Just because us Mexican females reblog guns, drugs, money, and narcos doesn’t mean we want to act “hard” or make ourselves look “cool”,  we just simply like the way they look, or we JUST WANT TO FUCKING REBLOG IT GET THE FUCK OVER IT

One day, you’re going to miss the little text messages I give you. You’re going to miss how I used to worry about you. You’re going to miss my annoyingness. One day, when I’m gone, you’re going to miss how you actually had someone that actually wanted you. And when I’m not there anymore, you’re going to miss me instead of me missing you like I do right now….

I sit here staring at my phone wondering if you miss me the way I miss you. If you still want me the way you wanted me before. If you still feel the same like you did in the beginning of our relationship. Then reality hits and reminds me you have already given up on me.. Like everyone else has before . .

Im so hurt from my previous relationships that I fuck up my new ones….  I don’t know of how to stop being such a bitch…  I act like I don’t give a fuck just so I don’t get fucked over & I hate it…  All I do is him push away… I forgot how to be sweet and caring…  :/
Any advice? Can anyone relate

“Con el dolor saben mas buenas las tecates, Como borrarle la memoria al corazon, Y si hoy de plano de tu amor ya me botaste, Si la cerveza cura me tomo un camión, Voy a pistearme el dolor.”