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I need a good book to read any suggestions? Xoxo

Lately, M.O.D. has been on a journey and revisiting his childhood.But here are some of his favourite books, childhood or otherwise.

 Indian in The Cupboard series - Lynne Reid Banks:

This book series was a vital part of M.O.D.’s childhood, and still holds up today. It was responsible for his love and respect of culture, history, and literature. It starts out very lighthearted, but gets darker as it goes on. It’s about a boy named Omri and follows his adventures with a magic key that is able to make toys into vessels for real, living people. It faces moral questions and is surprisingly mature. M.O.D. would not be the same without this book. It also features an adorable cowboy.
Possible triggers: Burns, Fire, violence, and a brief suggestion of rape in the last book.

American Gods - Neil Gaiman:

Another one of M.O.D.’s favourites. It’s about a protagonist named Shadow, who gets mixed up in a war between the gods of the old and new worlds. Perhaps M.O.D. is biased, since he’s a pagan, but he adores anything that takes its subject material seriously and treats it with respect. Not for children. 
Possible triggers: Violence, sex, manipulation, prostitution

If you’re into comics:

Bizenghast - M.Alice

A story of growth and acceptance. Bizenghast is all about a cursed town, and the protagonist, Dinah, struggles with depression. She is tasked with freeing the souls of the dead from their dreams, sending them to either heaven or hell. She learns to accept herself and how to deal with her mind and emotions. With everything going on in her life, it seems like it couldn’t get any worse.

Or could it?

M.O.D. loves this series so much, he built the armor one of the characters wears!
Possible triggers: Body horror, gore, violence, death.

Fables - Dark Horse Comics
Very similar to American Gods, but instead of Gods it features characters from fairytales and folk tales! Gepetto has created an army of puppets in order to take over all other worlds. All of the Fables are forced into taking refuge in the mundane world.
Triggers: Sex, violence, gore

Other books M.O.D recommends:

Battle Royale, Peter and the Starcatchers, Genju no Seiza, On a Pale Horse, Things Not Seen, Deltora Quest, Skulduggery Pleasant, Dragons of Pern series.

Genjyuu no Seiza…I scanlated about 20 pages so far of Vol 9 for my cousin…since nobody else is doing it and Night Exile hasn’t been active since 2009 — but I need motivation and frequent nudging to finish a scanlation project on my own (because I have this awful habit of dropping unimportant side projects).

A little help would also be nice.

Anybody else out there read Akino Matsuri’s works? I really like her books…like, really, really like her books.