genius marlowe

I watched OLLA again tonight and do you know what bugs me?

The men create while the women consume.

I don’t why if that was a conscious choice but it’s undeniable.

Adam not only writes music, he’s written famous music. He’s not only interested in science, he’s built a car powered by… not sure, and his house is powered by his generator, which is powered by cosmic rays. His ancient TV can act as an iPhone and his phone, laptop and TV are all interconnected.

The man is a fucking genius.

As for Christopher Marlow, he not only wrote his own plays, he wrote Shakespeare’s too!

And poor old Eve, probably been alive for longer than most of them, can do nothing but consume. She hoards books, but doesn’t write them. She devours poetry, but can’t create it.

She likes books so much, she keeps them in the fridge  and we are supposed to find that funny. (why we supposed to laugh at her exhibiting behavior more akin to someone with dementia, I’m not sure, but that’s another story)

She adores dancing, but has never created a dance, never even taught anyone else to dance. Imagine if Eve had created or popularised the Argentine Tango!

She values history, yet contributes none of her valuable knowledge to the annals of history.

She appreciates nature, but not enough to study it and possible increase human understanding on the subject.

She likes kindness, but doesn’t do any charitable endeavors.

She doesn’t even get her own blood but has to take some of Marlow’s, who right from the start is the weaker of the pair.

She could paint, or sculpt, or write, she could have been the ‘real’ Mary Shelly (like Marlow is the ‘real’ Shakespeare) but instead Eve is totally fucking useless, she takes and consumes but she gives nothing back at all besides a little company. 

It would have taken so little to give Eve something real that she had contributed to the world, it doesn’t even have to be something big, just a throwaway line that she invented this or sketched that (after all, we have nothing but Marlow’ word that he created anything).

Even Bilal, Marlow’s student, is being taught to create, but not the women.

Women aren’t good for anything but consuming in this world, sometimes in a dignified way, as with Eve, sometimes is a harmful or dangerous way, as with Ava.

And it’s so fucking sexist.

Edit: I’m not trying to make non-creative people feel bad about themsleves but that is the dictinction in this film, creative people and non-creative people. 

Had Adam and Kit been politicians and the others of no profession (as they are now), I would be ranting that only men get to be politicians, while women don’t. Had they been teachers i would be arguing that only the men get to be teachers. Had Adam and Kit been lawyers… you get the idea. 

The women are there only as support for the men, that’s what is sexist.