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BTS as college students: Rap Monster

• the student that always has his headphones in listening to music.
• when you ask to copy his notes you realize he didn’t take any, it’s all rap lyrics.
• double major which means he’s always stressed poor baby.
• is taking philosophy & grasps it so well he might as well replace the professor.
• the messiest eater in the cafe.
• did he just fall down a flight of stairs? Yes, he did. Twice in one week.
• looks intimidating until you witness him trip in the library & simultaneously knock over every shelf.
• he makes everyone wonder whether he’s flirting or just confident & friendly.
• the student that experiments a lot with fashion.
• the genius every other student envies.
• he gets the most stressed before exams yet has a perfect gpa.
• he’s basically the professor’s assistant since everyone asks for his help instead.
• just fell down another flight of stairs.
• the student that groans loudly when the vending machine won’t work.
• has nearly knocked the vending machine on himself 4x.
• always eager to help you with assignments.
• shows up to study groups even though he doesn’t need to bc his friends are there.
• the student that takes school seriously but doesn’t really want to be there.
• overall just the really friendly student, confused about his place in the world but you know he’ll do alright bc he’s namjoon.
• just broke his arm trying to open a soda can.
• help this poor clumsy giant.

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