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((This episode response is going to just have a slight change of events for the episode to fit in. In Genie Twi’s universe, Twilight wasn’t present for these events. As I feel if she was, Rarity could of easily just wished the silly string out. I don’t think that’d be exactly hard for Genie Twi. So just pretend in this case that Twilight was elsewhere. Either sent on a diplomatic mission or she went to the genie dimension at the time so Rarity didn’t have easy access to Twilight. But she did find Starlight, and thus it’s Starlight’s attempts during the magic attempts to fix Rarity’s mane.

Also I know I forgot Rarity’s punk jacket. Maybe she took it off while getting into the spirit of things here

But anyway, for my thoughts on It Isn’t The Mane Thing About You, go here))

Genie Pinkie: A nice photo of all of us genies and their masters that are from parallel universes to eachother!

((And that ends all the visits! As I’ve said before you’re still free to send asks over to any of the masters that have shown up throughout all this. I’ve said before that it’s more like they are indefinitely unlocked for asks if you ever have something for any of them. I think it’s important to have the default masters play a part as much as the actual genies here as I love having the differing type of relationships.

But pretty soon now Season 7 begins, and with it the episode responses that has been a tradition of mine since the beginning of Season 3 that I’ll be excited to continue.

I will return the episode response helping idea that was very helpful throughout Season 6 and will make a prompt for if I need help with an episode response idea usually not long after the episode has aired if I didn’t have a previous idea prior to the episode and/or the episode didn’t give anything to particularly inspire me. If I don’t have a prompt by the end of the day the episode aired, that usually means I have an idea already. But you guys are more then free to give ideas out even if I don’t get the prompt out.

But anyway, I had a lot of fun providing all the Master visits. And below I will have a link to all the chrono links for the previous master visits. In case any people here missed them or even want to see them all again. Thank you, and I’ll see you guys throughout Season 7 as well as the official movie in October!

Sunset’s Visit

Spike’s Visit

Genie Rainbow’s Twilight’s Visit

Apple Bloom’s Visit

Genie Pinkie’s Twilight’s Visit))

It’s My Little Monday!
With…Alternate ReHair Genie! 
Genie’s usual hair color is an indigo violet-blue with silver tinsel in it. (She’s seen elsewhere on Tumblr) However, here she gets a new look with a nice blue from her symbol hearts & a traditional ‘unicorn stripe’ of white.
In G1 MLPs unicorns usually had 1 stripe of another color in their otherwise solid mane. The stripe here is a ‘sparkling’ color, with a little texture in each hair strand to make it shiny.
She has a bit of an icy winery look…it’s great how versatile she can be with alternate colors!

Genie Twilight: The tale of the Sphinx is of course far from the only story of Somnambula. I actually heard this recently from Kubuya in letters that I send to her and Malakhar from time to time. When I told her about what Rainbow told me about the legend, Kubuya replied back with a story of how Somnambula met and became friends with Jinn, the first genie who we heard so much about from our last trip to Saddle Arabia. The village Somnambula was from wasn’t too far from where Saddle Arabia is.

When the two met, Jinn had only been a genie for a few years. But none the less she was already starting to travel around granting wishes to those she let find her bottle. Though when she asked Somnambula what she’d like, she actually refused to give a wish as she already has all she ever could need. Which would be what got her through the ordeal with the Sphinx: Hope. But she was at least fascinated with Jinn so they just started talking to get to know each other and pretty soon they became great friends.

Jinn would sometimes come by Somnambula’s village to help keep all the hope that Somnamubla cherished so much by granting the wishes of those in the village that needed hope the most.

The two of them when together even shared a nickname: Hope & Desire. The two words that very well defined the two respectively.

((This is the first time I’ve shown a sprited version of a character that was posthumously important to the Return to Saddle Arabia story. The very first Genie. Her only previous appearence was in one of the vectored drawings that Navitas did for the story.

