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Structural Theory Of Dissociation

We haven’t posted for a while, hope this is of interest to some of you, just a quick basic breakdown of structural dissociation theory.

The structural theory of dissociation is an interesting area to look at. Although often literature refers the causes of structural dissociation to incidents or events of trauma – similar experiences can be had by sufferers of personality or dissociative disorders who do not have trauma genic experiences.

ANP – Apparently Normal Person/Part – Use of the wording “apparently normal” is due to this being a psychological term, which would mean it wouldn’t be correct to describe something objectively as normal, however it primarily means the person who is born and who has experienced the difficulties initially at least.

EP – Emotional Part – This doesn’t mean a part or alter in the sense of DID necessarily, this can be a slightly altered state of consciousness in line with a dissociative experience often pertaining to a difficult/stressful or traumatic experience – which may or may not include a level of re-experiencing.

On the most basic level which would occur post a single traumatic event, such as a car crash, the structural theory dictates that there would be a single ANP and a single EP – when triggered by individual triggers to that person they may present in a way that served a function at the time of trauma/difficulty i.e. freezing or running away from somewhere etc. But that EP would not be able to function in day to day life. If you like EP’s are like the part of your brain or personality that remains “ill” or “affected” most by the experiences you encounter throughout life, and you as an ANP can function well largely – except when you are pushed into an EP.

Secondary dissociative experience is when you may have multiple EP’s that serve different functions depending on what has triggered the experience in the present. This is commonly experienced with Borderline Personality Disorder or Complex – PTSD. It is again important to note that despite EP’s serving a purpose they cannot function day to day in the same way an ANP can or could.

Tertiary dissociative experiences are in line with Dissociative Identity Disorder, and this is when there is the formation of multiple ANP’s and EP’s – the EP’s may not even be connected to the initial or primary ANP – so there may be a spider web type system as it were. There are often, and until therapy has taken place total amnesic barriers between ANP’s, but potentially less so with EP’s if they have connection with the initial ANP.

A transition to an EP state may be because part of the ANP’s brain has emotions, needs, wishes, memories, sensations, or desires that need or they wish to be fulfilled by these are not acceptable to the ANP hence the tendency to disconnect from what is going on or required more so.

@sunset-feathers, but also to anyone else who is reading this from a “You are defending endos, therefore you are an endo” perspective.

First, you do not know what our system genesis is. Do not assume we are endogenic because we are upset about the unfair treatment of endogenic systems.

Second, we have never advocated for non-traumagenic systems to invade trauma-specific spaces. There are some systems elsewhere in the non-tumblr plural community we do NOT get along with, because we have fought with them tooth and nail on this topic, in defense of the DID systems whose spaces they were invading. There are people here, on tumblr, now, who were witnesses to fighting between us and a Big Name Spiritual System that thought it was completely acceptable and reasonable to go into DID Mailing Lists and Servers to Save DID Systems By Convincing Them DID Doesn’t Exist, and we were 300% in their face about how completely abhorrent and utterly wrong that is, and no, it is not okay, that bullshit is never okay.

We were obviously, they declared, the best example of those awful deluded DID systems.

Just as now, when we fight with anti-endogenic gatekeepers, they declare we’re Obviously a great example of those awful deluded endogenics.

If you and your fucking archnemeses can’t even fucking agree what -genic category we Obviously belong to, maybe, just maybe, the extreme ends are basing their assumptions about the opposite side on fucking bullshit stereotypes with no basis in reality. “Most DIDs” “Most endos”. Do you even fucking realize how much you sound just like each other?

Why would we ever fucking disclose genesis in a toxic environment where it’ll be taken as Backing A Side In Some Bullshit War? Where it’ll be taken as automatic approval of harassing those people, because they chose to self-label differently from these people? How about just not harassing any fucking people at all?

Below you will find #66 gifs of Casil McArthur. He is a white, 18 year old, trans male model signed with Photo/Genics. These gifs are all 245 x 138 in size and made by me ( @neilschneider ). Please like and reblog this post if you found them useful. If you intend to use these in crackships, gif icons, or edits, please give me credit. I hope you like them and happy roleplaying!

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