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You ever notice

Hak really likes calling himself the Dark Dragon. Like, really likes it. It’s not even because he’s a dragon fanboy, it’s just because he thinks it sounds cool.

But he doesn’t do this much to the other dragons’ faces. I’ll bet that as much as he wants that to be his nickname (sure, Thunder Beast is cool and all, but that got old), he doesn’t want to admit that to the real dragons, especially after all that “smelly old ancient power of a white snake” trash talk. 

Hak is such a dork, but he still wants his new family to think he’s cool. 

He is the Dork Dragon.


“It’s beautiful when you find someone
that is in love with your mind.
Someone that wants to undress your conscience
and make love to your thoughts.
Someone that wants to watch you, slowly take down
all the walls
you’ve built up around your mind
and let them inside.

I couldn’t find an author of this beautiful poem :(

  • ncr soldier: i've been hearing word about her. she's some kind of legend. takes on legion squads with nothing but a powerfist. she must be some kind of tactical genius. i'd love to meet her one day
  • arcade gannon: you probably shouldn't be drinking three different flavors of nuka-cola and a sunset sarsaparilla at the same time
  • the courier: fuuff youff dude
First Love -1- Suga AU

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First love - Suga AU 

Parts; Masterlist, One, two, three

Pairing; Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre; Romance, angst, smut

Word count; 4.667

Synopsis; Meeting the genius of the music class was something you looked forward to, that is until he opened his mouth but even though he treated you like crap, you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him when he was playing the piano, how could you fight against feelings like this and was it something you wanted to fight against in the first place.

“Y/N hurry up, you can’t be late for your first day!” your mother was more nervous then you about the first day of college. It was rather funny, the things she put in your bags to survive the first day, you could live off it for at least a week, as you were majoring in dance and music, you couldn’t eat all the snacks she gave you but you were not complaining as you made your way to school. You had just moved to Seoul and still had to get used to everything around you and the accent, well let’s say your start wasn’t an easy one, you just hoped to make some friends in this building, so it would be less lonely.

The minute you walked into the building, you felt impressed again and as you followed the instructions you walked into a classroom and took a seat next to a guy. “Hi I’m y/n.” you bowed your head slightly out of respect and he actually smiled at you and you felt a bit mesmerized by his smile, god he was handsome.

“Nice to meet you I’m Park Jimin.” even his name was beautiful. You couldn’t help but hope he would become a friend, he was probably also majoring in dance as this was the homeroom for the dancers and if you looked at his posture you just could tell he was a dancer. “What is your specialty?”

“Oh, modern dance and freestyle I guess. What about you?”

“Also modern dance and I can do freestyle.” he smiled at you but turned away when our teacher walked in, you all got up and greeted the teacher, she was looking nice but strict but that was a good thing.

“Welcome everyone, I’m your dance teacher and I’ve taken the liberty to team you all up. You are sitting with your dance partner, this will be your partner until the end of the school year, so be sure to get to know each other.  You smiled at Jimin who looked pleased, which was a relieve, to be honest. You always thought that first days were slow days but today it was already hectic and after your first dance practice, you both walked towards the music department, even though Jimin wasn’t majoring in it, he just wanted to walk you towards the class and you both stopped when you heard someone play the Piano. You peeked around the corner and your eyes quickly found the person behind the piano and it was quite something to see. This guy had the same height as Jimin, at least that’s what you guessed but his presence gave a much bigger vibe and you couldn’t help but feel attracted to the person but you weren’t the only one because he had some fans watching him play.

You couldn’t see his face but you could tell he was slender. “Yah what are you doing?” you hadn’t realized you had walked into the room to see how he looked like. Jimin held your arm and pulled you back slightly but it was already too late because the minute he pulled you back, you accidentally bumped into a stand, which of course fell over, disturbing the guy who was behind the piano. He stopped playing and looked up, boy was he annoyed, he narrowed his eyes and got up. He walked over to you and Jimin and picked up the stand. “You should look out where you walk.” he talked with a slur, which took you by surprise because even though he was obviously annoyed by you. He still talked gently, he had won you over with just a few words and when he was actually looking at you, you couldn’t help but stare at his face because he was really handsome, his eyes stood out, they were a bit cat like.

“Are you done looking?” his voice wasn’t gentle any longer and you quickly nodded. You were really embarrassed by this and you just wanted to leave and hide somewhere but you couldn’t as you had to be here. “Jimin, you should go.” you turned and pushed him out of the room “If he does anything, let me know okay?” you nodded and waved after him before returning to the room. You sang but also played the piano but after encountering him you really didn’t feel confident about your piano skills but he was probably a few years older than you so he had more experience.

“Why are you still here?” you jumped at his voice and felt busted for some reason. “I am attending this class,” you mumbled as he glared at you from behind the piano. “Are you sure that you belong here?”

“I’m sure.”

“What instrument do you play?” you pointed at the piano and he actually snorted at that as he looked you over. “Prove it.”

“Excuse me what?”

“You heard me, prove it.” he got up from the piano and gestured for you to take a seat, you really didn’t want to but still slowly walked to the piano, you could tell he was losing his patience, which made you even more nervous. You tripped over a cord and he was just in time to catch you but he should have just let you fall because he was hurting you right now “Yah are you always this clumsy?” You shook your head because you really weren’t but he just made you really nervous.

“I’m sorry,” you mumbled as you took a seat behind the piano. You cracked your fingers before putting them on the keys. You were praying that you wouldn’t screw this up because for some reason you really wanted his approval. You started to play a classic song and you were cheering inside when you didn’t mess up and when your piece was finished, the guy slowly clapped but you couldn’t tell if he was sincere or if he was being sarcastic but when you looked up, the only thing you saw was his back as he walked out of the room. This made you feel annoyed to be honest, who the hell was he that he acted like that, did he own the place or something? But there wasn’t any time to think about this because the other students walked in and the teacher followed. The teacher wanted to see what we could do, so you played the same piece again and you also had to sing, which wasn’t a problem and at the end of the class, your voice was a bit sore but luckily you knew how to fix that, just drink some honey tea.

When you walked towards the bus stop Jimin followed you. “You know I asked around about that guy and his name is Min Yoongi, he is a third-grade student, majoring in Music and producing. He is the genius of his class and he really doesn’t like people.”

“That’s no surprise, he really doesn’t try to be nice at all. He asked me to play for him and when he did he just left the room. How rude right?”

“You aren’t that bad right?” you punched his arm “Of course not, I’m a really decent pianist but apparently he doesn’t think so.” you shrugged as you got on the bus waving at Jimin, it was nice that you already had made a friend with the same passion as you but that Yoongi person really bugged the hell out of you, it was just frustrating that he treated you like that. You sat down when your eyes landed on the guy left of you and you closed your eyes just to get some patience because of course, he was on the same bus as you, he had seen you as well and you could feel the blush on your face so you looked out of the window so he couldn’t see.

What surprised you was that he was sitting next to you. “You sang really well.” your mouth dropped because you didn’t expect him to even say something to you let alone acknowledge that you existed. “Thank you,” you mumbled embarrassed because that meant that he had been listening.

“In the future, if I’m in the practice room, would you be so kind as to not disturb me.” you turned to look at him because he was really rude right now. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me, I would like you to stay away from the practice room if I’m there.”

“Yah aren’t you a bit much?”

“Why are you talking informal to me, if I’m correct I’m still older.” you snorted and turned your head away from him because even though he was being a jackass he was still too handsome and it was confusing you because you felt attracted to him. “I’m sorry sunbaenim.” You had to clench your teeth when you said this but he was right why did you speak informally to him, it was like you couldn’t help yourself.

