geno and flower

Dia 15 ¨Hacer algo juntos¨ / Day 15 ¨ Doing something together¨

30 Day OTP Challenge Poth 

a Geno y a Goth les piden ayuda para decorar la sala del juicio de DanceTale para un baile,en eso llega Reaper buscando a su amado y luego llega Palette para ayudar a Gothy , claro que la ayuda de Palette solo provoca sonrojos al de abrigo blanco y Reaper solo momentos incómodos para Geno / Geno and Goth ask for help to decorate the room of the trial of DanceTale for a dance, in that Reaper arrives looking for a loved one and then comes Palette to help Gothy, of course that the help of Palette only provokes the white coat’s blush and Reaper only uncomfortable moments for Geno. (I don't know english :c sorry )

Bad Reaper Bad D:< poor Flowers :c 

Palette and Gothy Belong to @angexci and @nekophy ^^

Reaper belong to @renrink , Geno belong to @loverofpiggies and DanceTale belong to  @dancetale (?? D: 

Things Dr. Kuseno Has to Deal With
  • Typing out an entire manual for Saitama so he knows what to do if Genos “you know, gets all weird or something”  
  • Explaining to Genos why he can’t have a blender installed somewhere on his body
  • Sitting Genos down and explaining why nearly self-destructing four times in one week is a bad thing
  • Showing Saitama for the seventh time how to manually shut Genos down
  • “You want to know where what is, Saitama?” “Heh, you know…I’m just curious.” 
  • Not asking why Genos has finger-shaped dents all over his body or the occasional bite mark 
  • Getting use to the sight of Genos being carried back to his lab by Saitama on his back
  • Listening to Genos go on and on and on about how great his Sensei is 
  • “He really is amazing, doctor.” “Uh huh.” 
  • Pulling Saitama aside and giving him the “stern father figure talk”
  • “So…are you saying Genos does like flowers…or not?” “Is this really the only reason you came all the way over here?” “Yep.” “*sighs* He does. He likes tulips.”  
  • Listening to Genos have lovey dovey (as Dr. Kuseno liked to call them) conversations with Saitama over the phone while he’s getting repaired
  • Getting a call from Saitama in the middle of the night asking if Genos can get struck by lightning 
  • Getting another call from Saitama asking if “static shock would mess Genos up because he bought me these new fuzzy socks and I wanna shock him but I want to make sure he doesn’t, you know, die if I do.”
  • Being surprised whenever Genos laughs at something Saitama says 
  • Being happy that Genos has finally started to live his life after meeting the hero Saitama