Hey folks!

My friend and fellow Drawed Goods member, Geneva Hodgson, has started a meme where you draw the first original character you remember creating.  Mine…is Super Cheese Boy.

As a kid, I liked cheese a lot, so I decided to draw a character based on my love for all things cheese.  I think he got his powers by eating a piece of radioactive cheese or something, and at some point he had a raygun that turned things into cheese but I eventually got rid of that.  All of his villains were based on food items as well, though I don’t have very clear memories of any of them.  I was a weird kid. 

Anyway, I drew several comics starring Super Cheese Boy, on plain copy paper.  Like kids do, I guess.





Miles “Tails” Prower :: SS-chan

Sonic the Hedgehog/Editing :: Ryusuke (WrBlPro)

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Apparently I sourced the wrong Geneva Hodgson for the “Get Rings” comic. I’m working on fixing the link right now, and I’d just like to apologize to her again, and promise that in the future I’ll be more careful when checking my sources. Thank you for letting me know, and sorry for incorrectly sourcing your art :(