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Am I Bad ?

First of all , I want to say sorry if my english is really bad . I never get A for my english actually , hehe . I started to like kpop since 2007 but I started to become a hardcore kpop stan when I saw SHINee . Then , I started to stan SM’s trainee secretly . The first trainee that I stan secretly is Chanyeol since he was in SNSD Genie Jap Version . After Kai’s first teaser until today and tomorrow , I already stan EXO but I still stan SHINee .

I still remember when EXO debuted . Many people bashed them . That time , EXO debuted with B.A.P . It really hurt me when people kept saying that EXO’s MAMA was really bad . They survived because they are in SM ? do you even know being a trainee in SM is really hard ?

After a long awaited comeback , EXO comeback with WOLF . I am really happy that time . Yes , EXO got their first win in music show but some people still complaining it . Then , thing started to change when GROWL is out . Everybody started to change their fandom . Almost all of people started to choose their bias . As expected for EXO’s Stan , IT IS HARD TO CHOOSE ONE BIAS . The funniest thing that are even the haters stan EXO .

I am really happy with EXO’s Popularity but there is something make me doesn’t want EXO become too viral . The fans are too overated . The new exo stan start to think they know all about EXO but actually they are not . When , we , the old exo stan , tried to fixed their mistake , they began to start fanwar with us . This makes me angry . I started to became un-active at twitter because of these shitty exo stan . I know we are in a big fandom , but can you have a manner ? These shitty fans also like to make fanwars with other fandoms and like to compare EXO with their sunbaes .

Sometimes I hope that EXO will not become too famous . I just want EXO be like in MAMA ERA . I miss that era so much . Only the old EXO STAN understand me maybe ?