For my thoughts on Daring Done though, go here))


9/17/2016- Pony acquisition post #362: ******A VERY SPECIAL PONY ACQUISITION: “G1″ Genie the Unicorn!*******

Year released: 2016

WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Genie the Unicorn is a wonderful fan made, limited edition “phony” toy made in the style of G1, and she’s completely a fan made production! She comes to us from the collaboration of many collectors who actually worked together to create a new, unique, pony toy in the style of G1!

Genie is the result of all of their hard work! She is an AMAZING custom pony that cannot be created by normal means of customizing! First of all, she is modeled after the sparkle pony set and is a true, semi-translucent glitter pony who cannot be made by normal means of customizing! Her amazing symbol, which consists of a Genie lamp, hearts, stars, and horseshoes, is stamped on (not painted) and on both sides for quality! And have I even mentioned her hair yet? It is made in a TOTALLY unique color that NO other pony or doll has! Pictures do not do it justice- it is a wonderful indigo color that I’ve never seen before!

She even has the correct weight and body proportions of a original G1 pony! Her head even turns and can be removed for customizing. Overall I am SO elated that the pony fandom has been able to collaborate like this to make a pony toy so close to the likeness of G1!!

And the best part is: if Genie sells well, MORE of these custom, fan made ponies can be produced!!! If you are interested in buying one, please direct message me and I can provide more info <3

 Original Condition: MINT!

Flaws: none!

Restoration materials: none

Current condition: MINT!


(And a last minute entry by Pirate Dash…who may have a bigger rival in the pirate department.

Well that’s everything from the flashback.  Hope everybody on the following list enjoyed their appearances:

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Genie Twilight: I guess that’s where Pinkie left that vase… and Trixie just happened to teleport into the exact space where it was… I almost want to congratulate her on teleporting with such precision, but I have a feeling she’s not quite going to see it that way…

((For my thoughts on To Change a Changeling, go here))

anonymous asked:

Can you make a top 10 list of favourite ask pony blogs?

Gee that would be impossible. Firstly because I love every askblog I follow, secondly because I don’t really follow many pony ask blogs.

What I can do is write a list of all the pony blogs I follow in the order I started following them, would you be interested on that? Of course you would! So here’s the list:

- ask-thecrusaders (From ze great Jan. Also inspired me to create my pony blog!)
- i-dream-of-twilight-sparkle (Mod is pretty chill, and the story is really great!)
- asktwixiegenies (Another take on pony genies, and it’s pretty cool too)
- brainy-twilight (Mod is really nice, and the concept is interesting as hell!)
- twixie-answers (Mod is an incredibly cool dude. Also inspired me to mother Sunset and Trixie in my blog)
- inconvenienttrixie (Fun as hell. S'all I can say about it!)
- askninjatwilight (Ponies and ninjas mixed up together. Can you ask for more? The answer is no, obviously)
- askweabooderpy (The blog of my good friend Usagi. You know, the girl that helps me with designs and stuff. Go follow ‘er!)
- ask-melissa-and-the-band (A really complex story. Mod is pretty chill.)
- sliceofponylife (The show could perfectly follow the path this blog has taken in a near-future Equestria.)
- askcloudsdalefillies (Rainbow and Flutters as fillies. Cuteness ensue)
- motherlyscootaloo (Scootaloo just can’t catch a break. Don’t trust the mod, he’ll never write a happy Scoots xD)
- thelittlemagician (The most cute take on filly Trixie. Seriously go follow now)
- highschool-cadance (Cadence was never a confident mare of love as the show depictes. And she’s madly in love with the super handsome and popular Shining Armor)
- askezioauditoredaequestria (Ponies and Assassins’ Creed 2. Nuff said)
- ask-trixie (Because Trixie and Flutters can be friends too!)
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- askgamingprincessluna (Remember that blog that was created after Molestia was shut down for the last time? Yeah, this is it)
- twilightunbound (When anthagonists have evil plans and the means to do them)
- askmaresombra (Sombra as a mare. Her story and her goals. Beautifully drawn, btw! And mod seems a really nice person.)
- ask-teen-chrysalis (Chrysalis was a good gal in her youth!)
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- ask-twispike (Not a fan of twispike? Might wanna reconsider with this blog!)
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