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And way down we go
Way down we go
Say way down we go
Way down we go  [X]

A drawing I did for a modern/futurist AU where Laurent and Nicaise are genetically modified humans who escaped from their lab and Damen will eventually try to protect them.

This AU got partly inspired by the trailer of the Logan movie (hence the music linked above

Two versions of the colored drawing because one has a filter and I can’t seem to decide which to put.

I’m annoyed that it put the image in really small tho, so if you’re not in mobile and want to see the picture in bigger I’d recommend doing a right click and “open picture in a new tab”. Otherwise here’s a close-up of the filter one:
Wynonna Earp Is TV’s Most Ridiculous Show—and It Knows That
Why you should give Syfy’s endearingly silly horror-comedy a shot.
By Jennifer Still

Good TV has never been easier to find, but it’s still sometimes nice to enjoy a series you know you really shouldn’t. Syfy’s new supernatural series Wynonna Earp isn’t just a guilty pleasure—it goes above and beyond into “so intentionally bad it’s good” territory, like no other series on television right now.

The drama, based on the comic-book series of the same name by Beau Smith, is ridiculous even in premise. A young woman—Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) herself—is tasked with sending Revenants, or resurrected and currently Earth-bound demons, back to hell by shooting them in the head. Of course, not just any gun will do: Wynonna must use the Peacemaker, a comically old-fashioned, long-barreled pistol that once belonged to her great-great-grandfather Wyatt Earp. If that weren’t enough, Wynonna also becomes romantically entangled with Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon), himself immortal since the witch Constance Clootie healed his tuberculosis and damned him some 130 years ago. Having fun yet?

What Wynonna Earp lacks in gravitas, it makes up in camp. There’s no semblance of seriousness within its scripts, storylines, or acting, which makes the show shockingly entertaining and undeniably funny, generally on purpose. The dialogue is punchy and quick; the special effects are endearingly bad, like something out of a B-movie. So far, Wynonna’s second season has featured giant animatronic spiders, a floating smoke ghost known as the “Woman in Black,” and our heroine covered in a considerable amount of sticky, unidentifiable goo. Oh, and did I mention the genie-like monster who launches an attack at a high-school homecoming celebration?

It’s classic horror and kitsch combined, which makes for an intensely watchable show. What’s more, Wynonna Earp’s ability to laugh at itself and the preposterous situations it creates makes viewers willing to go along with it that much more. There’s a staggering lack of pretense but a healthy dose of self-awareness, a combination that clears the path for some really great—albeit slightly silly—storytelling.

While levity reigns on Wynonna Earp, hollow jokes can only take a series so far, and the writers have injected a lot of heart into its characters’ private and interpersonal lives. This season, Wynonna is seen struggling with her decision to kill her older sister, Willa, who would’ve died anyway via giant evil snake squeeze had Wynonna not put her out of her misery. She’s also struggled to come to terms with her feelings for both Doc and her former police partner Xavier Dolls, who is also a genetically modified human and part lizard. (It’s a whole thing.) Meanwhile, Wynonna’s younger sister, Waverly, continues to pursue her budding relationship with Officer Nicole Haught. Their relationship—both women struggle with trusting one another, but are certain about the strength of their feelings—is perhaps the most honest, realistic element of the series, and certainly the most popular; one need only to check out the #WayHaught hashtag on Twitter to see that.

Beyond those small moments of quiet, the characters are frequently snarky toward both one another and the ridiculous situations they find themselves in. In this season’s second episode, for example, after cracking a giant egg that she believed contained some ancient evil—and getting covered in its yolk—Wynonna is asked whether this “made her wet.” It’s a totally valid question; the spider that laid the egg was of the “Krakonos” variety, likely related to the classic Kraken, and it’s typically found submerged in water. (Just go with it.) Of course, Wynonna isn’t aware of this biological wonder and instead cracks, “Well, I love my job, but it hasn’t taken me out for dinner in a while, so …” It’s perhaps an easy joke, but this sort of repartee still elevates Wynonna Earp above its drearier Syfy siblings.

