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So I know ther is a Naruto fic where Kakashi doesn't tell his gennin the name of Chidori after he uses it because he passes out. Team 7 need to call it something so they refer to it as 'Chirp Chirp', and by the time Kakashi tries to correct them it's to late the name has stuck. It gets to the point where Kakashi is annoyed because he's been infected and he's now calling it Chirp Chirp as well.


That sounds super funny, and totally like something they would do.

It Wasn’t For Her To Know

NejiHina | 3475 words | Canon Divergence | Read On AO3

Thank you @lightscavenger for the beta <3

It wasn’t for her to know, because even being so young he knew well enough that the familiarity he felt for Hinata-sama was improper. She was the Heiress and he only a lowly branch member.

Even if father had told him that it was his duty to protect her, that connection didn’t make him special, every branch member’s duty was to protect the main house. Being appointed her personal guard didn’t mean that he was allowed to have feelings for her; after all, he was just meant to be her shadow.

It wasn’t for her to know, it wasn’t for anyone to know, because he was disgusted with himself to discover those feelings had grown like weeds. Why wouldn’t they die? Why wouldn’t they all die? Why was it only his father’s duty to die like a cheap sacrifice so her and her father could keep living unbranded and free like he would never be?

It wasn’t for her to know, and he was sure he would never have trouble hiding [it] after that fight. She lost so easily he almost felt pity. He had dreamed of humiliating her and her father for so long, but when she was on the ground panting and broken, when Hiashi-sama pronounced him the winner with a livid face, he didn’t rejoice at the victory; he didn’t take any pleasure in hurting her. And that hurt him.

Maybe he was suffering from the brainwashing every branch member was subjected to, especially when all during his upbringing he was conditioned to keep her out of harm’s way. Despite his resolve to fight for his freedom, he had been so damaged by that twisted power structure that he couldn’t even treat his grieving heart with sweet vengeance. There was no chance of relief. He didn’t love her enough to forgive her, and he didn’t hate her enough to rejoice in her pain.

It wasn’t for her to know, and he couldn’t even stomach it himself. How, he asked himself, how could he still have feelings for such a pathetic creature?

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Not the Same (SasuSaku)

Sakura jumped as the door to her office swung open, slamming against the wall as her teacher stepped into the room. Sakura was too shocked to do anything other than stare at her mentor, who looked extremely angry.

A thick medical file was dropped onto her desk, the words “Uchiha Sasuke,” printed boldly across the front. Green eyes flickered between the papers and her teacher, her mind rapidly coming to a conclusion for what this could mean.

“That damn bastard is refusing to comply with the medics in charge of his case.” She snapped at Sakura, as she continued to grumble curses under her breath. “no good, ungrateful punk.”


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Sakura and Itachi have the same age , they meet and spend time together because Naruto and Sasuke . Sakura is not a familiar of Naruto , she just want protect and give love to him. Every day than she can she go for him to the school , play with him and let him some healted food , and of course she help him with his homework. Sometimes she join to the sparr between Sasuke and Naruto there is were she spend more time with Itachi. Can you believe than this is the beginning of Akatsuki au?

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Getting their baby Gennin to work together again after they accidentally marry each other is a standard Jounin sensei problem. Generally, after their first C-class mission goes to hell and everyone gets drunk after they make it back. It's even harder when the sensei got married to said Gennin.

xD Oh god, the clan alliances in Konoha must be so freaking messy oh wow.

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Lol!!! This snowberriie girl doesn't want to give up lol. Like!! She is repeating the same shit all over Again!! Tsunade has been through 3 ninja wars. There wasn't a rabbit Goddess in tsunade time so sakura puching one means Shit!. Sakura is weak/ haven't been to Exactly Surpass tsunade, so I'm gonna mention Every Little shit Tsunade has done in her +50 to Sakura in her 16s.......?!!!! Do you really need an answer, dear?!!! Like!! She really compared naruto growth to Sakura. The Fucking hero!!!

These people are salty anti SS shippers and wankers (not fans) of Karin and Hinata at their core. They don’t even care about knowing the truth, just bashing Sakura because she’s the main and got with Sasuke. It’s foreshadowed that Sakura would surpass Tsunade and she did in the war since as I said a million times since her strength was greater, she had more chakra to use, had the same level of chakra control and was a better medic all the while coming from no clan and being app. 38 years younger than Tsunade. She also showed outstanding evasion skills against Sasori, Kaguya and as an adult blitz and hit Shin, a MS user with MS all over his head without him even hearing, sensing or seeing her. Sakura learned and mastered Tsunade’s skills and powers in app. 3 years from the age 12+ to 16 starting as a gennin with no training per se prior. Sakura also still has her genjutsu potential and skill and isn’t at her prime in part 2 since she’s only 16 so. Also the main story ended in 699 and the war arc was when Sakura got her final power up so it’s not that hard for unbiased intelligent people to see the truth. The manga is clear, the databooks are clear, the authorial intent is clear, their brains however, are not. 

