geneva stone

One of the oldestCafé-Crêperie Saint-Pierre, Geneva, Switzerland 2016


  • 600 names - all of these names can be used for any gender, but I divided them into what gender they traditionally are (male, female, unisex)
  • Common and unusual names
  • Definitions and nationalities
  • Pronunciations for Irish/Scottish Gaelic names
  • English, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Greek, German, Latin, French, American, Spanish, Scandinavian, Hebrew, Turkish, Russian, Hindi, Turkish, Bulgarian, and Iranian/Persian names

** denotes a name heavily associated with a preexisting entity, fictional or real

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Last lightSt. Pierre Cathedral, Geneve, Suisse 2010

Correction: This was erroneously labeled St. Paul’s previously. Sincerest apologies to Pete.