@sunset-feathers, but also to anyone else who is reading this from a “You are defending endos, therefore you are an endo” perspective.

First, you do not know what our system genesis is. Do not assume we are endogenic because we are upset about the unfair treatment of endogenic systems.

Second, we have never advocated for non-traumagenic systems to invade trauma-specific spaces. There are some systems elsewhere in the non-tumblr plural community we do NOT get along with, because we have fought with them tooth and nail on this topic, in defense of the DID systems whose spaces they were invading. There are people here, on tumblr, now, who were witnesses to fighting between us and a Big Name Spiritual System that thought it was completely acceptable and reasonable to go into DID Mailing Lists and Servers to Save DID Systems By Convincing Them DID Doesn’t Exist, and we were 300% in their face about how completely abhorrent and utterly wrong that is, and no, it is not okay, that bullshit is never okay.

We were obviously, they declared, the best example of those awful deluded DID systems.

Just as now, when we fight with anti-endogenic gatekeepers, they declare we’re Obviously a great example of those awful deluded endogenics.

If you and your fucking archnemeses can’t even fucking agree what -genic category we Obviously belong to, maybe, just maybe, the extreme ends are basing their assumptions about the opposite side on fucking bullshit stereotypes with no basis in reality. “Most DIDs” “Most endos”. Do you even fucking realize how much you sound just like each other?

Why would we ever fucking disclose genesis in a toxic environment where it’ll be taken as Backing A Side In Some Bullshit War? Where it’ll be taken as automatic approval of harassing those people, because they chose to self-label differently from these people? How about just not harassing any fucking people at all?

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RFA +V and Unknown comforting a bi MC who came out to her friends but was shunned. This just happened to me and I am currently...... well I guess not in my right mind. These boys (and girl) have gotten me through a lot and I kinda hope they can help with this. Sorry if this isn't a good request or is too heavy a subject. Thanks if you do it, and I understand if you don't.

I don’t normally do headcannons, but for this one, I will. I want to give you as much support as I can!

Please know that even though some people are asshats about who you are genically programmed to find attractive, not everyone is. Most people are extremely accepting of the diversity that makes the human race amazing.

Also, fuck tumblrs formatting!


  • Girl literally doesn’t care
  • She is bi, so…
  • In fact, she’s happy. Because the two of you can appreciate each other and Zen together
  • Plus, it’s fun to people watch with her because you can point out all the attractive people! 
  • She’s going to beat up anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. And she’ll be in mama bear mode for a few weeks. Enjoy it :P


  • He’s curious, but it doesn’t really phase him.
  • Like. he’ll ask you if a girl is attractive. Because his attractive radar is broken because of all is issues.
  • If you tell him a female is attractive, he’ll make dad jokes about using protection
  • What does that even mean, Jumin??
  • You can admire males to him, also. He doesn’t share your appreciation, but he listens. 
  • Jumin will pay Seven to ruin who ever makes you feel bad. Their entire digital life will be done. 


  • Precious Zen is a little bi, himself
  • He is just a sexual beast, really
  • He thinks it’s cute that gender doesn’t matter to you. It means you picked him out of all the males and females to choose from
  • Plus is broadens the porn you two can watch Zen, Please!
  • Zen is going to pamper you. Like baths with bath bombs and rose petals, home cooked meals, nights on the town, anything to make you feel like the special princess you are. He’s also going to hunt down everyone who made you feel bad and tell them exactly what he thinks of them.


  • Dude. Seven is happy. Like super happy.
  • Seven is cannonically bisexual.
  • Will totally scope out chicks and dudes and ask them for a threesome.
  • He’s not serious.
  • Seven is sooooo happy he can tell you when he thinks a guy is attractive because he knows you won’t judge. And he totally wants to to let him know if you think a lady is sexy. Because he might steal her style!
  • Seven will learn everything about anyone who makes you feel bad, and become the perfect love interest to them. And when he’s got them under his thumb, he’s going to reveal himself and break their hearts for breaking yours.


  • Poor boy. He’s bisexual. He just doesn’t know it yet.
  • You telling him, makes him so happy that you trust him enough
  • And by listening to you, he realizes that he feels the same way!
  • You are his godsend!
  • Just by being you, you help him discover himself! 
  • Yoosung is going to set you up on LOLOL and make you kill things until you feel better. And strangely enough, it works.


  • V! My love! My most favorite of all teal haired boys!
  • He’s going to let you know that everything is going to be alright. You are perfectly normal. And special to him
  • He obviously can’t scope out hotties with you, but he’s going to make you describe people that you find attractive.
  • He wants you to be happy with who you are and who you are attracted to.
  • V will also hire Seven to take them out.


  • He could care less about your sexual orientation.
  • For reals, as long as you are with him, and support him, he’s cool with it.
  • He will try and kill anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. You’re going to have to watch him like a hawk. 

Below you will find #66 gifs of Casil McArthur. He is a white, 18 year old, trans male model signed with Photo/Genics. These gifs are all 245 x 138 in size and made by me ( @neilschneider ). Please like and reblog this post if you found them useful. If you intend to use these in crackships, gif icons, or edits, please give me credit. I hope you like them and happy roleplaying!

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Do you have any advice on how to colour backgrounds?

I’m not good at explaining this myself so I’ll link you to Genice’s very useful tips about it: She also has tips about many art related things so you can check that out on her art blog too!

Personally, I just don’t dive into too much detail with backgrounds.
I tend to zoom out really far while painting to see if the background and the characters are distinguishable from a distance (color and lighting are very important here)
Don’t be afraid of looking up references from photographs or animated movies if you need help deciding on the color palettes! Good luck!