Wynonna is far from the first show to merge horror and humor. Buffy the Vampire Slayer set the standard for quirky fantasy two decades ago, while series like Firefly, Charmed, and Roswell offered additional options to viewers who were hungry for genre entertainment that didn’t take itself so damn seriously.

With very few exceptions, these series—Wynonna Earp included—are a far cry from prestige TV. So credit to Wynonna creator and show-runner Emily Andras, whose show not only embraces its niche (irreverent yet heartfelt fantasy) but celebrates it, diving head-first into the gooey stuff—sometimes literally. You might not remember this show a decade from now, but you’ll sure as hell enjoy it while it lasts.

Snk theories: What had happened to the 9th Titan?

A thought struck me and I have to write it down.

I’ve read @leviskinnyjeans ‘s old translation post about the titan serum bottles, and this is the one found in the Reiss chapel:

Could it be the name of the missing 9th Titan? So we have

1. Progenitor Titan

2. Colossal Titan

3. Armored Titan

4. Female Titan

5. Beast Titan

6. Jaw Titan

7. Cartman Titan

8. Attack Titan

9. The Strongest Titan


So the Ackerman family are genetically modified humans with titan-like power? But wait…

And these

Ackerman=Beast/ Monster?

But we already have Zeke the Beast Titan. What if—

What if the Ackerman family is the sub-product of TWO titan powers, the Strongest one and the Beast one?

Like, before the Great Titan War, a group of scientists working for the royal family performed experiments on non-Eldians, injecting them spinal fluid extracted from the two great titans, and then the titan gene was assimilated into some humans aka the ancestors of the Ackerman family.

And after Marley had taken control the seven titans, either the Beast Titan or the Strongest Titan became weaker through time due to the past extraction experiments. Slowly, one of them lost control and eventually being devoured by the other one. And it means that the Beast Titan and the Strongest Titan combined to become one titan, just like how the Attack Titan consumed the power of the Progenitor Titan.

So, the 9th Titan has not really gone. Its power is within the Beast Titan and the descendants of the Ackerman family.

Read more:

Ackerpower crack theories

needsmorebirds replied to your post “How concerned is every race with hygiene in the RttS universe for…”

Feathered humans? :0

Yeah, genetically modified humans like Mǐn need to oil/comb their feathers daily with a preening comb. Appearance can vary, but here are a few:

Fun fax: feathered humans almost always have a nipple-like oil gland above their tail to help with preening. Most regular birds have this too. Avians, not being from earth, have an oil gland on their underside of their tongue that they use during preening.

anonymous asked:

is it okay to ask for more soft wolfie headcanons??? kala & capheus friendship headcanons???? i love the ones you come up with!!! they're amazing! :D!!

I already have 2 soft wolfie posts [x] [x], but I have never done any Kala/Capheus headcanons?? This is a travesty that must be corrected immediately

  • Kalapheus (omg) love cooking together. Both their cuisines have really interesting spices and taste combinations and they love visiting each other when one of them is in the kitchen, taste testing and suggesting new combinations and telling childhood stories about what they think about with specific foods or ingredients
  • They hug??? All the time?????
  • Like honestly they’d be the kind of friends who walk down the street holding hands
  • Their time zones are only two and a half hours apart, so they actually get to visit each other more than most of the others without waking somebody up. Ironically they use a fair bit of their visiting time being nap buddies
  • Kala gets her hands on some of the good, proper, non-cut AIDS medicine from her company and sends it to Capheus’ mom. He cries and hugs her for like a half hour straight and basically pledges his life to her
  • They also drop by a lot to watch movies! Capheus’ favorites are action movies and Kala’s are musicals and Bollywood films, but they find common ground in American comedies and, weirdly, some superhero movies. Capheus is Spiderman all the way, but Captain America is Kala’s genetically modified human of choice (it has nothing to do with reminding her of a certain muscular blue-eyed blonde shut up)
  • Capheus goes to Kala for relationship advice! Zakia is his first serious girlfriend and he feels a bit unsure or insecure sometimes about some things, and he always ends up with Kala for advice. It’s great because Kala does have experience with relationships but also a relatively small amount compared to some others in the cluster, so she knows exactly what Capheus needs to hear

The new revelation of DNA-editing, CRISPR technology is still making the headline rounds.

