Like, to be honest, it was never completely about whether a trans woman has a penis or not because when you press most of those people, they still wouldn’t want to be with a post-op trans woman.

It’s abt the aggregation of  physical and social things that code as as trans and therefore monstrous, undesirable except as fetish objects, and ‘male’, and if our argument is based on “well what if she’s indistinguishable from a cis woman” than we have already ceded the whole point for the majority of trans women.

friendly reminder that terfs talking about “semen-carriers” is not comparable to trans people using language such as “people with vaginas” because terfs are using that language to claim that trans women are privileged, while trans people are using that language to avoid erasing trans and intersex people.

your discourse is shit and so are you.

stop using the words “female bodied” and “male bodied” when describing trans people

if a woman has a penis, that does not mean shes male bodied, her body is female because the person inhabiting the body is female. she is a female bodied person because she is a woman.

penises are not inherently male and vaginas are not inherently female and labeling people as female bodied and male bodied assumes that their gender identities are somehow inaccurate 

anonymous asked:

Asking you because I just can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere: was mercury actually effective as a treatment for syphilis? All I'm finding is that "THE SIDE EFFECTS WERE TERRIBLE" it's like yes yes I know all about mercury poisoning, what I'm ASKING is could it CURE the DISEASE?

Probably not. (Note: CHECK OUT THE LINK IT IS FASCINATING) While some mercury compounds are good at inhibiting microbial growth, the methods of administration (urethral or oral) and the other substances within the mercury compounds meant that even if the mercury were able to kill off the syphilis, it had no way of traveling to the infection site within the body.

The primary method of administration for mercury treatments was via urethral syringe - while that may have killed the spirochaete within the urethra itself, the infection sites were rarely just within the area that could be reached by the compounds.

The one time it may have worked would have been immediately post-exposure…like, have a shag, then inject yourself with your mercury compound to wash yourself out. But even then, the syphilis bacterium is very quick to penetrate mucous membranes, and it may well have already infected you.

In the end, it appears that most cases of syphilis “cured” by mercury compounds were simply cases of spontaneous resolution - we know that some syphilis infections never make it past the primary stage, due to immune response and weaker strains of the disease.

However, there WAS a compound that’s hella unhealthy that actually does seem to have cured syphilis, though it never caught on as a widespread treatment: Arsenic! I’m not sure exactly why it never caught on; perhaps the negative side-effects were more obvious than with mercury, or perhaps no one really recognized its efficacy.

Trans* people should not have to tell you about their genitalia upon disclosing their transition so don’t ask:

-“When do you get your penis?" 
-"When are you chopping off your penis?" 
-"Why do you hate your vagina?" 
-"Why do you want a vagina?”
-“So you’re not having kids?" 
-"When are you chopping off your tits?" 
-"When are you growing tits?”