サスサク -- Genin Days (Chunin Exam Arc)
The faces of the Uchiha Sasuke, who doesn’t care less about anyone, whenever 
Haruno Sakura turns and shows interest or talks to another male kunoichi other than him.

First pic is to Naruto, second is to Lee and third is to Kabuto


Sakura and Itachi have the same age , they meet and spend time together because Naruto and Sasuke . Sakura is not a familiar of Naruto , she just want protect and give love to him. Every day than she can she go for him to the school , play with him and let him some healted food , and of course she help him with his homework. Sometimes she join to the sparr between Sasuke and Naruto there is were she spend more time with Itachi. Can you believe than this is the beginning of Akatsuki au?

Guys, 12 year old gennin Sarada has chakra control similar to chunnin Sakura, who was already insanely talented and skilled in her chakra control, among the best. 

Sarada is a prodigy. 

I am still laughing at these people who think that Sarada needs Karin as her mom so she can be powerful with Uzumaki genes. She’s a fucking Uchiha with a Sharingan. Bolt has no byakugan either. It’s pretty much Uchiha and Uzumaki again. Kishi is not compromising his characters so that Sarada can say she has Uzumaki genes in a mini series as a gennin. Come on people. Use your brains. Also, since when does Uzumaki + Uchiha = Rinnegan?

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People are comparing Hinata still being a chunnin to Naruto and Sasuke being gennin. Well chunnin don’t take exams to become jounin, they get promoted based on their performance so Tsunade, Kakashi and Naruto decided not to promote Hinata while Naruto and Sasuke were never chunnin and were too powerful to be subjected to these formalities. 

Lord I am so going to get hate for my post(s). It’s not like I want Sarada to get wanked too because you know that’s the first thing people would say “If it were Sarada he’d be glad”; “He’s jealous it’s not Sarada featured”. I really am happy that she isn’t wanked as a saviour, Gary stu character, make that Mary Stu (isn’t that what they call it?). 

On topic I just find it so boring to give characters who I personally find boring already the role of perfect saviors who everyone wants to be like/be with. It’s even worse since we saw this with Naruto and now his kid is being touted as Naruto 2.0 except he had no feats or impact like Naruto did. 

I think Mitsuki being friends and being inspired by Boruto is great. I just find it hilarious that Orochimaru made it so that his goal is Boruto who isn’t even a gennin yet. Kishi is so into his self inserts and those associated with them that he actually makes characters worship them for no reason. This is before Boruto becomes a hero or does anything noteworthy. Like really? Orochimaru the legendary sannin wants his child to be friend with Boruto because he knows somehow that this would make him become powerful and this would complete him? Is he basing this on the fact that he is Naruto’s child? Child of prophecy part 2? This is why people gravitate to characters like Kakashi and Sasuke, heck this is why I gravitate to Sakura and the sannin.

I know it’s a prelude to the Boruto manga but was it necessary to plant a picture of Boruto in that vessel so Mitsuki would make him his mission?

Hinata is still a chunnin. You know what the excuse will be right? “Well Naruto and Sasuke are gennin”. Yeah because it’s not like Naruto and Sasuke became kage leveled then God leveled before getting a chance to take the chunnin exams. Hinata is totally the same as them.