“Some experts predict that the scientists who figured out how to use CRISPR/Cas9 to edit genes will win a Nobel Prize for their discovery.”

This is something that has the potential to redefine humanity. We now harness the ability to alter our own DNA. This includes the ability to battle hereditary disease, but also to splice animal DNA into our own. The most controversial consequence of this technology is that any changes we make will be passed on through each following generation of humanity.

This technology could be a savior from disease, but also it has the potential to literally create new races of humans, or even completely new species.



I love the 'Genetically Modified Humans' trope, but there are a few things I'm really tired of seeing...
  • The GMH must look like a human to be a good guy. (This including humans with just a few easy alterations, like animal ears or a tail.) Any decent amount of alteration the human form, especially the face or torso, is regarded as horror film material. This is what the film Splice runs off of. There is rarely any sort of in between, save for maybe the typical furry design; but they’re usually a just fuzzy human with an animal head.
  • Easy alterations that are not actually easy alterations, like wings. Flight is a big deal guys. At the very least it takes a lighter body, a HUGE CHEST to fit the muscles and cardiovascular system in, and a center of gravity were the wings are. At some point your GMH is going to start looking a lot more like a bird than a human. Not to mention that if the character has arms as well as wings, you should take at least some consideration about how the shoulders are going to work.
  • Actually, there are no easy alterations. Even ears and tails have muscular attachments which affect the skull and pelvis. Please think about how your character is built! After all, designing them and their unique anatomy is the best part of making this type of a character!
  • ANGST. MISERY. WHY DO I EXIST. I can understand that a GMH is probably going to have a lot of issues with how different they are from the average person, but slogging through pages of nothing but angst is honestly really really boring, and also tends to make your character unlikable. I’d love to see more GMHs with smiling faces regardless.
  • The dreaded tragic back story about how they were made at an evil laboratory and then escaped and their past haunts them and whatnot! Because there is absolutely no chance that they could have been made at a government funded, well regulated laboratory with scientists who love their creation and only preform humane testing and uninvasive research that respects their creation’s dignity as a sapient being! Nope. Though given some of the nasty shit pre-soviet Russian and Nazi scientists did, a horrible laboratory like the former is perfectly possible; it’s unfortunately just as overdone as the Orphanage of Evil trope.

And though I’m complaining, remember: none of these tropes are necessarily bad! However, they are used so much that they can seem trite if handled poorly, so I advise only using a few at most.

And always put thought into the anatomy. Even if the character is magical, realistic anatomy really adds something and makes them feel like an actual creature. Research is your friend!

Requests #64
  1. Can someone write about a teacher that is young like 25 years and teaches in a high school where all the boys lust after her and the bad boy finds out that she’s really in bdsm. He eventually gets her pregnant and he tortures her through the pregnancy. But when she is giving birth he is very supportive of her
  2. Can you do one where a gay man gets abducted and the alien keeps unbirthing him with animals and human and beings till he is stuffed to the brim and has to give birth to them all.             
  3. Can you do one when a witch is pregnant with many babies then she finds a boy in the woods makes a womb for him when her labor kicks in she is sitting on top of the boys anal giving birth to her babies inside him.
  4. How about a story of a flat girl who decides to seek to get larger breasts through pregnancy? Optionally she fails to get any significant breast growth on first try so she turns to experimental fertility drugs, leading to hyper pregnancy which may or may not get her the breasts she always wanted… Maybe she’ll need even more babies to get the desired results.
  5. Can i request a batman preg fanfic, where poison ivy is controlling massive, fast growing vines, genetically modified to produce human sperm and knock people up? Bonus points if she knocks up Harley Quinn first and shes super affectionate with Harls growing tum.             
  6. Can we see some more public births? Maybe were the person doesnt know or realize they were pregnant? 
  7. Mpreg at the gym             
  8. okay so what about impregnating yourself with some sort of animal or litter for a highschool science experiment?             
  9. Can i request a rapid pregnancy story where the character progresses a week every hour after impregnation? Bonus points if it continues after they go into labor.             
  10. Hi, i have an idea for a fantasy i wish someone can write for me for her whole life a woman is being impregnated with many children and her belly grows large and she is constantly giving birth while being fucked and she loves all the pain and pleasure and maybe she’s tied or fucked by a lot of men also lactating and being milked            

