genie (teaser)

~TEASER~ Djinn AU : Jaebum [part 2 - Waking Up]

Mumbling… Do I hear- Do I hear someone talking?

It was like you were underwater. The darkness still surrounding you, suffocating and close enough that it felt as if it would snuff out any ounce of light that attempted to touch you for the rest of eternity.

At this point you didn’t know if the darkness was because you were merely asleep and caught in a restless dream, or if it was all real and the Djinn that had called itself Jaebum lived inside the darkness itself.

“A human…” the mumbling continued with you only able to fully make out random words.

Is it just the Djinn talking to himself, or to me? Did I pass out? A-am I under another spell that prevents me from seeing or hearing who… what he was talking to?

You couldn’t even tell if the shudder that racked through your body actually happened or if you only imagined feeling the rough terrycloth fabric beneath your bare arms as you shook.

You were about to see if you could scream your way to awakening when the muttering voices started becoming clearer...

I’m still working on drabbles and reactions, but I thought I’d give you guys a little teaser for what’s to come later on ;)

The rest of part two is coming soon~

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Has anyone noticed how sometimes SM doesn’t even post the Chinese teaser but we got it this time and first too!


[ENG] The Unit - Superslow Individual Teaser 13 (Jun.Q & Genie)

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