genji was hot

Things that made my day:

-Tracer being gay

-Amazing Christmas gift from love of my life

-Hanzo’s haircut

-Winston getting Christmas with family 

-Widowmaker still mourning her husband (She has a heart okay)

-Hanzo’s haircut

-Genji and Zenyatta getting Christmas together

-Hanzo’s haircut

-Hanzo’s haircut

-Hanzo’s haircut

-Hanzo’s haircut



Overwatch Voice Actor: Mercy + Genji Would Be "Hot As Fuck"
I main Mercy, so I have a very long and detailed ranking of Overwatch characters I would like her to date. Genji is not at the top of that list, but Symettra’s voice actor is making an argument that maybe he should be.
By Luke Plunkett

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Happy Halloween!

Hey dolls,  I wanted to write a little something something for Halloween but this one shot is a little sporadic but I wanted something to happen on Halloween for Gency and Time Dragon so enjoy the Halloween Body Swap AU no one asked for :D

Also v impressed and inspired by @sarcasticasides cat Genji’s design <3

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