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j-hope’s rap is so well-written from a native korean speaker’s point of view i mean the verses are put together really nicely – he uses rhymes that are fun(ny) and quirky yet easy and original?? and they are not heavy in a sense that it’s got more chic imagery and wordplay rather than traditional poetic elements idk i aint a rap expert but i just really like his rap & word choice with korean


Yes. Part one. Because I don’t know when to stop. 

Anyways, pretty straight forward I recolored four base game tops in @smubuh‘s Freshly Brewed Palette so I hope you guys enjoy ‘em!


  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Requires no mesh (they’re basegame, duh)
  • Four separate files for each recolor

Download: Simfileshare


Palette by @smubuh

Meshes by EA

Field Guide to MRAs: Level 5, The Straw Misogynist

Basic Beliefs: “Shut up and suck my dick, bitch.” “Women want to be dominated.” Etc. Legitimately just hate women, think they are objects that owe them sex, or both, and are not afraid to say so. Freely use explicit and violent language towards women. This often overlaps with the pickup “artist” culture. Original flavor misogynist.

Recommended Tactics: These are either extremely angry people whose preferred target is any woman in sight, extremely smug people who are proud of speaking the “truth” (read: random slurs and stereotypes) to the politically correct whiny liberals, or some combination of the two. The angry people are just plain angry, but the anti-political correctness people are under the delusion that everyone else feels the same as them, they must, they can’t actually respect other human beings, and if they, the politically incorrect messiah, just use that slur a little louder, everyone will finally stop pretending. Nothing will convince them otherwise. This type in general cannot be reasoned with, but they are a powerful tool of demonstration. They can be very effectively used to embarrass less extreme MRAs who have aligned with them (these people are prone to random outbursts of anger, which doesn’t jive well with the rational people of levels 4 and 4.5) as well as to effectively illustrate to level 1 MRAs, Golden Mean Fallacy people, and the general public that these people still exist and that there is, in fact, a problem (surprise surprise). Martin Luther King Jr. used a similar strategy in the Civil Rights Movement, purposefully provoking violent southern racists in an attempt to horrify the more passively racist north and force them into action. It works. Level 5s are also often a good barometer of what reactionaries and the far right are feeling and where they’re headed, like a canary in a coal mine. See the relation of Gamergate to the election of Donald Trump.

Demographics: Another exclusively male type, for obvious reasons. These guys will often also openly say explicitly racist and/or homophobic things, align themselves with white supremacists Neo-Nazis,  or like Ayn Rand.

Identification Aid: This type is fond of words like “cuck” “dark enlightenment” “virtue signaling” “manosphere” etc. Can be found on, among other websites.

Previous sections of the guide: Introduction, Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 3.5, Level 4, Level 4.5.

The Worst Foils

Tarvek to Gil’s face: Do us all a favor and keel over, Wulfenbach.
Tarvek when Gil is nowhere nearby: *calls him by his nickname, expresses unshakable faith in his durability and morals*
Gil when Tarvek is nowhere nearby: That bastard, who cares?
Gil to Tarvek’s face: *wrapping Tarvek in a clingy octopus hug* Can we stay like this forever.

Thanks for sticking with me whilst I’ve been MIA I have my A-Level exams coming up so I’ll be focussing on preparing for them Elle Woods style- theres no other way tbh. I miss you guys, but I’ll be back to posting before you know it  (~˘▾˘)~

Soul mate AU as a series?

Someone suggested that I do a soul mate AU for all of the 13rw characters as a type of series, and I think that is an absolutely GENIUS idea! Are you guys up for that?

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“What is fair in men does not last. Nothing is more fleeting than the years of a man’s life. But this is not true of art. The joy of understanding. That is the most noble of pleasures. Feathers will lift men as they do birds up to heaven.

I must stop now, my soup’s getting cold.”

– Leonardo da Vinci, disciple of experience.

Boyfriend! Yoongi

dates where y'all are just napping 

-not a lot of skinship 

-but there are some days where he’s literally so clingy and you kinda love it 

-people think he’s cold and doesn’t care about anything 

-but you know 

-he cares too much 

-and even though he might not do it in public, 

-he will treat you like a literal princess in private 

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