Baccano Week Day I- Time: The Genoards

I had originally wanted to draw something for today, but seeing as I’d need motivation and work ethic for that, a drawing did not happen. However I decided on making a playlist instead! Today’s playlist, as it relates to ‘time’, centers around Eve’s and Dallas’ relationship. Reading the first 4 Baccano LNs got me thinking a lot about their relationship as siblings, and how both siblings are eager to find each other.

If You Ever Come Back//The Script: YouTube The Sore Feet Song//Ally Kerr: YouTube Fire and Rain//James Taylor: YouTube Come Home//OneRepublic: YouTube

From Where You Are//Lifehouse: YouTube The Call//Regina Spektor: Youtube

Daily sketches 232-238

I thought I’d do something besides bust shots for a change. 

Some context: 

Anyway, sorry about my handwriting.
ANARCHY TIPS - Spectrospecs

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Baccano!
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death, Graphic Depictions of Violence
Characters: Eve Genoard, Dallas Genoard
Additional Tags: gore tw, car accident tw, baccano week, life or death, so i’m interpreting this as life AND death, so here have a weird combination of fluff and pain
Words: 3,085

Summary: After Dallas falls back into Eve’s life, he tries to rebuild the friendship they had as children.

[Baccano!] Solidarity - Lua/Eve

Pairing: LuaEve

Prompt: Person A of your OTP finds out they’re pregnant, and they (and the other member/s) are absolutely thrilled… until their doctor gives them a laundry list of things they cannot eat or drink for the duration of the pregnancy. The other member/s of the pairing decide to forgo everything on that list as a display of solidarity with Person A because, hey, it’s their kid, too. (Lua/Eve fic, Lua is trans)

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metaphoricalicecream  asked:

Oh damn I didn't know you were into Baccano... How about C L A I R E for the fandom asks thing?

I wish I could find the light novels in English because I adore that anime :D

  • C - A ship you have never liked and probably never will (be nice)
    Do people legitimately ship Ladd and Lua as a decent couple? I hope not.
  • L - Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves (chars you’re neutral on are fair game, as are chars you dislike)
    Dallas Genoard does seem to genuinely care about his sister’s well-being in his own way, which is nice I guess
  • A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)
    I don’t know if Isaac and Miria are romantic or platonic and I don’t care so long as they’re having fun together for literally forever
    Jacuzzi and Nice are the cutest shit and also need to be together for literally forever
  • I - Has tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why
    This is a general one rather than a Baccano! one, and… well, I feel like every fandom has segments that are pretty disagreeable, to put it lightly, but the Steven Universe fandom has awful parts that are much larger and further-reaching than I’d have expected, given the source material. I’m also a little nervous about starting to post more DC and Marvel fandom stuff because there seems to be so much aggro between those two camps, particularly over the movies.
  • R - A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships
    I haven’t spent that much time in the Baccano! fandom so I don’t know what anybody else does or doesn’t ship, but I think that Irish barkeep from the train has a wee crush on Jacuzzi (which is fair enough because the dude’s adorable)
  • E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what
    Afraid not, sorry XD But it’s a series I think would cross over really well with DCMK, though. Mainly because I want Isaac and Miria to meet Kaitou Kid, but I also like the mental image of Czeslaw Meyer joining Conan and Ai’s class for a while for reasons and out-Creepy Childing the pair of them

pokemasterchaz99  asked:

1935-C sold really well too!! So mabye Baccano! Is selling well ( I'm still salty about SAO being number 1 on the list..) I don't check Light Novel rankings but this wonderful... IT'S FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE -Dallas Genoard

Oh, SAO. The thing nobody is sure why is it popular, but it is. Maybe the Light Novels are better than the anime? Dunno, never even watched it.