Crepes at Genki Living (first time having crepes :o).  I got an Adzuki bean + green tea ice cream one, ‘cause I wanted ice cream. 

I kinda wish I went with fruits though.  We also got takoyaki.  It wasn’t bad at all.  I think I saw two girls from high school there but, I didn’t really want to confirm this since I never really talked to them anyways.


Went to a revolving sushi bar and ate no sushi, of course. Earlier in the day I tried a promotional drink from Guppy House. $3.99 for 32oz of Caramel Cream pudding drink. It’s like Meow Meow’s but with more diabetes. It will be staying in the fridge for a while.. I also went to see Karen at her work and I saw some girl with a Hylian Crest pin on her hat. Crappy cell phone pictures, maybe tomorrow I will use my real camera.

Best genki service ever! haha we ordered so much food, missing the yakisoba, thai tea, and yakitaki! Haha because we had two of our orders out of items, one of the guys gave us an unexpected shaved ice with red bean and green tea ice cream on the house. So bombbbb! && thanks to Tina Vo for the extras<3

Giving them tip them first thing, turned out to be the best thing for us!