“Can you sit somewhere else sunbae?” He actually got up and sat on his previous spot and in your mind, you were cursing at him.

The following days went by with you avoiding min yoongi at all costs and the worst part about this, is that he knew it and every time you thought you could relax, he appeared. “Why are you sitting so low?” Jimin just sat down beside you, he was still walking around in his work out clothes, you couldn’t do that as you had music class next. You pointed at Yoongi who was sitting with two guys, they were talking and writing stuff down and then you realized that they were probably working on their music. You really wanted to know what they were writing about because you had a bad feeling. “Really, can’t you just pretend he doesn’t exist?”

“I’m trying but somehow we are always in the same space, which is really annoying because he really, like really doesn’t like me.”

“So what, he is just being an ass, rise above it, prove him you’re better than him by getting in his face.”

“You know I’m shy, how in the world am I going to do that?”

“Just own yourself, if he tells you to not disturb him when he is working on his music just disturb him, if he tells you to get lost, sit down, make sure he can’t ignore you because we both know that you got a low key crush on him, which I don’t get but there you have it.” he shrugged as he stuffed his mouth with instant noodles. “Yah how can you eat that?”

“Well just put it in your mouth.” he quickly pushed the noodles in your mouth, making you choke on them, which made you both laugh out loud whilst he was patting your back. You felt his eyes on you but Jimin was right, why would you care about what he thought, he was nothing to you except for the low-key crush that Jimin pointed out. After you had finally swallowed the noodles you took a gulp water and got up. “I have to run, let’s meet after class to practice the piece.” you waved as you ran towards the music room and as you sat behind the piano, you began to play the piece you were preparing for the showcase, when the door suddenly opened and of course it was none other than Yoongi, who crossed his arms whilst looking arrogantly at you but this time you weren’t going anywhere, you even continued playing the piano. “What do you want?”

“You know what I want, now get lost.” you snorted and continued playing as if he wasn’t here, knowing you were royally pissing him off. “Yah I told you to get lost.”

“Why? I was here first and I need to practice for the showcase, so maybe you should leave.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, why should I leave?”

“Because I want to play.”

“Too bad you weren’t here earlier.” you gave him your best smile but inside you were dying, you were so nervous and afraid he would hit you or something like that. Yoongi didn’t stay still though as he actually grabbed your arm and pulled you away from the piano, he even had the nerve to push you, which made you trip over cords and you actually fell.

“Leave will you.” He didn’t even ask if you were okay, which made you pissed off and as you got up, you felt a shooting pain through your ankle, which wasn’t good as you were Jimin’s partner in one difficult piece. “Yah Min Yoongi, are you going to take responsibility for this.” you gestured to your swollen ankle but he just waved you off “You fell on your own so why would I?”

“What have I done to you that you need to be so damn rude! You know I’m also majoring in dance and you’re not only messing with my education but also with my friends as I’m his dancing partner!” you had raised your voice because you really was sick of his behavior. He had pushed you deliberately and now your ankle was hurting and the showcase was around the corner you couldn’t be injured. “Then you should’ve looked out, now leave.” you weren’t going anywhere and actually took a seat behind the drums and started to play really loud, that is until he took away the drumsticks.

“Are you kidding me right now, do I really have to forcefully remove you from this room?”


He started to pull your arm but this time you weren’t going to budge and you used all your strength so he couldn’t push you out of the room. “Seriously, how.”

“You forget that I’m a dancer, if I don’t want to move, I won’t move, I’ve got a lot of muscles in my legs so good luck.” at a certain point he gave up. “You’re really annoying, to do you know that”

“I wouldn’t know because I really didn’t do anything to be annoying!” you were in each other’s face and before you knew what was happening he had pulled you against him and kissed you, this was not a gentle kiss as he bit your lower lip to get access in your frozen mind, you did just that, the kiss didn’t last long though as you regained your conscious. You quickly pushed him away and slapped him. “What the hell!!” you actually stormed off. “Thank you!” you heard him yell after you with a smile in his voice, this was just low of him. “AISH!” you startled a few people who were walking past you but you didn’t care any longer. You decided to skip music class and decided to work out even though your ankle was still hurting, you needed to get rid of this energy, the second you realized you were constantly touching your lower lip, you cursed at yourself. How did he know that would work? Did he know you liked him? There was no way he could know right?

The next few days were a welcome distraction from that damned kiss as Jimin and you were working hard for the showcase, it was going to be awesome and intense as it was a modern dance about lovers, it almost took all your time and the time you had left went into practicing your piece for the piano. You were exhausted so the day before the showcase you decided to get some rest and as you were strolling in the park Jimin joined you together with our newest friend Taehyung, he was majoring in theater and music, he was beautiful, there were no other words to describe him. The three of you became friends fast and were almost inseparable, which other people made fun off and the comments that were thrown our way weren’t really nice.

“Maybe we should practice again,” Jimin mumbled but you immediately shook your head because you weren’t going to as we knew the routine, we practiced so much that making a mistake would be weird. You had been on a strict diet the minute we began with the lifts and you couldn’t wait till tomorrow evening when it was all over and you could eat normally again. “Stop worrying, we know the routine and we need to give our bodies rest for a day, what do you think Tae?”

“I think you guys are going to be amazing.” You quickly ruffled his hair which wasn’t an easy thing to do as he was taller than you but this time you took him by surprise, “Are you crazy?!” he ran after you laughing, it was quite refreshing to have a playful friend like him, he was in the same music class as you, he played the saxophone, he was really good and his voice was really low, which made him really attractive for girls, it was fascinating to see how much attention he was getting, it was as if you were walking with a celebrity, he made friends quickly, which wasn’t that weird because he has an amazing personality. He eventually caught you and that’s when you felt someone watching, the hairs on the back of your neck were standing upright, which could only mean one thing. Yoongi was here as well, this made you stop fooling around. “We should go.” you looked at the ground and started to walk into a different direction when Taehyung stopped you. “Why? Is it because of Min yoongi sunbaenim?” You nodded and pulled your arm out of his grasp “Yah Min Yoongi, stop bothering Y/N!” Jimin walked right up to him and was actually angry, which was something you hadn’t seen before and it was scary as hell, the way he became quiet, his face went all serious and now he was talking to Min Yoongi in a way that gave you goosebumps.

“Who are you to tell me that and who says I’m here for Y/N?“ He answered sarcastically but hearing him say your name, well that definitely did something to you but this was not the time to let the crush show. “If you don’t like her than just stay away.” he was right in his face and his fists were balled, which wasn’t a good thing but before you could get in between Taehyung stopped you and went himself. “Both of you should stop this.” he pushed Yoongi back and pulled jimin with him, Jimin struggled at first but stopped when he saw your shocked expression. You quickly threw a glance at Yoongi who was looking at you but his eyes told you he was not happy about this and you had a bad feeling.

“Guys, I’m going home, I feel tired, I will see you tomorrow, oh and Jiminie don’t worry about tomorrow, it will be fine.” you waved at them and ran home, to tell the truth you just didn’t want to be there because you felt flustered by the way Yoongi was looking at you and the fact that Jimin almost got in a fight because of you well it upset you and to do well tomorrow you had to let all of that go, which meant you had to distance yourself for a few hours and that was exactly what you did by taking a bath, watching dramas and doing some homework by practicing your piano piece.

The next day was important and as you entered the school, Jimin immediately pulled you aside. “I can’t do this.” you just smiled at him and put his face between your hands. “You will be fine because you’re not alone.” he nodded thoughtfully and let you go change, you was warming up when the door opened and showed Yoongi sunbaenim, you decided to ignore him as this warm up was really important. You almost jumped when you felt his hands on your back “Here let me help you.” he pushed your body down but way to hard “YAH stop that.” you pushed back and he immediately let go of you and as you got up and looked at him. IT took everything in you to not punch the smirk from his beautiful face. “What do you want?

