genetics!! they actually work

  • Rotti: So, Pavi, how was school today?
  • Pavi: Mikey Duffy pushed me down today.
  • Rotti: Well, did you push him back?
  • Pavi: No, he's bigger than me.
  • Rotti: Uh-huh ... Luigi?
  • Luigi: I'm on it.

A schnauzer breeder that’s very against breeding different colours together said she’d never ever even consider mixing any of the schnauzer colours because she thinks it will create more colours, and posted pictures of parti liver and merle schnauzers as examples.

I legit think this is a problem. Breeders are against naturally occurring colours or are against breeding together colours that are already in the breed standards because they create their own theories that don’t make any sense at all because they don’t know how genetics actually work.

It’s just weird. And sad.

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Lunges and squats will keep your ass super nice a tight and 10 kg ain't much just eat health and jog you should be Gucci

I kno this but i jus hate exercising so much like my ass atm is jus genetics so im mad that I’m actually gonna have to work at it (also like….im p short like…10kgs is quite noticeable on me…)

It’s the first lab of the semester and they already know how I feel about reptiles.

I was talking about Mendelian genetics with a lab table and we were discussing how most traits don’t actually work with simple Mendelian genetics and I mentioned that one I knew of off the top of my head was certain genes that control for pattern and color in ball pythons and from across the dang room, all the way across the dang room, a tiny gasp. “I LOVE BALL PYTHONS” squeaks this itty bitty freshman. Tentatively, I have a new favorite. She stuck around after class to look at pictures of Harker. She wants me to bring him in sometime.

Its funny how many “Wahhhh but chromosomes” people often dont know about how sex chromosomes actually work, and have zero interest in genetics beyond arguing online. Like they talk a big game about how they are very smart compared to folk on here, but dont even know what bar bodies or the SRY gene are.

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You guys constantly talk about how 95% of diets fail as if that promotes your agenda. The real reason that diets fail is because people are lazy or unmotivated, not for genetic or scientific reasons. Anyone who actually works to maintain a healthy diet and exercise WILL lose wait. Stop telling people to go check out the FAQ when you are the ones misinterpreting the science

Since what the science ACTUALLY shows is that the diets fail REGARDLESS of whether or not people stay on them, you are flat out lying.


Blue = Male/Father      Pink = Female/Mother

I’ve been thinking about what crossbreeding would look like if Pokemon genetics worked closer to actual animals, whereas the offspring inherit traits from both parents, though in this case the offspring would be capable of having offspring, rather than being sterile. I decided to play around with it using Arcanine and Ninetales since they have identical evolution methods.

On the left is if a Ninetales is the father. This results in a slimmer build and softer fur and some additional markings. The muzzle is also slimmer and the ears are more rounded for the Arcanine and they are larger (resembling the father)  with the Growlithe.

On the right is where a Ninetales is the mother. The offspring is larger than the average Vulpix/Ninetales, but still maintain a fairly slim build. In addition to this the offspring retains some markings from their father.