While I’m doing Geniusstuck things vaugely involving Klaus,

I was thinking about the original HS canon, and thinking about what if one of the scratched/pre-scratch kids prototyped their guardian

and then


“Oh, that young Agatha lady again? I really should have gotten you married.”


“It’s not like I haven’t seen your ‘hidden’ library. The 'Iron Sheik’ though? Really?”


“You know you could have always asked me for some–”


“At least you aren’t hitting on that Zeetha girl.”

“… What’s wrong with Zeetha?”

“Oh, nothing, she’s just your sister.”


And then Klaus sprite floats around and judges Gil on everything and finally, when something explodes a la big flash update, leaves a note saying - “I’m proud of you son.” and floats off.


Ugh what a bab

with all these stupid custom parts.

He’s a perfect tealblood tho.

Also I have it stuck in my head that Othar repeatedly pesters Klaus trying to get a kismesis going- and that he’s never hated anyone like this before, no one has ever gotten under his skin like Klaus, etc.

And Klaus just blows him off. He’s trying to figure things out between Lu and Zan and just doesn’t have time for Othar’s black advances and tells him so.

And Troll Othar just sits on his bed going “WHY DOESN’T HE HATE MEEEEEEEE???”


Eventually I will come up with witty captions for these.

And finish that chapter of Seraglio. This weekend.

I really will.

So, thoughts:

Sliepnir is a good mechanic and in this universe, she and Moloch are motorbuddies. Maybe even moirails. Possibly had a brief black affair with Zulenna. Eventual matespirits with Theo, much to his confusion. Still thinking up a quirk.


After it really looks as if Gil and Agatha will be together, Theo and Zeetha have an awkward conversation about them being the only two humans in the universe. They awkwardly laugh about this and even more awkwardly joke about - and eventually reveal to each other that they aren’t really interested in the other.

And then they both end up in steady relationships with trolls.


(best for last but she’s pretty fun)

Violetta up next. Golden/honey/yellow/piss blood depending on your terminology. From most positive to most negative. She’s without mutant powers but wants to be part of the elite SMOKE KNIGHTS that protect the HEIRESS. 

Also ends up being Tarvek’s monorail rather than let Anevka or Zola mess with him. 

sshe talkss in a very ssneaky fashion +ha+ also repressen+ss li++le +arge+ss

Geniusstuck Troll Quirks

Okay quick Geniusstuck Troll quirk post before I forget

Higgs - _ Small unobtrusive quirk_

_ Don’t mind me sir just a blood anonymous sir _

Moloch - his -c s are little wrenches. u- s are spanners. -calm bu-t not abou-t to take you-r shit highbloods.

Lars - } still in progress but i like this {

Violetta - +alkss in a ssneaky fashion. Ssmoke knigh+s are ssneaky like +ha+. 

Sleipnir - the name Sleipnir comes from Loki’s daughter an 8 legged horse!!!!!!!! Soooooooo, 8s.

Vanamonde - c~ Vanamonde’s bean using a prefix like a little coffee cup for a while, and

c~ he also uses a latte coffee puns.

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