“I have something to tell you but now I think you should hear it when I will be performing.” with that, he walked away and the bad feeling you had become worse but now was not the time to worry about that as it was showtime. Jimin was a bundle of nerves and you couldn’t let go of what Yoongi had said. “Jimin we are up, you should take your position.” you pushed him on stage and he quickly took his place and as soon as the music started you followed, you were dancing on the song “I’m Here”  by Kim Kyung Hee and it was a really emotional song, which made the audience dead silent, this made it even more intense and you couldn’t help but cry at the end, when you ended in each other’s arms. The applause that followed was shocking and you couldn’t help but laugh as Jimin hugged you tightly and after he let you go, you both bowed to the crowd and that’s when you quickly made way for the next artist, which was a ballet routine and as you quickly went to change into a black dress, you had to pass Yoongi who was working on his stage with his two friends and one of them bowed his head when you walked by and you weren’t sure if it was out of respect or if he was mocking you but you did catch Yoongi’s eyes and they were looking at you as if he hadn’t seen you before, which probably meant he had seen you perform, well that would teach him, feeling satisfied with yourself, you returned after changing your clothes and makeup plus hair, which turned you into a musician.

Jimin put his arm around your shoulder and led you to the side of the stage and you were just in time to see Yoongi start his stage and the bad feeling you had got confirmed when he started to rap with his friends and when you heard your name, you felt your heart sink because the words he was rapping, weren’t nice at all, they were condescending and you felt the tears coming up because why would he hate you so much that he had to rap such vile words about your body and why did he kiss you if he hated you so much, it just didn’t make sense. Next thing you know Jimin but his headphone on your head and started to play the music you liked really loud so you couldn’t hear them anymore and you had never been so grateful towards him. You walked away and sat down on a chair and just stared at your hands while calming yourself down with the music, you know everyone was staring at you but you ignored it all by just simply closing your eyes and focussing on the music.

Jimin tapped your shoulder when it was your time, You opened your eyes and took off the headphone. “Thank you,” you mumbled but the happy feeling you had after performing was gone and the culprit was sitting not that far away from you, he was looking at you with an expression you hadn’t seen yet and it actually regretted at least that’s what it looked like but he couldn’t be in your head right now, as the piano piece was difficult enough. You walked to the piano and sat down, you cracked your fingers again and sighed deeply and the second you put your fingers on the keys, your head became blank and you played your heart out, it was a good thing it was an emotional piece, as it suited well with your current mood. The minute it was over you bowed a few times and walked off, now you had to wait till the last performance which was Yoongi behind the piano and this time you decided to watch him because he couldn’t do anything bad to you through the piano and of course he played beautifully and you had to clap at the end, it always surprised you how mesmerizing he was when he sat behind the piano, completely lost in his own world, sadly enough his character was bad the second he stopped playing.

The music teacher tapped you on the shoulder and you followed his finger to the piano that had been added. “Yoongi asked me to tell you he wanted to play with you.” your heart started beating really fast because there was no way he would do something right? He wouldn’t mess with your education, right?

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, he has much more experience.” the teacher smiled at you and you knew you really didn’t have a choice and if you had a choice Yoongi just ruined that as he told the audience that you would be playing with him. You looked back at Jimin who looked worried but shrugged his shoulders nonetheless so there was no other option than to return to the stage. You bowed to the audience before sitting down and when you saw the piece he had chosen, you panicked slightly because this piece was really difficult and normally you had to practice this a lot. You locked eyes with Yoongi but instead of the disgust he usually showed you saw encouragement, he was actually smiling at you. You started playing when he gave the signal and as you had to focus on the notes you couldn’t really get into it but you didn’t miss a beat, you know Yoongi was looking at you from time to time but you never once met his glance and you were almost thanking the gods when the piece finally ended but the applause that followed was something else.

You got up and bowed to Yoongi and then to the crowd but before you could walk off, Yoongi grabbed your hand and pulled you against him, while the audience was still applauding. “I’m sorry.” your mouth dropped because he was actually saying sorry and meaning it. “Excuse me, what?” he chuckled at your shocked expression and he gently caressed your hand. This took everything in you not to get into crush mode. “I’m sorry about earlier, I made that rap when I first met you but it was too late to change it.” you nodded still completely in shock, you stepped out of his embrace and after one last bow, you quickly walked off stage, still not sure about what had happened, why was he being nice to you? “What was that?!” Jimin asked when you sat down next to him and you just shrugged “I don’t know.” there wasn’t time to discuss it as we all had to get on stage for the last bow and the second we were off stage everyone went home, you didn’t wait for Jimin or anyone else and as you got home you let yourself fall on your bed, thinking about that moment you had with Yoongi but it was overshadowed by his rap.

The next days you tried to avoid Yoongi at all cost but his song followed you everywhere you went and the gossip was brutal, you started to hide in the dance studio or you could be found behind the piano but never when Yoongi was in the classroom, the only people who knew you were at school were Jimin and Taehyung and of course your teachers, it was a tiresome week but you succeeded in avoiding Yoongi that is until the last day, you were completely lost in your music when suddenly someone put a hand on your shoulder. “Omo that scared me,” you mumbled.

“I think we need to talk.”

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Two Can Play At This Game (Daveed x Reader)

So… second fic is here! I hope you guys like it, and as usual, feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Also… I’m debating on making a part two? If anyone wants it, I will gladly write it.

Warnings: swearing, drinking, a lil bit of a dirty dancing ;)

Words: 1,798

You emerged from the plane, stretching your legs after a long ride. You smoothed your hair, grabbed your carry-on, and excitedly walked through the jet bridge. After 2 years, you were finally going to see your cousin. You took in the bustle of all of the people around you, looking for the mop of curly hair that you knew all too well.

“Y/N!” someone shouted behind you, and you quickly turned around only to be pulled into a tight hug.

“Ant!” you exclaimed, hugging him back. Anthony was like a brother to you, and you were so happy to finally be reunited.

“So there’s this party tonight, I want you to go with us so you can meet everyone. And I obviously have to show you everything here, including my girlfriend Jazzy, oh gosh I hope you like her. Especially since she lives with me and you’re staying with me so that wouldn’t be good if you didn’t like her…” He babbled on and on and you just listened as he spoke at what seemed like a million miles per hour. You playfully slapped him on the arm, grabbing his attention.

“Anthony, if you like her, I’ll probably like her just as much, if not more.” you said, gathering your things and waiting for him to lead the way out of the airport. You both walked out of the airport, catching up on each others’ lives. He mainly spoke of his girlfriend, who you couldn’t wait to meet.

“Wait, Y/N/N, you know about Hamilton right?” he asked, looking over at you from the driver’s seat.

“I haven’t been living under a rock, Ant. But I’m not, so to say, obsessed with it.” you said, exaggerating obsessed.

“Good! So about that party I mentioned earlier, it’s kinda a cast party. I already checked with Lin, he said he would love for you to come!” he explained excitedly, waving one hand as he drove back to his house. You nearly choked on your water.

“A cast party? But I won’t know anyone there.”

“Yes you will, you’ll know me. And I’m assuming you’ve heard of Lin before, at least I hope you have.” He shot you a grin, earning him another swat on the arm. He pouted, you rolled your eyes, and continued the conversation from earlier.

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First Love -2- Suga AU

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First love - Suga AU

Parts; Masterlist, One, two, three

Pairing; Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre; Romance, angst, smut

Word count; 3.743

Synopsis; Meeting the genius of the music class was something you looked forward to, that is until he opened his mouth but even though he treated you like crap, you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him when he was playing the piano, how could you fight against feelings like this and was it something you wanted to fight against in the first place.

