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Im not saying the only reason I check my emails nowadays is incase its an update for crown of horns but hell its close to the truth. You should totally go read it, hanzo is awesome and jesse is too. Its nice to have a soft hanzo that isn’t just a damsal and jesse is so conciderate and words cant describe how much I love reyes in this. The author is amazing and updates pretty much every other day but hell they could update every other month and I would still be waiting with baited breath. My girlfriend is actually fed up with me talking about it tbh but y'all need to read it. Oh and btw? Hanzo has horns and his dragons are amazing.

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I have a need for more of that McCree and Baby drabble. McCree would be such a good papa. and I also want reunion and Hanzo like oh I'm a dad.

You got it, anon. Thanks for your message.

The baby was a small one, and several shades paler than McCree. Already, it had his messy, thick hair and full lips. Its eyes though- when they opened, were definitely not McCree’s- Jesse had never had that stern, surly gaze.

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soo i kinda really liked the young shimada doodles in the doodle dump i posted the other day so i isolated them, cleaned them up, and slapped some colour on them :)

anyways here are the two worst bachelors in hanamura

might clean up another few of those doodles idunno

which ones are worth the cleanup? im thinking probably

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Last night I had a dream that overall was pretty hectic and wild, but the one cute part was that zenyatta and genji where in it and zenyatta floated around on a little cloud that genji liked to nap on. Just thought I'd share cause it was cute and I wanna draw it eventually.

That’s adorable! I hope to see that fanart one day!

~Mod Mage

A Ninja’s Gaiden: Chapter 1

“I have accepted what I am, and I have forgiven you, now you must forgive yourself.” Genji says as he places a hand on Hanzo’s shoulder as he walks past him. “The world is changing once again Hanzo, and it’s time to pick a side.”

Genji then leaps across the balcony towards a roof across from it. Hanzo quickly grabs the arrow that had pierced into the wall earlier by his bow and takes aim at his brother.

“Real life is not like the stories our father told us, you are a fool for believing it so!”

“Perhaps I am a fool to think there is still hope for you, but I do.” Genji turns to his brother as he pulls up his hand, fingers are in a seal. “Think on that, brother.”

With those last words, a black cloud surrounds Genji and vanishes. Hanzo is left alone once again, only this time with the words of his undead brother lingering in his thoughts

It has been several days since Genji received the Overwatch Recall and he was contemplating on going back. At the time of the recall, he was with  Zenyatta traveling the southern part of China. When he told his master, Zenyatta told Genji the reason he left in the first place was because he was conflicted about being half machine, half human. Now finding inner peace with who he is, it was time to step up to the plate and fight for humans and omics to live in harmony.

When Genji asked his master to join him, Zenyatta only agreed to help if  peace between opposing sides could not be accomplished. With that being said, Genji set out to meet his old team, stopping to see his brother to warn him about the upcoming threat.

A couple of blocks from the Shimada compound, Genji reappears on a rooftop and starts heading to a nearby airfield and catch a cargo plane that would travel close to Watchpoint Gibraltar.

Keeping to the shadows, he jumps from roof to roof. Suddenly he stops when he hears trash cans getting knocked over and a bunch of footsteps running in a nearby ally below him. Curious, he heads over.

Looking down, he notices six men in suits surrounding a blonde woman. The woman was wearing a black peacoat that were almost to her knees and black heels. Her long blonde hair was in a high ponytail.

“Watashitachi ga koko ni motte iru mono o mite,” A man in a white suit says as he steps closer to the blonde woman, hands in his pocket. “What is a beautiful woman like yourself doing in a place like this. You must be lost, no? Let us help you.”

Yakuza’ Genji whispers to himself.

The man in the white suit takes out one of his hand that he  had in his pocket and tries to touch the woman who was backed into a wall. She immediately swipes his hand away. “Don’t you dare touch me!”

That voice! It can’t be?

The man in white smiles, licking his lips. “Kanojo o tsukami. I want to have fun with her first.”

Two of the six men start to walk towards the girl. The woman has her fists up in a fighting stance. She wasn’t gonna go down without landing at least a couple of punches in.

Just as the two men were about to grab both of her wrists, Genji comes down from the shadows landing behind the two henchmen. Grabbing both of their heads, he slams them together knocking them out on impact. Before the two men hit the floor, the ninja turns around and dodges an incoming punch from another henchmen. He counters the punch and grabs the attacker’s arm and breaks it. The man cries out in pain and falls to the ground. His cry is shortly interrupted by Genji’s fist rapidly hitting him, knocking him out.

The ninja looks up to see the remaining three men having pistols aimed at him. “KONO ROKUDENASHI!” The man in white shouted. He and his men opened fired.

In one quick motion, Genji unsheathed his katana that was on his back and deflected the bullets that were coming his way. Every shot they fired came right back at them, penetrating their bodies.

