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Genie Pinkie: A nice photo of all of us genies and their masters that are from parallel universes to eachother!

((And that ends all the visits! As I’ve said before you’re still free to send asks over to any of the masters that have shown up throughout all this. I’ve said before that it’s more like they are indefinitely unlocked for asks if you ever have something for any of them. I think it’s important to have the default masters play a part as much as the actual genies here as I love having the differing type of relationships.

But pretty soon now Season 7 begins, and with it the episode responses that has been a tradition of mine since the beginning of Season 3 that I’ll be excited to continue.

I will return the episode response helping idea that was very helpful throughout Season 6 and will make a prompt for if I need help with an episode response idea usually not long after the episode has aired if I didn’t have a previous idea prior to the episode and/or the episode didn’t give anything to particularly inspire me. If I don’t have a prompt by the end of the day the episode aired, that usually means I have an idea already. But you guys are more then free to give ideas out even if I don’t get the prompt out.

But anyway, I had a lot of fun providing all the Master visits. And below I will have a link to all the chrono links for the previous master visits. In case any people here missed them or even want to see them all again. Thank you, and I’ll see you guys throughout Season 7 as well as the official movie in October!

Sunset’s Visit

Spike’s Visit

Genie Rainbow’s Twilight’s Visit

Apple Bloom’s Visit

Genie Pinkie’s Twilight’s Visit))


A lil’ extra help on t’ ship never be bad.  Especially if ye have t’ “persuade” them.  Yarr harr harr!

((A little shout out to some of my favorite people and blogs.  And this is nowhere near everyone that I wanted to put in.  

List of ponies that PD kidnapped shanghai’ed:


Twilight: It’s not like we haven’t seen you sing before!

Seriously though, this movie is just perfect.

This is the type of movie that I’ve been needing for a good while. Some movies usually focus on just one thing, like just music, or just drama, or just fantasy, or just comedy, but this movie has all of these and more! It’s a perfect combination of every single classic movie genre with gorgeous animation, memorable music, hilarious writing, unforgettable characters, and a sense of fun that’s contagious.

Also, needless to say, Robin Williams knocked it out of the park with his performance as The Genie. Did you know he won a Golden Globe for his acting? If you have the chance, check the “Behind the Scenes” of this movie, there are a lot more hidden gems seeing him behind the microphone giving all he’s got.

And now, if you excuse me, I need to give my wishlist to my two dear guests. I hope they give me, at least, one of these wishes. They better don’t backfire at me in any horrible way.

((Featuring Ask Twixie Genies, one of my most favorite Tumblr blogs out there. Thanks a lot for the follow!))


Twilight: I’ll always be hesitant to transform ponies aside from myself into Inanimate Objects. Cause I know how that affected my parents when I transformed them into plants during my magic freakout at my entrance exam.

Twilight: But if they’re willing I suppose that changes things a little. Just in that case I’d still like them to be able to move, talk, etc. cause some who are that willing may not understand how scary it can be to realize you’re stuck when you’ve had a whole life of being able to move. So in granting Maud’s Wish, I thought I’d have her feel what it’s like to have the texture and extra density of being all rock but otherwise still a pony. It’s actually not too different from when Ponies are crystallized by the Crystal Heart. Since Crystals themselves are refined rock. And me and my friends have experienced that twice now.

((For my thoughts on The Gift Of The Maud Pie, go here))


Genie Twilight: Giant ponies probably don’t get hugs this size that often, so they might appreciate it more. Nothing wrong with giving a warm welcome to yet another alternate me! ^^

Genie Twilight: …Now just don’t threaten to rampage on buildings or anypony in my universe or I’ll be forced to shrink you or send you back where you came from. What you do in your universe is not my jurisdiction, but when you crossover. you may want to at least try tone down your apparent destructive tendencies. You may not (Maybe even can’t) talk, but you’re still another me. You can listen to reason.

((Ask sent by Ask-Twizilla [NSFW Warning]))

((This is a commission I ordered from Neko Crispy  (Thank you very much if you see this Neko!) while I was at Trotcon and since he was getting around to it relatively soon towards today’s date. I thought it’d be great to have it on the 3rd Anniversary of this blog. I’ve now had this blog running for 3 years and still plan on going for more. 

This is also the first time this blog’s Spike has been drawn Post-Return to Saddle Arabia which includes his scar and the Dragon Tear necklace.

Thanks once again to every single friend and follower who have helped make this blog worth continuing these past 3 years ^^))


((Genie Twi’s horn, wings (when she has them), and Cutie Mark don’t change if it’s just a Pony transformation and/or color and mane change. In case you were confused why those are still Twi’s colors

Anyway that last episode was another great one I feel! To see what I thought of it in detail go here))