“I really don’t have time.” you stood up and tried to walk away but he held you in your place and when you turned to say something, the words got stuck in your throat because he was glaring at you and this expression made him look a bit dangerous but also mysterious. “I think you should make time.” you shook your head slowly and tried to pull yourself free, which was useless as he was stronger in his hands than you were.


“I need to explain that song.” you snorted as you put your hands on his hands, knowing that he would be startled because of this and the minute your hands touched his, he pulled them away, which made you free from his hold. “You really don’t have to, you think I don’t have a nice body and that I really should lose some weight and then you even had the nerve to criticize my freckles, as if it’s my fault that I have them, you know usually people find freckles cute but hey I guess you don’t oh and thank you for pointing out that I have boobs, thanks about that, now if you’ll excuse me because apparently, I’m desperate for some attention so I will seek that right now.”

You left him standing there after your rant because even though you were right about everything you said it still made you feel embarrassed. You thought you would get over what he had said in his rap but this clearly proved that you were not and the first you needed now was some comforting by Jimin as he gave the best hugs ever. You pushed open the dance studio and wasn’t surprised to see jimin lying on his back, staring at the ceiling, it was quite funny as he had been dancing the entire morning and this was his little break. “Jiminie!” he immediately sat up and when he saw your expression, he immediately opened his arms and you didn’t think twice about it and as he embraced you, you felt better, you often wondered if he meant more to you than just being your best friend but there was no real chemistry between us, so you never talked about it with him.

“What’s wrong?”

“Yoongi found me today.”

“Really, what happened?”

“He wanted to talk to me but I told him off.”

“Of course you did, maybe he really wanted to apologize.” you shrugged and you knew he was smiling at your stubbornness. “You know let’s get something to eat, let me text Taehyung.” he grabbed his phone as he got up, you followed him into the cafeteria where Taehyung was waiting and he also embraced you but with Taehyung it was different and you actually felt attracted to him. You knew people sometimes were wondering if you guys weren’t dating but you never really gave an answer to this and as you stood there embraced in a hug, suddenly Taehyung got pulled away and when you opened your eyes, you were staring in Yoongi’s blazing with anger eyes and you even took a step back, which made you bump into Jimin, who stabilized you, at this Yoongi narrowed his eyes. “Let go of her.” he used his low voice and Jimin just stood there, not getting his hand of, off you and as your heart started to beat faster, Yoongi took a step closer.

“I told you to let go of her.”


“I already told you why.”

“Maybe you should explain it again, I think I forgot.” Your eyes couldn’t get any bigger because what did he mean, he told Jimin already and what did he tell him? Taehyung got over the shock and stepped between Yoongi and you but Yoongi was not having that and he actually got into Taehyung’s face but he never budged. “Leave her alone sunbae.”

“I won’t, so you better keep your distance.” You couldn’t see Taehyung’s expression but the next thing he did shock you to the core, he pulled you out of Jimin’s hands and as you fell forwards he grabbed your face between his hands and before you could pull away he had pressed his lips against yours, it took a second before you even realized what was happening but when you did you stepped hard on Taehyung’s foot, which made him jump back in surprise. “YAH! What the hell Taehyung!” you grabbed your bag and ran away not wanting to see what was happening right now. It did give you an answer though, Taehyung was definitely not the one for you. Yes he tried to help you but this was not the way, what was he even trying to do, did he try to make Yoongi jealous? Like that was possible.

You walked into the dance studio and put on a heavy song and just started dancing, you didn’t even notice that someone had followed you and you just focussed on dancing, this was piece that Jimin and you were working on and normally you would have to dance it together but right now, you didn’t even care about that and when the song came to an end you just let yourself fall to the ground completely out of breath, you stayed like that with your eyes closed when suddenly someone was blocking the light. You opened your eyes and was surprised to see Yoongi standing above you with a worried expression, this one you hadn’t seen yet, you had seen regret, disgust, annoyance and anger but never this look and it confused the hell out of you and to say that you really didn’t get this guy was an understatement.

“Are you okay?”

“What do you want?” He sighed when he heard the hostile words and to your surprise, he sat down next to you, you didn’t move a muscle and just kept staring at the ceiling. “I really just want to explain.” you were drawn to his gentle words and it took everything in your not to look at him but you did keep quiet, which he took as his cue.

“I really owe you an apology because there is really nothing wrong with you and I do find you attractive, I was just angry at you when I wrote that rap but it was wrong to say those things about you.” this time you looked over at him because he really did sound sincere and you really wanted to forgive him but that rap really had hurt your feelings because in your opinion you had done nothing wrong. He looked at you and even smiled at you, which made your heart melt even more but there was no way you could give in now.

“It’s fine, Let’s just forget about it.” you got up put he quickly grabbed your arm. “You know, I would like it if you stayed away from Taehyung.” You felt the hairs standing up on the arm he was touching.

“That’s really not up to you.” you pulled your arm out of his hold and left the room and you couldn’t help but think about why he wanted you to stay away from Tae. It’s so weird and why would he even care about Taehyung and you? He wasn’t interested in you anyway even though he did kiss you that one time, which you still couldn’t forget about as your lips had been tingling for quite some time after that kiss and you often fantasized about what could’ve happened.

The next days were more comfortable and yes you did punish Taehyung for his kiss and he had now a large bruise on his wrist, that would teach him for kissing you like that. “Y/N when are we going to get something to drink?” Taehyung asked whilst putting his arm around your shoulder and Jimin was in front of you begging with his eyes, this was becoming quite funny lately because never had you met two guys who were so in sync with each other. “I guess we can tonight.” you shrugged when you suddenly felt someone watching you and without looking you quickly shrugged Taehyung’s arm off of you, just because you really didn’t want any problems. Yoongi had been keeping a close eye on you ever since he told you to stay away from Taehyung and it was making you a bit nervous, he even showed up at every piano practice and just sat at the back of the room, with his friends. You found out about their names and you could tell that they were rappers even though one of them was a little bit more energetic. One was called Namjoon and the other was called Hoseok. Jimin was the one who found out about it and reported it to you and that’s when you had remembered that the one called Hoseok had smiled at you before their stage.

Today wasn’t any different as you were practicing a classic piece, you felt his eyes on you and it was really difficult to focus, you had been watching Yoongi practice and he took your breath away sometimes but this only happened when he thought he was alone, you had your theories about his tough act but who were you to ask him about it. You tried to focus again but when you hit the wrong key again, you gave up and stopped playing. “Yah Yoongi can’t you just leave?” you said out loud and you could hear him cough because he must’ve been startled that you called him out and completely forgot about the honorifics but you really needed to learn this piece but him being here wasn’t helping because your heart started racing when he enters the room and you can feel his eyes on you even though he sits in the back quietly, it was like your heart was in tune with his and you did your best to fight it but today it just didn’t work, you didn’t have the strength to ignore him.

“I like to see you play, please just act as if I’m not here.” he was crazy if he thought you could do that. “I can’t do that, please just leave.”

“Am I getting under your skin Y/N?” he asked with a smirk as he approached the stage and you just sigh because he wasn’t off about that but there was no way you could tell him that. “Of course not but I really need to focus on this piece and I can sense your presence.” you put your hand in front of your mouth but it was too late, you had said too much as his eyes became big in surprise when you confessed that. “It’s just distracting.” you quickly added but his eyes told you that he understood the true meaning of what you just had said.

