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A lil’ extra help on t’ ship never be bad.  Especially if ye have t’ “persuade” them.  Yarr harr harr!

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List of ponies that PD kidnapped shanghai’ed:

Genie Rainbow: Oh you bet she wasn’t!

Genie Rainbow: While I couldn’t know what was happening firsthand since as it turns out when somepony is completely inside the bottle they’re in a subconscious state. At least that’s how it works for mine, and presumably Genie Twi, AJ, and Pinkie. I had to get the full story from my universe’s Twilight. She told me that not long after I was bottled she had no idea what happened, for all she knew getting sucked into that bottle might have hurt me or worse.

Genie Rainbow: Her sadness quickly turned to rage at Malakhar as she immediately demanded to know what had happened to me. Malahar managed to assure her that I was unharmed and tell her I was now a Genie, but nonetheless Twilight was so peeved she ran out to get nearby guards to apprehend Malakhar mainly because she wouldn’t let Malahar explain the details, perhaps it peeved her even more cause she thought genie meant this was a slavery kind of thing. Even if she didn’t exactly know how to explain JUST what happened. 

The guards themselves were confused. As their modern rulebooks had nothing on this. Though Genifications without permission was indeed a law in the ancient days, it just hadn’t been necessary for so long. Malakhar pleaded to Twilight he needs to stay with them to explain some crucial things that most Saddle Arabians couldn’t due to so much knowledge lost on Genies of old. But Twilight wouldn’t have any of it. She turned her back and lets the guards take him.

Genie Rainbow: It was only after Malakhar had been taken away, did Twilight release me. As much as Twilight had every right to get mad. Not having him around would turn out to be a mistake we both regretted by the end.

Genie Rainbow: I’m sure at least some of you are familiar with the three-day time limit before me, Twilight’s, Pinkie’s, and Applejack’s type of genie are made permanent for at least 1000 years. Well, I unfortunately found that out one day too late… As throughout the first 3 days without Malakhar to warn us, I thought I could be wished free at any time. 

And I was actually having a lot of fun with being a genie, I’d dare say some of the magic I pulled off was as invigorating as any flight trick I’ve ever done. I’d say even if I was blissfully unaware of the time limit, I can still somewhat look fondly upon those days. Cause I really got to have so much fun with my universe’s Twilight, and I did kinda let myself get carried away with the attention being the first Genie in Saddle Arabia in so long brings heh heh… and you know the old saying, time passes by when you’re having fun…

Genie Rainbow: But yeah… four days after I had been genified we were told by guards we had been summoned as a special request of a certain Prisoner. Which was of course Malakhar. He would tell us the bad news that the time allotted for me to be freed had expired and I would be stuck as one for the next 1000 years now… 

The only big concern I knew about being a Genie was it was going to make it hard to maintain being a Wonderbolt. Cause of things like being sucked in during or after an intense show, and/or ponies may come for wishes rather then the air shows the Wonderbolts are supposed to be about. Twilight did warn me about this during the first three days, but again we weren’t aware there was a time limit and I assumed I could wait till’ I was truly done with being a Genie before heading back on the road to become a Wonderbolt…

Genie Rainbow: I didn’t take the bad news well… at all… Becoming a Wonderbolt had been my dream for as long as I can remember… for unforeseen circumstances to just wash it all away was devastating… 

Twilight and Spike tried their best to comfort me in the last day of our vacation, and so did the rest of my friends when we got back to Ponyville. But it was going to take a lot of time to get over this, I’m still somewhat not to this day… even if some feelings about the Wonderbolts have changed since then.

((That’s one story out of the three alt. universe genies of Genie Twi’s universe out of the way! You’re free to ask more details about Genie Rainbow’s story/past if you’d like. But otherwise the gist of what happened with her has been told))


Genie Twilight: Giant ponies probably don’t get hugs this size that often, so they might appreciate it more. Nothing wrong with giving a warm welcome to yet another alternate me! ^^

Genie Twilight: …Now just don’t threaten to rampage on buildings or anypony in my universe or I’ll be forced to shrink you or send you back where you came from. What you do in your universe is not my jurisdiction, but when you crossover. you may want to at least try tone down your apparent destructive tendencies. You may not (Maybe even can’t) talk, but you’re still another me. You can listen to reason.

