genie of agrabah


A few of my favorite little moments so far from those neon lights ball videos

Evie and Mal being all sisterly with Jay and Carlos is so awesome

Also lots of little background jaylos moments/ Jay just messing with Carlos


The tree really doesn’t belong in the Enchanted Forest

“The tree and I share something in common. Neither of us can leave the palace and neither of us truly belongs.”
—The Evil Queen to the Genie of Agrabah 

It took me a couple minutes to realize the Honeycrisp apple was developed in Minnesota and later patented and introduced back in the late 80s or early 90s. I wonder where Regina got her tree from…? I’m betting she got it from this world when she was younger.
The tree is self-sterile, meaning it can’t be pollinated by its own flowers and has to be pollinated from outside sources. If you look at the flowers you can see they are quite similar to Emma’s tattoo. They are white and pink with 5 petals and similar in appearance to the Lilly.

One other thing, when you cut an apple in half it looks like a star, flower, even a Pentagram. It’s all significant in my opinion, and a little too much to just be coincidence, especially when you start getting into the symbolism of pentagrams (this post would be entirely too long).

Basically the tree is symbolic of Emma, Regina, and Henry. Regina’s love and devotion to the tree are a reflection of that. Without going further in depth because I could go on, I’ll just leave it here so people can draw there own conclusions because I’m sure many aren’t going to get where I’m going with the whole Minnesota thing.

anonymous asked:

Anytime an evil regal defends regina. I think "Sydney Glass" "Sydney Glass." Mirror mirror.

What the hell does mirror mirror have to do with anything? But Sidney Glass is…..well I don’t really know considering it seems Henry was right about the curse so I have no idea where the guy went.

The Three Genies of OUATIW

Three Genies. Three Wishes. Four Laws of Magic.

One of these things is not like the other and only time will tell if the lack of symmetry means anything. But in the meantime, let’s talk about what we do know – or at least can speculate on based on circumstantial evidence. For instance, is Sidney one of the three genies?

Jafar did have a lamp in his possession. And all the wishes in Sidney’s lamp from his time as a genie were used up, so it may have technically counted and the lamp may have been reset as a result. And if that is his lamp, how did Jafar get it from Storybrooke and Mr. Gold’s shop?

If not, where does Sidney fall when it comes to genies if there are only supposed to be three? Three at a time, perhaps? Maybe another genie was activated in a different lamp when Sidney was freed.

Either way, the dude in the cage next to Cyrus is most definitely the genie to one of the objects Jafar has possession of. Or at least that’s my theory.