned about the bengali genocide until you mentioned in in the post explaining the levantine roots of jewish europeans and first i wanna say ty for understanding the complexity of middle eastern history and b thank you for informing me about my own history inadvertently. i can't believe i didn't know this

You’re welcome! There were actually two genocides perpetrated against Bengali populations, but the one I’m talking about it the 1971 Bangladesh genocide, which occurred when East Pakistan (Bangladesh) wanted independence from Pakistan. 

The other was the Bengal Famine of 1943 (which some people don’t classify as an outright genocide because it was heartless neglect versus engineered slaughter, but I think that’s a really muddled distinction), which was basically the starvation of 3 million people in present-day West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and Bangladesh), and can pretty much be laid at the feet of the British government, especially Winston Churchill.