genius level talent

I believe every single person in the world has Genius-Level Talent. I believe God has given every single person Genius-level talent. I don’t believe that he just picked out certain people and said ‘Okay, You’re Special. You’re Okay. You’re Special. You’re Okay,’ if we’re all God’s Children. I believe everyone has Genius-level talent. What our job is is to find that Genius-level talent and then to apply it in a way that supports that Genius-Level Talent. So you have to define - you have to Find your Genius-Level Talent, and then you have to believe on it. Then you have to believe in it so hard because people will put they shit– their insecurities on you. So you have to- even with the people that are close to you and love you- you have to have so much belief in this Genius-Level Talent that no matter what anyone says to you, you have to have this Focus. So you have to find it. Then you have to believe in it. Then you can’t let nobody put their insecurities and shit on you. Just believe in your Genius-Level Talent. I believe in You. You just gotta keep your mind fresh and slate clear and stay Forever Young tonight, and always.
—  Jay-Z  "Genius-Level Talent"