genevieve howell

A Dan and Phil Bedtime Poem:

In a small London flat

Live two fun, cool guys.

They write, and they joke,

And they’re famous worldwide.

The first is Amazing,

And Phil is his name.

He loves lions, and space,

And when Christmas time came.

He started his channel

A long time ago,

But its growing and growing!

Phil watches it go!

Phil’s best friend is Dan.

And Dan is on fire.

He’s pensive and antic,

And his jokes never tire.

Dan’s often quite awkward:

Things fill him with dread.

Like Nietzsche, and people,

And dumb things he’s said.

Dan’s also creative.

And he’d say with a grin:

“It’s the whiskers, you know,

That come from within”.

Dan and Phil are quite busy.

They have lots to do!

Like play games or make snacks

Or art projects too!

They have so many friends,

Like Simon and Dil.

They pull pranks and do shows:

The fun things that thrill!

Their days are quite fun,

But everyone sleeps.

Dan and Phil go back home

And begin to count sheep.

The clock then chimes midnight

And soon all is still.

“Goodnight” says Dan.

“Sweet Dreams” says Phil.

“Hi, Daddy.” Lyla sat outside the bathroom door. In one hand was a blanket and a pair of her mother’s heels, in another hand was Genny’s bottle.

“Hey Lyla. Where’s Genevieve?” He looked as her brown eyes widened.

“Asleep.” The young girl put the bottle to her mouth. They had been trying to explain to Lyla that she was big enough to use a “big girl cup”, but even after several tries they were unsuccessful. He and Emma had figured out that having the children so close together was hard. It was frustrating trying to tell a little girl that she couldn’t have her bottle, while her younger sister could.

“Don’t you think you should give Genny her bottle back?” Carl knew the answer as soon as the question had been asked.

“She asleep. She won’t miss it.” The little girl smiled brightly before walking away. “See you tonight, Daddy.”

She was swimming beside her Mom as she heard a yell for her farther out in the water. “Mom! Look!” Riley’s voice pierced the air and without thinking she used the ‘doggy’-paddle. She heard her mother yell for her, but she continued to swim towards her Dad even as the waves smacked her right in the face. 

Carl saw Riley swimming towards him and quickened his pace in the canoe. He knew that nothing would stop Riley from swimming towards him, not even her mother. Hurriedly, he pulled up beside the swimming 8 year old as she quickly pulled herself onto the side of the boat. Carl turned towards his wife, her face pale white with fright. He quickly smiled before pulling Riley up and into the boat. “There’s no reason to scare your mom like that.”

Riley frowned and looked down. “But–" 

"No buts.” He murmured, pulling her close to his body before paddling up closer to the shore. “If you wanted to go on a boat ride you should have told me, Rils.” Carl easily got out of the canoe and pulled Riley out with him. Before Emma pulled Riley from his arms back into her own. He knew nothing he could say would have changed Riley’s stubborn mind and he knew that nothing he said to Emma in attempts to calm her down would change her equally stubborn mind. Instead, he pulled the canoe up onto the sand and pulled Dom and Genny into his arms.