02.02.17 // genetics - 7/100 days of productivity

taking notes on my favorite subject (i looooove genetics; it’s so cool)!! the book pictured, identically different is really intriguing. it discusses numerous cases of identical twins and explores what genes are and are not responsible for (e.g. cancer, homosexuality, mindsets, etc.) also, it’s not very technical, which makes for very enjoyable, light reading. 


In light of the little post I made about how the brute-force algorithm cannot possibly work to solve the Traveling “Salesman” problem in real world settings, here’s a really cool video on how to approximate an answer to the problem.

The video starts out with the Greedy Algorithm (what I teach my class as the “Nearest Neighbor Algorithm”) and how it falls short. It then introduces a neat way of making any arbitrary solution better, and then applies that in the context of a simulated annealing algorithm, a physically-inspired algorithm. 

I thought the visualizations were done really well in this and give you a sense of what’s really going on in these approximation methods. Also physically-inspired algorithms and genetic algorithms are really cool, so check those out.