Hey everyone. New studyblr here!

I’m Adeline, 21, INTP and living in France. I’m a computer science student, a software developer and I decided to self study Japanese using the Genki textbooks a few month ago. I’m still trying to improve my English.

This studyblr exists because I’m the procrastinator supreme and need motivation. The truth is: I love learning, hate studying and have a complicated relationship with sleep. You can check that about page, but really I’m just a plain old nerd.

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Here’s a quick post for those of you using the Genki textbook. These sites are made specifically for the Genki series. Unfortunately, most of these only have material for Genki I.




  • Answer Key - Answers to workbook and textbook questions
  • Particle Exercises - Quizzes on which particles should be used (change the lesson number in the URL to get to other lessons; go to View>Encoding>Japanese if characters aren’t showing)
  • Genki Website - Verb and adjective conjugation practice
Japanese Resources

Hey all! I know there are a ton of posts like this, but I wanted to share what I’ve been using during the semester and plan on using during the summer before I take Japanese 2. Enjoy my first resource list!


Genki textbooks Here’s an amazon link to all the textbooks Genki has released. They’re all accompanied by CDs for listening activities. I’m currently using this textbook and workbook pair in Japanese 1 and will continue to use them for Japanese 2. I’m not usually big on textbooks, but these are catered towards students learning to study abroad and stay with a host family, so they’re great for foreign learners. They are fairly cheap, but can be rented and purchased as used for those on a budget/only planning on studying specific aspects of the language

Extra Hiragana & Katakana Help– My professor recommended this book to students that need some extra help with writing, and it looks really awesome as a tool used alone and additional tool alongside other books for studying.


Genki Self Study  This is really great study boost for anyone taking Japanese in school, especially if you’re using the Genki text/workbooks. It includes:

  • Hiragana
  • Katakana
  • Kanji
  • Culture Notes
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Conversation

Human Japanese A really cool website/app option for those that prefer to not use textbooks. It was created by an American, so it’s taught in a fashion that might make more sense to a nontraditional learner. My brother used it before moving to Japan and really gained a lot from just the lite version, and after paying for it learned even more.


KatakanaBattle (apple) (android) This is a cute app that has you match the letter with the katakana character as you battle your way through the game. It’s a great way to test yourself while learning and after as a refresher. It’s 99 cents after level 4 and has a total of 21 levels

Hiragana Lite (apple) A free flashcard app for hiragana that can include kanji if you pay for the app. It really helped me when I first began the class and didn’t have too much time to really sit down and learn all the characters in a more classic study fashion.

Genki app This is awesome for those that are willing to pay for it–they’re about 5.99 each, or 12.99 for a bundle with all the apps that go along with every resource Japan Times has published so far. This is a great option for those that are on the go learners, or students that are in Japanese 2+ and need to go back to material learned in earlier classes. I’ll definitely be buying these for the summer before I take Japanese 2.


I’ve been drowning in Yu Yu Hakusho Hell as I’ve been streaming it on Funimation’s website (Link - http://www.funimation.com/shows/yu-yu-hakusho/home), and I’ve never really made text posts before, but I love them and I think they’re hilarious, so this happened. Constructive criticism is appreciated. <3 Also go watch Yu Yu Hakusho. Pls.