“Okay I will leave but you have to join me for dinner later.” you shook your head but he was already walking away. “I’m not going to!” you yelled after him but he didn’t stop until he reached the door. “I will pick you up at 7 pm, wear something pretty.” with that he pulled open the door and disappeared. Your heart was beating like crazy and you weren’t sure if it’s because of the rage you were feeling or if it was the low-key crush. You decided to just give up for today and go home because now there was no way you could focus, damn Yoongi! Why did he have to be so intense every time you talked, it was frustrating but at this point, you weren’t sure what was more frustrating, your feelings or his rudeness. “Y/N?! Wait up.” Jimin and Taehyung both came running but the minute they saw your face they stopped. “What happened?”

“Yoongi happened, he ordered me to have dinner with him.” you clicked your tongue out of annoyance but they only shared a certain expression. “What was that?” you immediately pointed it out but they smiled and quickly tried to change the subject but this time it wasn’t working “You better tell me!” you pinched them both, which you knew they hated and Taehyung was the first one to spill the beans.

“Okay, Okay stop pinching woman.” You stopped and he first took his time rubbing his sore spot, which made you smile because he really was too cute. “Tell me.”

“We think that Yoongi likes you.”

“Whatever, he is just being.” Jimin didn’t let you finish that sentence “No he really likes you, remember when Taehyung and Yoongi got into each other face.” You nodded and waited for him to continue. “Well after you left, he never once stopped looking at you and when you were out of sight he actually grabbed Taehyung’s collar and almost punched him, it was that one of his friends who stopped him, otherwise Tae would have a black eye by now.”

“You’re joking right?”

“I’m not, I really think that Yoongi thinks you’re his.”

“I’m not though.” you really didn’t sound convincing and they look on their faces told you that they knew you were kidding yourself, which annoyed you even more because why did you have to fall for someone like him? Why couldn’t you just like someone like Jimin, He was more handsome and so sweet and he loved skinship, which was a huge plus and you already noticed that Yoongi didn’t really like to touch other people or was nice, except for that one time but other then that you didn’t really think he was nice, so why did your heart starting to beat like crazy when you thought about him or when you were in the same room as him, it just didn’t make sense.

“You like him as well don’t you?” Jimin asked carefully and you wanted to deny it but you couldn’t lie to your best friends, so you just nodded feeling absolutely miserable. Jimin quickly hugged you and rubbed your back to soothe you, this normally helped a lot but not today, to admit that you had feelings for the guy who treated you like he did, was upsetting but you couldn’t help it because every time you saw him behind the piano, your heart fluttered and knowing his eyes followed you everywhere made your heart race but you weren’t ready to admit this yet. At least not to Yoongi and you were going to do your best in hiding your feelings.

“Jiminie, does this look okay?” you asked him when you walked into your bedroom in a nice blue dress and the smile he gave you told you enough, he liked it which meant Yoongi wouldn’t like it, it was really hard to decide what to wear because you really didn’t know anything about him. This time you picked black skinny jeans and a mint colored cropped blouse, black heels and your hair were put into a messy bun, you didn’t want to go all out so this was the best you could do. Now Jimin had to give you the green light and when you stepped into your room, his eyes became large and he stood up, he wanted to clap but decided not to do this after seeing my expression.

“You look amazing, Yoongi is going to love it.”

“Really, I didn’t put too much time in it though and what if it’s too casual?” he shook his head with a gentle smile and grabbed your shoulders, “He is going to love this and if not, then you can come back to me and I will date you okay.” he touched your nose in endearment and you gave him a quick hug, when your doorbell rang. Your mother opened the door and you could hear Yoongi greeting her and he sounded really polite, if she knew how he had treated you, then she would definitely smack the door in his face. “Y/N, your date is here.”

“I’m coming, mom.” Jimin quickly grabbed a bottle of perfume and quickly sprayed it on you before letting you go downstairs. The second you came into view Yoongi smiled at you and you almost tripped when he did that, which made Jimin chuckle. Yoongi’s eyes went up and met Jimin’s, you could tell he wasn’t happy about this but he couldn’t really say something about it in front of your mother, which was a good thing because the last thing you wanted was them getting into a fight. “Don’t stay out too late and Jimin-sshi, are you going home as well?” Jimin nodded and grabbed his coat “Have fun.” he whispered when he walked passed you and you swatted him on his arm before he was out of reach.

“Are you ready?” Yoongi had put his hand on your lower back and you couldn’t help but stiffen up a bit, it wasn’t because you were repulsed by his touch but because you were a hot mess on the inside.

“Let’s go.” you smiled at the ground when he ushered you outside and you were surprised when there was a car waiting but then again it would be weird if he didn’t have a license as he was a few years older. He politely opened the door for you and closed it when you sat down, this was a side of Yoongi that you hadn’t seen before and it only made you fall deeper. “So where are we going?”

“You are a curious little thing aren’t you?” he smiled as he continued to focus on the road in front of him. “Guilty” you confessed and he even chuckled, which made you snap your head in his direction because it was the best thing ever. “What?!” he sounded a bit alarmed when he saw you staring at him. “I don’t think I have seen you laugh before.”

“Whatever.” he was embarrassed now and it was really cute to see him like this and you even started to enjoy yourself because now you knew what made him shy. You stopped in front of an expensive looking restaurant, this made you nervous because you didn’t really have money for this kind of places. “Sunbae, isn’t this too expensive?” he looked up when he heard you call him sunbae, he even narrowed his eyes. “Stop calling me sunbae and no this isn’t expensive to me.” you held up your hands in surrender and didn’t mention it again. “Why can’t I call you sunbae?”

“I just don’t like it.”

“Okay sunbae.” you held your hand in front of your mouth when you heard yourself say sunbae again but you couldn’t help but giggle, this was a thing you did when you were nervous and it made him soften his expression. “Let’s go eat.” you walked with him and took a seat, this was definitely a restaurant for couples because everywhere you looked where couples but at least you weren’t the only one that was nervous.

He had been touching you throughout the evening and whilst eating he even bumped into you leg with his and it was getting harder and harder to keep a straight face because you were experiencing some heavy chemistry and your head was full of dirty things that were for sure and he kept looking at you as if he knew exactly what you were thinking. “I have to go somewhere for a few minutes, I will come back just enjoy the food okay?”

You looked at him in surprise because why would he just leave and what if he didn’t come back, which meant you had to pay for this food and after checking the prices you knew that paying was impossible. Yoongi stood still when he saw your worried expression “I will be back, I promise.” you nodded but you were already thinking of ways to get out of here without being seen and as Yoongi disappeared through double doors you started to collect your purse when a waiter put a new wine glass in front of you. “Mr min Yoongi ordered this for you and I had to tell you that running wasn’t an option.” he waiter smiled friendly at you and you quickly put away your purse. What the hell was happening and as the minutes passed you started to wonder if he really didn’t leave you here when suddenly the lights went down and a piano appeared from the floor, Yoongi was behind the piano and people were actually clapping for him.

“Good evening everyone, I wrote this song for my girl, I hope you will like it.” at first you felt flustered because he did something like this but when the sweet melody reached you, you were completely mesmerized because the melody was so beautiful that you were completely sucked in and when you looked around you everyone was staring at him with a gentle smile on their faces. You were proud of him and you knew it was useless to hide your feelings at this point because Yoongi had taken you here on purpose, just so that he could play that beautiful music, when he was done he got a standing ovation and he happily took it in and it was a surprise to see a light version of Yoongi and you couldn’t help but love it, this was the version you wished to see every day.

He locked eyes with you and you smiled at him, which was enough and when he sat down at your table he grabbed your hands and pressed a kiss on them, you had the urge to pull your hands out of his but decided to let it be. “Let’s go home.” you nodded and you quietly stood by his side whilst he was paying for the meal. He grabbed your hand and pulled you with him “Do you mind if we walk?” you shook your head because, to be honest, you could use some fresh air. It was a clear night and the stars were shining brightly and if you weren’t so nervous, you would’ve thought this was really romantic.

