geno photosets


Zoids Original: Geno Ritter photoset.

There’s something about Zoids with swords that I love to collect. So I did have to pick up a Geno Ritter. The kits colour scheme is gorgeous; that black armour is a rich warm blue and with the silver panelling it really pops out.

I did do some modifications, mostly for the feet. Having built a few Genosaurers, I sanded off the stabilisers on the feet, mostly because I find personally the plastic prongs tends to get in the way and look very clunky.

After sanding and trimming the feet, claws and helm, I did chrome them so it has a shine and luster. I also buffed the swords with graphite paint and trimmed a lot of fine detail with gold marker.

The only thing really irritating about this kit is it’s showing it’s age as far as the original cast is concerned; the legs are very floppy and it took some creative swearing to get the helm of the Geno Ritter into place. But the result was beautiful, regardless. The LED lighting in the kit really adds a nice flair. 

Also the ritter swords? Those are sharp. As in wow dang watch how hard you press your fingers into it, I tore a few polishing cloths getting the graphite to polish up on them.