After the last shot was heard, Genji stands up from his fighting stance and places his blade back into its sheathe. Looking at the men, the two yakuza’s that were standing on either side of the man in white were already on the ground, lifeless. The man in white was on his knees, looking at his hands that were covered in blood from touching the bullet wounds. He looks at Genji with horror on his face. The eyes of the last yakuza member rolls back in his head and falls face forward, a pool of blood forming around his body.

“It is good to see you again  Doctor Zieg-” Genji says turning around, but is cut off by Angela throwing herself at him, her arms wrapping around his neck. He’s shocked at first, but smiles underneath his helmet.

Angela pulls away a bit from the embrace to see Genji’s visor, her arms still around his neck. Tears start to form in her eyes. “Genji… where have you been? You had me worried sick…”

His heart rips in two after hearing those words. It had never came across him that leaving Overwatch would cause people, or in this case, someone to worry about him. He felt like scum.

“I am deeply sorry for disappearing without telling you.” Genji says as he wipes a tear that was about to fall down Angela’s face. “I will tell you everything that has happened. But for now, we need to leave this area. There is no doubt other yakuza members heard the gunfire and more will come.”

Angela quickly composes herself and wipes the remaining tears from her eyes. “I’m staying at an Inn not to far from here.”

Genji nods his head and leaps to the roof next to the alley that they were in, turning to face the doctor. “I will follow from the shadows.”

 Angela nods in agreement and begins to walk in a fast pace. The ninja keeping to the darkness, follows close behind.

repost, not reblog !  tag 6 muns you would like to get to know better when done !

name:  morven.
nickname:  ven  /  morv  /  loser  /  ‘flaming homosexual’ - my sibling when i cosplayed cloud.
age:  20.
faceclaim:  none, i usually just use icons for the blog i’m on lmao.

pronouns:  they / them  or  he / him preferred.
height:  5′7″.
birthday:  8th september.
aesthetic:  probably desaturated  sharp imagery  grunge  /  morbid  /  dark  soft gore. that said, it can really vary from time to time. i can find a lot of things aesthetically pleasing.
last song you listened to:  wyatt - attention. link here.

favorite muse(s) you’ve written:  cloud, dabi, genji,  &  probably  …  dio, albeit briefly. fushimi definitely has a place in my heart, too-  and noctis ??  i write them all for a reason.

what inspired you to take on your current muse (that you are posting this on):  the fact that i’ve had final fantasy 7 in my life since i was literally 0 years old, probably ??  cloud has been one of the characters closest to me throughout my entire life,  &  i’ve always empathised with him. i don’t like claiming to be like my muses, but cloud really does have that sort of place in my life. but more than that, he’s such an ideal human being. even if he doesn’t really think himself one, he’s really  &  truly heroic.

what are your favorite aspects of your current muse:  sorta leading on from the last thing:  everything. he isn’t perfect at all. cloud is shorter and far less buff than most conventional heroes. he never asked to be one, or at least not to become one the way he did  …  and he always strives to protect everything, no matter how incapable he is of protecting. despite this, he’s still human. in the og he gets scared;  of what might happen, and of who he is. he’s so  …  i can’t really put it into words. basically just everything.

what’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing:  mm i mean listening to music helps. asides from that, just the series in itself i guess. it’s so close to my heart,  &  i must’ve replayed the game to almost 100% at least a few times now. i’ve replayed it without completing at least 20+ times now lmao. my mood can also play a big factor in what i write or how much writing i get done, i guess.

favorite types of threads:  undoubtedly ones where i actually get to explore who cloud is;  the more intricate and unpleasant parts of him, sometimes. i really enjoy exploring his relations with other people,  how he reacts in different sorts of scenarios but  …  i think sometimes hard hitting topics and exploring his psyche can be really really interesting  ??  those were definitely some of my favourite threads.

the biggest struggle in regards to your current muse:  mustering the energy to actually  …  write, and trying to balance that with gaming and college, probably. i think i also have an issue with insecurity,  &  it can really put me off if i’m already in a bad headspace. i don’t think i’ll ever entirely abandon cloud, though-  or at least not in the near future. he’s sort of become my #1 son.

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genji taking zenyatta out on a date!! or vice versa! romantic as hell

took a bit of a break from writing but here we are back to our regularly scheduled Genyatta Content

i went for the vice versa because i feel like that isnt seen as often. takes place pretty early in their relationship. hope you like it!

A low voice in his ear stirred Genji from a fitful slumber. He shifted and groaned, chasing away whatever phantoms that haunted him in his dreams. He gazed up at his master’s face and his nightmares disappeared from his memory.

A glance up at the pale gray sky revealed that it was early. Genji sat up and cast Zenyatta a perplexed glance, but the omnic shook his head as opposed to answering his silent question. He outstretched a hand and Genji took it.

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