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I always thought that in Naruto there should be one woman who is just as tall as all the guys just for a bit of height diversity. As some chicks are just as tall as men, I'm 5'9" and I'm the shortest of my sisters, my eldest sister is over 6 foot. Just imagine Sakura kicking ass and towering over people because she had a growth spurt and is now 6'4". Kakashi would be still call her his 'cute little Gennin' to her annoyance.

I believe Konan and Mei are both fairly tall? They’re over 170cm, at least. Maybe that’s not super tall but at least it’s closer? But yeah, I totally could have gone for Sakura towering over everyone. Or any of the girls, honestly. 

SasuSaku Month 2016
Day 15- Take a Break
: A Very Caring Husband
Summary: It’s Sasuke’s day off, and while he’s having lunch with Naruto, he listens to something that makes him loose his appetite. Why the hell are naked men in his wife’s office!?
A/N: I had this idea a long time ago and I really wanted to write it for the month! Originally, it would be an M Rated fic, but I figured it would be a lot funnier this way! For those of you who love a jealous Sasuke, get ready for him… He’s gonna show his wife a different side of him XD I hope you enjoy it, and please, leave me a Review!
“ Teuchi-ojii! Another bowl-ttebayo!”

Lunch time with Naruto could be incredibly annoying depending on how hungry the future Hokage was. His voice screaming for the fourth time that day was starting to piss the former avenger off, and for a moment, he started to regret accepting his friend’s invitation. The strong smell of food impregnating his soul, the loud conversations and the loud-mouthed blonde were leaving the Uchiha incredibly irritated, and for a moment, he started to miss the peace of the woods.

Being back home was not what he had expected.

He should have stayed home with his daughter.

That Ino…

Yes, if not for the Yamanaka girl’s sudden aunt-ish wishes, all that annoyance would have been avoided. Sasuke would be home, taking care of his baby princess while Sakura worked, and they would be having a great father-daughter time. They were supposed to be having an amazing afternoon, but instead, there he was, having lunch with Naruto and listening to how loud Boruto had burped the other day.

What a mature conversation, Sasuke thought, sighing.

Oh, how he wanted to be with his family. His wife should have probably returned home already, for she had told him there were just some routine exams waiting for her at the hospital, and due to the pinkette’s impeccable skills, chances were that she was already waiting for him with Sarada in her arms. His family should be waiting for him already. And while the blonde devoured another bowl of ramen, Sasuke couldn’t help but be taken back by his memories.

A wife, a daughter, a home and a family… He has it all again. Of course it is not the same, but it doesn’t mean it is any less important. Seeing that former annoying girl proudly wearing his family’s crest on her back makes his heart skip a beat every single day of their lives. Listening to people calling her Uchiha Sakura and just imagining her patients calling her Doctor Uchiha makes a proud feeling spread around his body and almost immediately, a smirk can be seen on his lips. He is the one responsible for the change, he knows. He was the one who made her an Uchiha, and it’s thanks to him that they are a part of the same family now.

He is the one responsible for all of those things.

But she is the one to be blamed for all the rest.

All her love, all her words and all her annoyance made her the only woman in the world capable of staying by his side. Her stubbornness and her monstrous strength gave her enough power to break the walls he had built around himself, and she alone was able to awake that feeling he had once locked inside his chest. He learned to love again, and of course all his love was given to her, the one and only woman that could ever hold his heart. The woman that became his wife, and the woman who gave him a beautiful and perfect daughter.

His wife is certainly the love of his life, and he would never doubt her.

He trusts her with his own life.

But it doesn’t mean he can let her do whatever she wants with anyone, right?

He is Uchiha Sasuke, after all. A very protective husband.

And as soon as he heard the name of his beloved wife coming from one of the tables, his senses were alert.

It was his wife they were talking about, right?

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This is a FAQ with full information about the story of Rebellion. If you have a question, you can message me and I will answer. 

What you need to know about Rebellion? 

Well its quiet simple. 

  • This is an AU Story in the Narutoverse, in this parallel world, Naruto and Sakura are married and the characters dont pull out a baby fiesta!
  • Its set 24 years after Chapter 698. 
    Its deal with political and social issues between two factions: The Pro New System (With Naruto as the head) and The Detractors of it.
  • The main characters are Team Shinachiku. 

Then, where are the old generation?

  • They are still there, they will be secondary characters, and the perceptions you will have about their contemporary selves would be through the main characters eyes. Mainly Shinachiku. 

What about Team 7 relationship? 

  • Naruto and Sakura are married. Sasuke is wandering around, he refuse to settle down in Konoha. They are in contact and have a frequent comunication.

Some basic aspects about Shinachiku?

