Sakura and Itachi have the same age , they meet and spend time together because Naruto and Sasuke . Sakura is not a familiar of Naruto , she just want protect and give love to him. Every day than she can she go for him to the school , play with him and let him some healted food , and of course she help him with his homework. Sometimes she join to the sparr between Sasuke and Naruto there is were she spend more time with Itachi. Can you believe than this is the beginning of Akatsuki au?

Guys, 12 year old gennin Sarada has chakra control similar to chunnin Sakura, who was already insanely talented and skilled in her chakra control, among the best. 

Sarada is a prodigy. 



A fan-made project in which both the canon and fanon universes collide. I’d like this to be supported by different shipping fandoms and become something bigger… but deep inside I know fandom wars have hurted a lot of members in the Naruto community and users won’t like to participate in something that takes into account their NOTPs. I’ll continue by myself either way.

PLOT: Boruto and his friends are called to participate as supports in a A-ranked mission. Even if they are just meant to check how jounin and chuunin work, our hero believes he is being underestimated and joins the action along with the other gennin.

Something goes wrong during the mission and, after a big explossion, members of Team Konohamaru, wake up surrounded by Leaf shinobi unknown to them. Things become even weirder when they claim to be Konohamaru’s students just like them and heirs of clans they know very well…

“You must understand that we are suspicious when it comes to your identities. We’ve never heard of the criminal Orochimaru having a son in prison, and I’m sure my friends would have heard of you two before… after all, Shinachiku is the heir of the Uzumaki clan and I don’t recall Uchiha Sasuke having another daughter out of my pal Kuroi here.”

“Until we clear this up you’ll be under arrest and guarded by my clan… my name is Daiya Lee, Konoha’s White Beast”

Characters in the pic are:

- Uzumaki Boruto (Naruto + Hinata canon son)

- Uchiha Sarada (Sasuke + Sakura canon daughter)

- Mitsuki (Orochimaru canon son)

- Uzumaki Shinachiku ( Naruto + Sakura AU son) created by PumyteH

- Uchiha Kuroi (Sasuke + Karin AU daughter) created by  B-Gemini

- Daiya Lee (Rock Lee + TenTen AU daughter) created by  MetaruRicecake

Posted with permission of the artist:  CeryliaRectris

I am still laughing at these people who think that Sarada needs Karin as her mom so she can be powerful with Uzumaki genes. She’s a fucking Uchiha with a Sharingan. Bolt has no byakugan either. It’s pretty much Uchiha and Uzumaki again. Kishi is not compromising his characters so that Sarada can say she has Uzumaki genes in a mini series as a gennin. Come on people. Use your brains. Also, since when does Uzumaki + Uchiha = Rinnegan?