You stopped in front of your house and just stared at each other when you decided that it was time to show him your feelings. You stepped forwards and put your arms around his waist, this certainly surprised him but he did hug you back and before he could react, you pressed a kiss to his cheek “Thank you for tonight.”

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“Sappy” BTS Suga~ Drabble

bantangboysaddicted requested: Hey! For the Drabble thing can you do “actually I miss you” and “"time passes slower without you” with Yoongi. And like make it kinda fluffy but like Yoongi style fluff where he’s still acting cool. (Does that make sense) lol but thanks!! ❤️

A/N: Ello! Thanks for requesting :D <3 i hope you enjoy it!! Sappy MinYoongi makes me weak >3<

Word Count: 840
Genre: Fluff |
Pairing: YoongixReader (Gender Neutral)
Trigger: NONE


‘I like my lyrics! what’s wrong with them?’ Taehyung whined disappointment on his voice. The members were on the “Genius Lab” having a meeting concerning the production of the next album. Namjoon had just mentioned that some lines wrote by Taehyung should be replaced and add some other instead.

‘There’s nothing wrong with them, I just proposed to re-arrange the order… ’ The leader spoke ‘I just think this way it could be better…’ He pointed at the notebook on his hand ‘Jungkook…sing this lyrics please’ He handed out the item to the maknae who took it, gave it a quick read and started mumbling the new lyrics melodically, the rest of the members listened to it thoughtfully and waited for him to finish. Jungkook was first to spoke

‘I like this new order’ mentioned

‘Yeah, I think they have a better flow to them’ Hoseok agreed.
Taehyung pouted and looked down. Jimin noticed his discomfort and placed a hand on his back reassuringly

‘Taehyungie c’mon don’t feel bad, your lyrics are still there’ Told comforting him.
Yoongi grabbed the notebook from Jungkook’s hand and gave it another read. The members kept on talking trying to cheer up their friend.

‘Ok…’ said Taehyung. ‘They do sound better, to be honest…’ he flicked his tongue conceiving ‘Aish, sorry I didn’t mean to act like a little kid’ Namjoon chuckled and patted his back.

‘All good artists are a little whimsical when they have ideas, it’s not something bad’ he smiled at him exposing his dimples ‘It’s natural…’ reassured.

‘I think we should arrange them once again…’ pointed out Yoongi grabbing a pen from his desk and scribbling over the sheet
‘What?!’ Namjoon exclaimed outraged ‘What’s wrong with them?!’ demanded staring at his hyung. Everyone turned to look at Namjoon skeptically ‘Sure, let’s try that ’ coughed.

Yoongi laid back on his chair biting his thumb pensive. The rest of the member’s slumps on their chairs, everyone was really tired and mainly wanted to get to the dorms and take a shower.
Yoongi’s phone rang, still focused he probed the desk until his hand reached for it. One look at the screen and he answered
‘Oh Jagiya–’ He spoke, a faint echo of a voice responding reached the member’s making their ear perk up. ‘Umhm, we are still here…’Yoongi turned his chair turning away from others ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know if I’ll be able to see you today’, the muffled voice on the other side of the phone giggled, ‘I know, but actually I miss you’ The members looked at each other,pursing their lips shut holding words to try to make fun of him for being so cheesy. Yoongi’s voice became more honey-like and chuckled ‘Is that the way to refer to your boyfriend huh? I get a little sweet and you-…’ he was stopped mid sentence ‘Yeah they here…’ he took a glimpse over his shoulder to the boys, they pretended to not be paying attention to the conversation ‘So?, I can be sappy with you, it’s my right…’ He turned away again ‘Anyway, are you off work yet?’ Yoongi pull his phone from his ear and looked at the hour ‘Shit it’s dinner time…’ Jungkook’s belly grumbled at the word “Dinner”, pressing his hands to it he tried to shut it smiling awkwardly to Hoseok who noticed the groaning. Jimin nodded mouthed “I’m hungry too” Namjoon silently whined checking the time on his phone as well “we should finish this later?” added Jin to the mute conversation. Everyone nodded. “Let’s wait for hyung” finished Taehyung
‘Time passes slower without you…’ said Yoongi to his phone almost a whisper, but nevertheless the phrase was caught by the rest of the members who shivered and cringe at the sweet words of the rapper. Jin rolled his eyes at the exaggeration of the younger boys. ‘What?, Yes I know they are listening…’ Yoongi huffed disbelieving, on the other side the voice became louder and it was possible to hear it ‘MIN YOONGI YOU ARE SO SAPPY I’LL SUE YOU’ it mocked, and everyone mutedly laughed at the outburst, Yoongi grabbed the bridge of his nose ‘forget it. you fucking suck..’ the voice laughed and made him grin. ‘Fine.hang up you turd, I’ll call you when we finish ok?’ and so the call ended. The boys pretended to not be smiling at how cute he was whenever his significant other was involved.

‘Stop…’ Yoongi warned ‘You heard nothing…’

‘I heard Dinner, which is all I crave right now’ Jin stood up. ‘So let’s take a break and go eat something shall we?’ everyone agreed and started to leave the room. ‘Nothing sweet for me, I’ve had enough already with that’ He thumbed behind and the boys chuckled making Yoongi blush.

First Love -3- Suga AU

Originally posted by emmareader

First Love - Suga AU

Parts; Masterlist, One, two, three

Pairing; Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre; Romance, angst, smut

Word count; 3.190

Synopsis; Meeting the genius of the music class was something you looked forward to, that is until he opened his mouth but even though he treated you like crap, you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him when he was playing the piano, how could you fight against feelings like this and was it something you wanted to fight against in the first place.

The next couple of days were rushing by as you were practicing a lot as you had been selected for a piano concert, you had to master a lot of different classical pieces and that was not an easy task, it was like you didn’t leave the practice room, it was ridiculous and on top of that you hadn’t heard anything from Yoongi after you said goodbye, maybe he didn’t like it that you kissed him on his cheek but then again why wouldn’t he like it? You also didn’t get why it was bothering you so much that even while you were being so busy it crossed your mind every time you took a break.

It was weird though because you hadn’t seen him at school either and somehow it got you worried and you actually missed the bickering about who’s turn it was in the practice room. “Y/N, do you want to take a break?” Jimin walked up to you with his beautiful smile, which always made you feel a bit flustered, it wasn’t like you saw him as a potential boyfriend but he was just too handsome. “Should I?” you wondered out loud as you rolled your shoulders and when you heard them crack you knew you had to stop for now because otherwise, you would have stiff shoulder and that would make it harder to play. “Ye, let’s get something to eat.” you linked your arm with Jimin’s and met up with Taehyung on the way to the cafeteria. When you passed Yoongi’s friends you abruptly stopped “Sunbae do you know were Yoongi Sunbaenim is?”

“Ah ye, he is sick at home.” this made you worry even more but it did explain why you hadn’t seen him. “Is it something bad?” They exchanged glances with each other as if they knew something you didn’t, which was frustrating as hell but then again you weren’t as close to Yoongi as they were.

“Ani, I think he has a bit of the flu.” they smiled at you and were satisfied with their answer, they must think you were stupid because this only proved that something else was the matter but what it was, well that was for you to guess and because you didn’t have his number, you couldn’t text him to ask if he was okay. “Ah okay, that’s a shame.” you gave them a fake smile and walked away with your two guys “You didn’t believe them right?” you shook your head at Taehyung and smiled “I’m not that stupid, they were definitely hiding something.”