  • He is a prankster like his father.
  • He does not want to become Hokage, mainly because he sees his father as a perfect and respectable leader. He never had the aspiration to beat him. 
  • He is interested in medical ninjutsu. 
  • He has a word-tick like his father and little sister.
  • He likes sweet things with Ramen. Yes, he mix up whatever sweet he has at hand with Ramen (yuk!).
  • He is overprotective with Hanami.  

About Hayato’s family status?

  • He is the adopted son of Naruto and Sakura and is Sasuke’s biological son. 
  • By the way, he consider the Uzumakis as his nuclear family.
  • He calls Naruto and Sakura: Mom and Dad.
  • He calls Sasuke: Father. 

Who is Rika? 

  • She is a total Fan Character with no connection with any of the old characters.
  • She is ninja because her family is traditionalist. 
  • She wants to become an ANBU, contrary to her family wishes. 

And little Hanami will have a active rol in the story? 

  • Could be, Hanami is a main secondary character, her life is interwined with all the main cast. 
  • But she is still a child, not even a Gennin yet. 

Any love triangles? 

  • NO. 
  • But yes, there will be a main romantic relationship.
  • It will grow through mutual respect, companionship and friendship. 

Who is Hayato’s mother? 

  • She was a one stand night~

When will come out the story?

  • I dont know yet, I dont want it to be an story that surpasses the ten chapters. 
  • I wish to finish the story in fanfic format before drawing much. 
  • But I will post test pages with hints about the story. 

Este es un FAQ con información acerca del doujinshi Rebelión. Si tienes una pregunta, puedes enviarme un mensaje y yo te responderé.

¿Qué necesitas saber acerca de Rebelión?

Bueno, es bastante simple.

  • Se trata de una historia  UA del Narutoverse, en este mundo paralelo, Naruto y Sakura están casados y los personajes no salen con baby fiesta.
  • Ocurre 24 años después del capítulo 698.
  • Trata los temas políticos y sociales entre dos facciones:  Pro nuevo sistema (con Naruto a la cabeza) y los detractores del mismo.
  • Los personajes principales son Team Shinachiku.

Entonces ¿dónde están la vieja generación?

Ellos todavía están allí, van a ser personajes secundarios, y las percepciones que tendrán sobre sus yo actuales serán a través de los ojos de los personajes principales. Principalmente Shinachiku.

¿Qué pasa con la relación del Team 7?

  • Naruto y Sakura están casados. Sasuke está vagando, se niega a asentarse en Konoha. Siguen en contacto y tienen una comunicación frecuente.

¿Algunos aspectos básicos sobre Shinachiku?

  • Es un bromista como su padre.
  • No quiere convertirse en Hokage, principalmente porque ve a su padre como un líder perfecto y respetable. Nunca ha tenido la aspiración de ganarle.
  • Se interesa por el ninjutsu médico.
  • Él tiene un tick al igual que su padre y su hermana pequeña.
  • Le gustan las cosas dulces con Ramen. Sí, mezcla cualquier dulce que tiene a la mano con Ramen (¡puaj!).
  • Sobreprotege a Hanami.

¿Acerca de la situación familiar de Hayato?

  • Es el hijo adoptivo de Naruto y Sakura y es hijo biológico de Sasuke.
  • Ve a los Uzumaki como su familia nuclear.
  • Llama a Naruto y Sakura: mamá y papá.
  • Llama a Sasuke: Padre.

¿Quién es Rika?

  • Ella es un Fan character sin conexión con ninguno de los viejos personajes.
  • Es ninja porque su familia es tradicionalista.
  • Quiere convertirse en un ANBU, en contra de los deseos de su familia.

¿Hanami tendrá un rol activo en la historia?

  • Podría ser, Hanami es un personaje secundario principal, su vida está entrelazada con todo el reparto principal.
  • Pero ella es todavía una niña, ni siquiera una Gennin todavía.

¿Algún triángulo amoroso?

  • NO.
  • Pero sí, habrá una relación romántica principal.
  • Crecerá a partir  del respeto mutuo, el compañerismo y la amistad.

¿Quién es la madre de Hayato?

  • Ella fue one night stand~

¿Cuando va a salir la historia?

  • No sé todavía, no quiero que sea una historia que supere los diez capítulos.
  • Deseo terminar la historia en formato fanfic antes de dibujar mucho.
  • Pero voy a publicar páginas de prueba con guiños sobre la historia.

I am still laughing at these people who think that Sarada needs Karin as her mom so she can be powerful with Uzumaki genes. She’s a fucking Uchiha with a Sharingan. Bolt has no byakugan either. It’s pretty much Uchiha and Uzumaki again. Kishi is not compromising his characters so that Sarada can say she has Uzumaki genes in a mini series as a gennin. Come on people. Use your brains. Also, since when does Uzumaki + Uchiha = Rinnegan?