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So I was watching Inglourious Basterds and it inspired a sort of spy AU type thing because I can totally imagine a scenario where Sidney is the attractive and famous movie star (but secretly a spy) talking to the men she's been assigned to work with (Geno, Ovi, and maybe Gonch?) about how they're going to get into some fancy gala that's been relocated to the US where a bunch of black market weapons trades are being negotiated or something, and Sidney asks who the best english-speakers are (1/3)

out of all of their operatives (they’re conversing in Russian for the time being), and Gonch’s answer is, “Well, I speak it the best, Ovi would be second-best, since he never shuts up, and Zhenya would be third-best,” then Geno interjects, “But I don’t speak any English,” “Like I said, third-best.” Sid’s reason for being there is that he’s interested in the jewel trades that are also being conducted, Geno poses as Sid’s tall, dark, and most importantly, broodingly silent date – except for (2/3)

when he whispers Russian into Sid’s ear to talk about the mission (Sid hates how flustered he gets whenever it happens) – and Gonch and Ovi are both bodyguards, but they gain another team member when Ovi learns that the owner of the gala venue is 1). For personal reasons, also planning on blowing up the bad guys and 2). Swedish and really fucking hot. There’s a huge explosion, all the bad guys die, and everyone makes heart eyes at each other while Gonch just looks exasperated (3/3)



omfg the au where the Penguins are legit annual Stanley Cup champions because Sidney Crosby is the Keeper of the Cup and Geno has been in love with him since that first summer in 2009 when he brought the Cup to Russia. Sid would be trailing after him everywhere like a worried mother, never far from the Cup. He’s alternatively frowning with Disapproval™ at whatever antics Geno and his crazy friends get up to or smiling wide at the kids swarming the Cup when Geno brings it to an orphanage in Moscow. 

It’s the most beautiful thing Geno has ever seen. It takes his breath away.

Geno wants to make Sid smile like that always.

He thanks the hockey gods that Gonch is also in Russia and decides he just has to join in on whatever plans his friend has for the Cup. 

Sid eyes him doubtfully. “Well. It’s not really up to me who Gonch brings along to his Cup day.”

They both turn to look at Gonch, who is rolling his eyes so hard it looks physically painful. Geno graciously forgives Gonch the, “You’re a fucking idiot,” he murmurs under his breath in Russian because he follows that up with, “sure. If you want to delay your vacation for another day with the Cup.” 

Geno does. He really, really does.

(Only Sidney doesn’t know that Cup is code for him.)

It’s quite possibly the best summer of Geno’s life, spending his days with Sidney and the Cup. 

When it’s finally time for Sidney to pack up the Cup and leave Russia for Canada (he’s doing the French-Canadian circuit. Stupid Flower and Max and Tanger and–) Geno feels a little lost. He isn’t at all prepared for Sidney the Cup to leave already.

Gonch rolls his eyes at him. He’s been doing that a lot“Just win it again next year and you’ll get to see them again.”

Which, obviously. Geno is gonna win that Cup if it’s the last thing he does.

(Anything to see Sidney’s smile again.)

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idk why this is in my head but hey here it is, coraline!au where Sidney is coraline and i guess Geno would be Wybie?? and Gonch is Geno's dad or father figure who owns the housing complex, Ovi is the upstairs Russian neighbor with the jumping mice ("I am the Amazing Ovechkin!! But amazing I already know, so you can call me Ovi.") with Flower and Tanger as the eccentric downstairs neighbors... so i guess sid moves to a new place away from hockey and he's bored with nothing to do but then he (1/2)

meets this weird boy out named Geno on a frozen pond and then the weird boy gives him a weird doll that looks JUST like Sidney and then y'know Coraline things happen, he meets the “other family” and the “other Geno” and basically “other Geno” and regular Geno help him escape and live and stuff and then they share an awesome hockey rink that they make together along with sid’s parents (maybe this is also dad!mario verse too so it’s “other Mario” instead of the other mother) idk bee here u go 2/2


ooh! interesting!!!! other mario sounds terrifying. imagine a doughy spider mario coming at you with button eyes at top speed

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Hi hazel! Is it possible for you to write another part to the Sid and demon!Geno?

Absolutely! Continued from this.

Sidney learns that the demon of Consol is of Russian origin. “Proper ice demon,” he tells Sid importantly, which is an insult against Canada, where most ice demons hail from.

Sid is worryingly insulted on their behalf.

“So,” he says as he lies on the smooth surface of the ice, nude but somehow perfectly temperate. He’s not cold at all. Not like he was before. “What do I call you?”

“Lucifer,” the demon says, and then cracks up at Sid’s look of horror, clutching at his stomach and roaring with laughter.

Sidney scowls at him and elbows the demon in his side. Hard. “Bastard,” he hisses at him.

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