“I think so too but what are they hiding?”

“I really don’t know but I just have to find out I guess.” At that moment your phone went off, startling you three as you emerged in thoughts. “Hello?”

“You have to come home.” Your mother sounded upset, which made your heart clench and it made you panic slightly. “What happened, mom?”

“Can you just come home?”

“I’m already on my way, don’t worry.” you started to run because she really sounded upset, you didn’t even say goodbye to the guys but there was something up, so you just had to apologize later. The second you stepped inside your mother came walking towards you, telling you to keep your shoes on. “Mom, what wrong? Why are you this upset?”

“We need to go to the hospital.”

“Why? Are you sick?”

“It’s your little brother, he is in the hospital right now.” time froze when you heard her, this couldn’t be happening right now. Your brother lived with his father and you knew he was violent but he never went as far to get him hospitalized. You grabbed your mother’s hand and together you left for the hospital, just hoping he wasn’t too hurt. Your mother was in a bad state the minute you finally reached the hospital and as you made her sit down, you quickly went to the information desk. “Excuse me but where can I find Park Jin Soo?”

“Are you his guardian? You nodded quickly even though it was really your mother but she wasn’t able to talk right now. She told you where you could find him and together with your mother you entered the department and you were shocked that it was the mental health department. You mother was quiet beside you and as you walked to the desk, you were dreading to ask if you could visit your brother but your mother wasn’t going to do it so there was no other choice.

“Excuse me? I’m Park Jin Soo’s sister and we got a call that he was hospitalized, can we see him?”

“Ah your Park Jin Soo’s family, please wait here, I will get the doctor.” she smiled friendly at you and asked you to sit in the waiting room. You couldn’t help but look around you because you had never seen a mental health facility and it was a bit uncomfortable. “Hello, you must be Jin Soo’s sister?” the doctor walked into the waiting room and you quickly got up and bowed. “Ye, I’m his sister, this is my mother.” you gestured to your mother behind you but she really wasn’t in a good state now and you knew she had fallen into her own little world, which was upsetting as well because she had been doing so well.

“Please follow me.” he walked into an office and told you to sit down in the chair in front of the desk and you were dreading what he was going to say. “Is it okay if I ask some questions first?”

“Of course but is Jin Soo okay?”

“He will be. How is your relationship with Jin Soo’s father?”

“I hate him, why?”

“He isn’t your biological father then, is he?”

“No, he isn’t.”

“Has Jin Soo been depressed lately?” You had to think about this one because, to be honest, you hadn’t seen him a lot since you had moved but now that you thought about it, he had called you a lot lately asking you if he could live with you and mom. “I’m not sure but he did want to live with us.”

“I see, was his father always abusive?”

“Yes he was but never towards me, he usually hit mother, that’s why we moved.”

“Is there a reason why Jin Soo didn’t come?”

“I’m not sure but it had something to do with parental rights.” you really didn’t know why he had to live with his father instead of his mother but you knew now that you should’ve taken him with you. “I see.”

“Why are you asking?”

“Jin Soo tried to commit suicide after his father beat him up, at least that’s what we are guessing.”

“What?! I need to see him.” you jumped up but as you couldn’t go anywhere, you sat down again feeling rather stupid. Your mother was quietly crying beside you and you really didn’t want to be angry with her but why couldn’t she get her stuff together and act like a grown up for once? “What’s wrong with your mother?” You had seen this question coming and it made you uncomfortable to talk about this but he was a doctor so there was no other choice than to just tell him. “She can’t handle situations like this, as she was abused a lot by that man, so she shuts herself off from the world every time something bad happens.”

“That’s not good, she needs to get treatment.” you nodded because this was old news as she was already seeing a doctor and most days she was okay and loving but now she just collapsed. “She already get’s treatment.” you sounded stingy but he was switching topics real fast and it bothered you. “I’m sorry if you think I’m rude but can I see my brother now?” he immediately shook his head. “No sorry, he isn’t stable yet. We need to monitor him a bit more but the minute he is doing okay, you can visit him.”

“This is ridiculous, I want to see my brother.”

“I understand that but for his sake, that is not an option right now, we will let you know when you can visit him.”

“If you don’t call within 3 days, I will be back and I will do everything I can to get in.” you got up and helped your mother as well. You didn’t bow as you stormed out of his office but you stopped when you heard someone play the piano, it sounded familiar and as you walked towards the window you could spot the piano but you didn’t recognize the guy behind it but somehow you felt drawn to the way he played and if it wasn’t for your mother pulling your coat, you could’ve stand here for a really long time.

“Let’s go home.” together you walked home, on the way you only stopped to get something to eat and when you got back home you tucked your mother in bed, after giving her medicine. You, on the other hand, couldn’t sleep as you were too worried about Jin Soo, there was no way he could go back to his father, you just didn’t know how you could prevent him going back.

“Mom, I’m going to school but I will let you know when I get a call.” you were talking through the door because she had locked herself in, which was normal after she had an attack like that. The second you walked into the dance studio, jimin jumped up. “Yah, where have you been?! Why didn’t you text us back?!”

“I’m sorry Jiminie, I just had an emergency.”

“What happened?”

“My little brother has been hospitalized, that’s why I ran like that yesterday.”

“Is he okay?” You shook your head feeling sad all of a sudden, jimin quickly pulled you into a hug. “It will be okay.” instead of answering you buried your face in his chest, this made you calm and again you wondered why you couldn’t fall for someone like him. “Alright class let’s see what you have so far.” the teacher was standing next to one of Yoongi’s friends, if you were correct this was Hoseok and he was one of the teachers and that while he was just a senior, like Yoongi but you had to respect him because he could dance. You once saw him practice and you were blown away by his moves, he was an awesome freestyler.

“Shall we?” Jimin asked, he only did this to get your attention as it has wandered again. You nodded and took your place and as the music started you got rid of every single thought or worry and just focused on dancing with Jimin, the teacher had told you that because we were so close, you had great chemistry and that was a great compliment because you two worked hard, sometimes it felt as if you were dancing or playing piano in your dreams because it was really consuming everything. When the song was over, Hoseok was even clapping, which made you feel proud and as you stared at Jimin he smiled at you and he quickly pulled you into his arms again. “Thank you for not messing up.” he whispered in your ear, which made you chuckle “Yah stop it.” you pushed him away slightly and glanced at Hoseok who was watching you two with narrowed eyes.

“What is his problem?” Jimin mumbled as he let you go but you knew why he was looking like that at the two of you. “I think this has something to do with Yoongi.” you shrugged as you grabbed your bag. “I’m leaving, I will text you okay?” he waved at you and you quickly changed your clothes and ran towards the practice room and again there was no Yoongi, you couldn’t hide the sad feeling but you had to let it go for now and just practice as the concert was just three days away and if your mother wasn’t improving, this would be the first concert that you would be alone and you were already feeling nervous about it.

After three days you still hadn’t heard from the hospital but as you were at the concert hall, rehearsing, there really wasn’t time to think about it, you just had to call them after the concert. “Y/N, could you play the next piece?”

“Of course.” you sat back down and cracked your fingers before putting them on the keys, you knew that this wasn’t a good habit but you had to do it every time you had to play in front of other people. The rehearsal ended good and not long after you had the concert and of course your mother couldn’t attend but the thing you hadn’t expected was the two guys in the audience who had come to see you and you didn’t know it until the end of the concert and only found out about it because they stood up, they were going absolutely crazy when you took the spotlight and Jimin even brought flowers and gave you a quick hug. “Tae and I will see you on Monday. Oh, you were amazing.” he waved as he disappeared into the crowd and as the others went to celebrate you finally had some time to call the hospital.

