little baccano things
  • making friends by crying
  • getting so covered in blood you look entirely red
  • elaborate domino setups
  • surprise immortality
  • chasing a girl across new york city because she lost a button
  • being unable to find your own face
  • putting your hands in the air, freezing, and getting on the ground
  • catching bullets with a monkey wrench
  • “the woman in fatigues”
  • 10 year old 300 year olds
  • the world record of shortest time between retirement announcement and violent death
  • telling eve genoard where her brother is
  • smiling!~
  • a really depressing lack of merchandise
  • extensive private property damage
  • firing celebratory gunshots in a basement
  • a sad, sad story
  • gold mining in california 80 years too late

“Why— Why? Why make my brother suffer in that way? Wouldn’t it have been better to let the police deal with him? It’s- it’s, clearly more than enough, so please, my brother, please forgive my brother and the others. At least, at least use the law to sanction him. I’m begging you, begging you!”

“You can’t begin to understand our world. I was just speaking about my own feelings— a fury and rage that cannot be appeased. Firstly, even if they were to be sanctioned and punished by law, my dead friends won’t come back anymore. I simply cannot forgive this, that’s all. If you want to hate
me then hate me. Just like how your brother can’t come back, the dead can no longer return. My pain will never go away.”

your baccano! boyfriend based on your zodiac sign
  • aries: dallas genoard
  • taurus: firo prochainezo
  • gemini: graham spector
  • cancer: jacuzzi splott
  • leo: ladd russo
  • virgo: czeslaw meyer
  • libra: elmer c. albatross
  • scorpio: huey laforet
  • saggitarius: claire stanfield
  • capricorn: maiza avaro
  • aquarius: isaac dian
  • pisces: luck gandor