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write a short story and post in on tumblr?

alright here goes a true story.

i tend to look at things a bit differently than most people, or notice things that are funny to me alone. example: 9th grade. we just got out of lunch, and the other half of the student body is going to lunch(at the 9th grade campus, separate from rest of high school). im walking with my two friends and theres kind of this crowd at the end of a T shaped hallway. i kind of push through the crowd and get about 5 or 6 yards down the hallway when all of a sudden i look up and im completely alone in the hallway. i look up and theres a group at the end of the t, and at the other end of the hallway.
nearest to me is two girls. two girls fighting. well, it was more like one was beating the living fuck out the others head. so its me, 3 feet from these girls, and then two huge groups of kids far away from us, dumbfounded, staring. i look up at the groups, and the first thing i notice is everyones face. literally, pure amazement. they all literally had their mouths open, just staaaaaring. i have no idea why, but seeing everyones mouth open simultaneously was just too funny. i started dying laughing, completely unaware for a good 10 seconds that this girl is getting seriosuly fucked up in a headlock/punches to the top of the dome. but too late, as at this point i was literally on the floor laughing my ass off at my friends faces. then some security guard lunch lady hybrid bitch runs in and stops it.
interesting… but funny.