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((Genie Twi’s horn, wings (when she has them), and Cutie Mark don’t change if it’s just a Pony transformation and/or color and mane change. In case you were confused why those are still Twi’s colors

Anyway that last episode was another great one I feel! To see what I thought of it in detail go here))

((This is a commission I ordered from Neko Crispy  (Thank you very much if you see this Neko!) while I was at Trotcon and since he was getting around to it relatively soon towards today’s date. I thought it’d be great to have it on the 3rd Anniversary of this blog. I’ve now had this blog running for 3 years and still plan on going for more. 

This is also the first time this blog’s Spike has been drawn Post-Return to Saddle Arabia which includes his scar and the Dragon Tear necklace.

Thanks once again to every single friend and follower who have helped make this blog worth continuing these past 3 years ^^))


((What Twilight refers to in the 2nd panel is something that happened in the first month of this blog 3 years ago. You could probably find it just by looking at the earliest pages of the blog, but only one part of it included Fluttershy so have that linked here

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Had this idea in my head even before the episode aired, and I loved doing alot of this one.

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Twilight Sparkle: But…you wanted a book fort.

Genie Twilight Sparkle: With normal books. These aren’t for you to be playing with.

Twilight Sparkle: Can I wish for it?

Genie Twilight Sparkle: Sure.

Twilight Sparkle: Really?

Genie Twilight Sparkle: No. Now get down from there.

Jerk Twilight: Wow. What a jerk.

Tried to draw books. I failed. So I had to make funny titles for the books instead. Added some more for you to guess now :3

Guess the ponies that are referenced. It shouldn’t be hard at all ;) All are in the Twibrary. Tell you what. The first person to guess every single one of these correctly wins a copy of either Awesomenauts or Ravaged for PC!

Thanks Genie Twilight and Jerk Twilight for blessing this comic with your presence.

Twilight: What I said before was made much more of a legitimate concern after this years Gala. Things were even fresher in the minds of the Ponies back then. What good could have come of having the guy who made Equestria suffer Eternal Chaos twice come to the coronation?

Anon: Discord never brought Eternal Chaos. He may have tried to do so twice, but he never really did. This is clear because you can’t do an eternal thing twice.

Anon: Let’s illustrate this through popular literature. It’s “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth,” not, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth twice.”

Anon: It simply couldn’t be done!

Twilight: Agh!

Anon: Ha! What do you think of that your honor?

Celestia: I admire your effort in defending Discord by finding contradictions in Princess Twilight’s statements… but it doesn’t prove him Innocent in this case. He still kinda messed up the Gala himself (For most Ponies anyway, tee hee)

Anon: Oh…

Celestia: If it’s any comfort though, Discord’s verdict won’t result in too harsh of a punishment. At most it will be errands and chores for the castle.

Anon: Well then, I suppose that’s fine… but if I may ask Twilight something… May I wish for a Pink Fish?

Twilight: Here!


You all know what I meant >.>

((Hehe. This was a fun one to make. I actually just got into the Phoenix Wright series recently and I had this ask in my Ask Box for a while now.

And looking at it, I couldn’t help but think it could sound like one of Phoenix’s tirades when he finds a contradiction with a witness’s statement. So I converted it into one! ^^

For my thoughts on the excellent episode though, go here))

While at Canterlot, before we left we decided to have a little more fun when Minuette brought out her camera and then suggested a wish from me that Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts, Pinkie, and herself all have mine and Moondancer’s mane and tail style just for a little silliness in another photo. It’s so nice to meet old friends again, and me and Spike had such a nice time!

((For my thoughts on this amazing episode, please go here!))