Istanbul Armenian church daubed with hate messages . “1915, blessed year”

The Surp Astvatsadzin Armenian Church in Istanbul’s Bakırköy neighborhood was daubed with hate speech on Tuesday as “1915, blessed year” was written on the side of the building in reference to the massacre of more than 1 million Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire during World War I, Today’s Zaman reports.

In addition to “1915, blessed year,” further graffiti on the church stated, “What does it matter if you are all Armenian when there is already one Ogün Samast.”

People who are soft on Nazis, either by defending their “views” as “free speech” or simply by tolerating and rationalizing their existence, whether in the name of liberalism, conservatism, whatever, are morally on par with actual Nazis. Not like, quantifiably *as bad*, but they’re in the same fucking ballpark. The existence of Nazis and fascists of all varieties represents both a metaphysical and a concrete threat to the existence of marginalized ethnicities, especially Jews, Rroma, black folks and Arab folks, queers, the disabled, and a host of other targets and vulnerable populations. You can’t quantify that absolute threat until it reaches its threshold. That threshold is genocide, always. Nazi apologists, liberal moderates, whatever: they’re all scum. Nazis are scum and they need to be destroyed by any means necessary.

When I met with the Turkish consul to discuss a student government bill about the Armenian genocide, he was telling me how Turkish folks don’t harbor anyyyy ill feelings toward Armenians so I told him about how verbally abusive some Turkish students were to Armenian students and how unsafe that made Armenian students feel, especially given the history and you know what this diplomat said??? Like instead of even pretending to care or be diplomatic and saying that singular people don’t reflect the overall sentiment, he said, “can you blame them? Armenians killed a Turkish diplomat close to this campus once”

And I remember thinking to myself, “so that’s the line of logic by which yall justified an entire genocide to yourselves”