A gang of Satan worshipers has killed and eaten four Russian teenagers, police have revealed.

Three girls and one boy were each stabbed 666 times, dismembered and cooked on a bonfire in a revolting Satanist ritual in the Yaroslavl region, 300 miles north-east of Moscow.

Their limbs, hearts, scalps, breasts and genitals were cut off and were recovered in a pit along with the body of a small rodent crucified on an upside-down cross.

The three girls and one boy, all described as Goths and aged 16 and 17, were allegedly forced to drink alcohol by the gang before they were attacked. 

Alexander Voronovic, one of the suspects, said that in 2006 his gang had previously dug up a grave of a girl and ate her heart. Another gang member explained his actions this way: “I tried to turn to God, but it didn’t bring me any money. I prayed to Satan, and things improved.”   

** Top 2 members arrested Nikolai Ogolobyak and Alexander Voronovic

** Bottom 4 victims Varya Kuzmina, Olga Pukhova, Andrei Sorokin and Anya Gorokhova