Re-did my old Deemo print thats gonna go for sale at Cosfest X'mas this weekend! FUN FACT: the music sheets inside are actual music sheets from deemo. Theres Wings of Piano, Utopiosphere, Yubikiri Genman, Saika, Evolution Era, Reflection Mirror Night and more in there~

Deemo The Untold Story ~ P. 1 ~

This is the official Deemo story told within each songs leaked from the hidden game data files you probably have missed.
This contains spoilers from Deemo, proceed with caution.
This possibly contains spoiler from Deemo 3.0 update, since the update will reveals those untold story of Deemo.
The song’s story supposed be revealed when you finished the track and achieve a Full Combo

Part 2 here

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“Sayonara mata ne
Genki de ite ne
Zutto zutto wasurenai kara
Sayonara kitto
Mata aeru yo ne?
Yakusoku da yo
Yubikiri genman….

Yubi kiri genman tsunagu koyubi ga
Ato sukoshi dake hodokenai de to
Itsuka mata waraeru hi ga kitara
Sure chigau koto no nai furari de…”
( ⁼̴̶̤̀ω⁼̴̶̤́ ) amo esta parte cuando todos cantan #thegazette #ruki #uruha #aoi #reita #kai #sixthguns #gazettos #wakaremichi #gazetto #thegazetteconcert

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Mili - YUBIKIRI-GENMAN Special Edit

It features different piano parts and more violin instrument.

NKB vol 4 summary: Pediatrician Mitsunaga

as requested by anon and also bc I have no life hehe >u>
! please note that I’m not fluent in Japanese so there may be some mistakes ! 
> I will note in my text places in which I’m unsure of exactly what they’re saying with (?)
> this actually ended up being more detailed than a summary??? so let’s just say it’s a loose translation hhahhh

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Yubikiri Genman (Pinky Promise)
Damn i love these deemo and kagepro crossovers ♥(´ω`⊂ ) and once again this made me cry inside


Mili 2nd Album “Miracle Milk”

It features many songs created for Deemo. One of Mili’s new song, “Colorful”  will be coming on Deemo 2.4 update.

Full Track List:

01. Red Dahlia

02. Ga1ahad and Scientific Witchery

03. RTRT

04. Unidentified Flavourful Object 【Game “Deemo” Playable Song】

05. Meatball Submarine

06. Vulnerability

07. 与我共鸣-NENTEN-

08. Bathtub Mermaid

09. Cerebrite 【Game “Deemo” Playable Song】

10. Space Colony 【Game “Deemo” Playable Song】

11. world.execute(me);

12. Utopiosphere -Platonism- 【Game “Deemo” Playable Song Rearranged】

13. Painful Death for the Lactose Intolerant

14. YUBIKIRI-GENMAN -special edit- 【Game “Deemo” Playable Song Rearranged】

15. Sl0t

16. Past the Stargazing Season 【Game “Deemo” Playable Song】

17. Colorful 【Game “Deemo” Playable Song】

18. Komm, susser Tod
【Movie “The End of Evangelion” Insert Song Cover】