“This is Y/N, I’m the sister of Park Jin Soo, I was wondering if we could visit him as he has been there for almost five days.”

“Ah miss, yes we wanted to call you, you can visit him starting tomorrow night at 7 pm.” you weren’t too happy about the restrictions but at least you could finally visit him. “Thank you.” you quickly went home to tell your mother the good news and she even smiled and hugged you. She immediately started cooking for Jin Soo and you were finally able to write the song you were working on, it was a sad song but it sounded beautiful on the piano. You just weren’t sure if you should be the one who had to play it but the person you had in mind had disappeared without so much as a word.

The next day your mother was up really early and even woke you up to tell you what she had made for Jin Soo, you didn’t have the heart to tell her that he probably couldn’t have any of it. “Mom, do you want to hear one of the songs I played at the concert yesterday?” she instantly looked sad and you knew she felt guilty for not being there but that was why you wanted to play her one of the songs because one of them was her favorite, that was why you felt a bit sad when she wasn’t there yesterday.

“I would love to.” You got behind the old piano and started playing, you looked if she was paying attention and when you saw her sitting on the couch with her eyes closed and a smile plastered on her tired face, you couldn’t help but feel worried about her, you sighed deeply and ended the song. She got up and applauded really loud for you, she even cheered, which meant the world to you and when it was finally time to visit Jin Soo, she was a ball of nerves. “Do you think he wants to see us?”

“Of course mom, He will be so happy to see you.” you kissed her hands and settled down next to her in the bus. You had put on something casual and for once you had let your hair down and as you hadn’t styled it today, it was all curly, you had helped your mother with dressing and she actually looked really lovely and healthy, you were just hoping that the doctor wouldn’t say something again. The second you got to the mental health department you had to take a deep breath again because this wasn’t easy. “Excuse me, we’re here to see my brother Park Jin Soo.” The nurse smiled at you and gave you the visitor’s badge. “He is in room 405.” she opened the doors and without looking around you quickly walked towards his room, you peeked inside and saw Jin Soo sitting on his bed watching a tv show. He looked terrible as the bruises were all yellow-ish, he looked really skinny and as he finally noticed you in the door opening his expression turned sad, he even got up but the only thing you could do was spread your arms, he didn’t hesitate one second and ran right in them, you hugged him tightly. “Yah, don’t ever scare us like that again, okay?” he nodded against your shoulder and as you patted him on his back, he slowly calmed down. You let him hug mother as well and as you were watching them you heard someone playing piano again. This time you couldn’t ignore it and you walked backwards out of the room and turned to see the guy behind the piano but this time he wasn’t wearing a hat and he looked so familiar from the back but you just weren’t sure.

As you got closer the music hit you even harder it was melancholically beautiful and it made you want to cry for the person who was playing it. You just listened to it without moving one more step because you didn’t want to disturb the guy. You just couldn’t place him but then again your heart was definitely touched by him and the only person who had managed to do that was Yoongi but there was no way right?

“Ah, you discovered our talent?”

“Who is he?”

“We call him Suga, you know he isn’t only good at playing the piano but he can play basketball as well.”

“Really? he doesn’t look like someone who can play basketball though.”

“I know right.”

“Why is he here, I mean he looks normal.”

“I really don’t know, he likes to keep to himself and what I’ve heard about him is that he comes here once in a while and always stays for at least three weeks, just to get back to normal.” This made him even more interesting and you just had to know who he was, you just hoped he wasn’t the person you hoped for, although it would explain a thing or two. “Can I approach him?”

“Of course, he isn’t going to bite you and I think if he finds out you can play the piano even better he even would challenge you to a battle.” You looked at jin Soo as if he was crazy because a few minutes ago he told you that he didn’t even speak to the guy. You approached the guy but it was like he could feel you coming because he abruptly stopped playing and you could even see him tense up. He stood up and tried to walk away without the risk of you seeing his face but you quickly jumped in front of him and completely froze.


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anonymous asked:

What are your grillby/gaster headcanons?


This bitch.

He really is a brilliant scientist, easily one of the most intelligent people you will ever meet, but God… he is the stupidest genius you will ever meet.  He cut holes in his hands.  With lazers!!  For science, he says!  Well, now you’ve got two big ol honkin holes in your hands, have fun with stuff falling through them.  This is is a lab, not jackass!  Oh he acts all stuck up, he’s invested in very noble pursuits, don’t buy a word of it he’s totally 100% throwing shit together to see what happens. 

He does too have emotions.  He says he doesn’t, but he does.  Unfortunately a good chunk of them are pettiness and spite.  He actually, surprisingly, is similar to Edge and Black in some ways.  Emotions are seen as weakness, something vulnerable to bury as deep as you can.  But just like Edge and Black a good pair of puppy dog eyes works wonders, flattery gets you everywhere, and insults roll around in his head for days until he blows up about it.  His blowing up is quieter and more scathing though.  His ego is as fragile as it is large.  He is still emotionally distant, don’t get me wrong.  Here’s a guy who gives the cold shoulder like nobody’s business. 

He totally postures.  He wants you to think that his ruffled, thoughtlessly sexy look is totally accidental.  The fuck it is, he probably bleaches his bones.  The easiest way to get under his ‘skin’ is to insult his appearance.  He’s really insecure about his scars, and the fact that by skeleton standards he’s starting to get on in years.  The void… did not help.  Don’t mention the goop.  Don’t.  And the Gaster Blasters?  The DT Extraction Machine?  Do you think it’s a coincidence that they look like that?  Nah.  Pure aesthetic.  He probably runs a blog with artsy dark aesthetic pictures with deep sounding quotes from classical literature, and then adds edgy quotes of his own to them to make him seem nihilistic and sophisticated.  Pictures of himself swirling blood red wine held aloft in a crystal glass.  The occasional edgy erotic pic.  What a fuck he is.  Look at him.  He’s ridiculous.  

(For those who have ever read the Monstrumologist series, he is partly based on Pellinore Warthrop!  That is… a muuuuch smaller fandom than this one so I don’t know how good my luck is ^_^;)


Though he isn’t as bad as Gaster, he does value his appearance highly.  That suit isn’t because his bar is a classy place, he’s the only classy thing there.  His glasses?  Don’t have glass in them.  Yep, they’re empty frames.  He knows he rocks those things.  There isn’t much he has to do for hygiene.  He lives in a little flat above his bar, and the bathroom’s pluming is all disabled.  What he needs to do instead of showering is take a brush and scrape away all of the things that get into his fire through the week.  Spills, particulates, grease, ash, anything and everything that ends up on or in his flames will crust onto the surface.  If he goes too long without doing this he starts looking like lava.  By flame monster standards that’s pretty gross.

He isn’t mute per se, but talking is annoying and exhausting.  Perhaps nonverbal would be a better title?  Unless he knows you well and is comfortable with you, talking to you is uncomfortable, doubly so if he’s stressed.  If he has an actual conversation with you either he’s very familiar with you and feels safe, or it’s really important.  His voice is absolute heaven.  Smooth, low, crackling every so slightly, mmm it pours over you like syrup.  Hearing him speak is a treat each and every time.  Though if you accommodate his preference not to speak he’s very grateful.   

(I’m actually partially nonverbal myself, so I like this HC!)

I personally prescribe to the HC that he is a veteran of the war of Humans and Monsters!!  He served on the front lines in the beginning, but then became a personal guard of the Queen and King.  He knows Asgore and Toriel, not well, he wouldn’t call them friends.  But they would recognize his face and thank him for his service.  He stayed behind in Snowdin after monsters began to expand beyond the ruins, to raise his infant daughter Fuku after his wife’s death.