She has a name! 桜井 心愛 (Sakurai Konome). She’s going to be a part of Ryousuke’s family tree as his sister, but they’re not related by blood.

I’m still working on the backstory for the both of them, but the gist of it is that they’re genetically and cybernetically modified humans who were orphans when they were taken in for the experiment. Ryousuke, who was old enough to remember his name, formed a bond with Konome and eventually took her under his wing at the lab and gave her the name Konome.

And because it’s Ryousuke, her name can also be read as ‘Cocoa’, which he prefers to call her by. (The kanji for Konome can be read as 心=kokoro and 愛-ai. You get ‘Kokoa’ if you drop the last syllable of each word.)

I also took some time to trim and re-style her bangs today~ :3

MikaYuu  Fic Rec                             yuumika

Gutterflower by Yamiga

For Yuu, life was relatively normal, and he liked it that way. He was a skilled soldier in the JIDA force, even for his age. With one of his adoptive parents being the head of the army, and the other being from a far off foreign land, things are always interesting. However, blind by his own happiness Yuu finds himself one day far into the labs of the JIDA force, stumbling upon a vampire experiment that he simply can’t take his eyes off of.
Yuu finds Mika as a vampire experiment by accident, but it doesn’t take him long to fall for him.

Tinged Gray by XxFleetingEmbracexX

Six years have passed since the end of the war. The world, although left in shambles, is slowly beginning to heal its wounds. The newly appointed General, Kureto Hiiragi, has found a way of keeping the remaining vampires alive and under the control of a few select people. They are now kept as slaves, sold and traded off in auctions designed by the military. Yuichirou Hyakuya, now 26, is in charge of overseeing security measures for one such auction when he is reunited with the boy he once thought was dead.

A sick game of power and greed forces him to question his loyalties as he tries to reclaim the bond he once had with Mikaela Hyakuya.

Mikaela and the Duke by 1AlexLaw7

Set in England, 1846, Yuuichiro is now the Duke of the town of Sanguiem due to the deaths of his late parents Shoichiro and Yuko. His uncle, Guren assumed head of the house to carry out the work that Yuu is too young to handle. His friends, Marquess Shinoa, Earl Kimizuki, Viscount Yoichi go out into town disguised as commoners as per their favorite shared activity. One day, Yuu gets separated from his group of friends and he ends up entering an alleyway where he meets Mika in a rather surprising way.

dreams are made of these by Bonnia

They knew this would happen — what it would mean for Mika to drink Yuu’s blood. Yuu had made the choice years ago, because Mika being alive was the only thing that mattered — damn everything else. But in all honesty, he hadn’t actually thought this far ahead.

(Or: Fifteen years later, Mika watches Yuu turn thirty-two.)

Broken Wings by XxFleetingEmbracexX

“They say an angel’s beauty is enough to drive any man to madness. It tangles that man in words of silk, knotting each delicate string with coy looks. Once they can no longer move, It consumes their souls. Leaving behind the empty husk for it to rot away.”

Suppressed Thoughts by bakuratrash

”Don’t forget, Mika. Demons are worse than vampires and in certain situations humans as well, far more efficient at preying on those weak of mind. They can read any emotion, any thought, any possible struggle and conflict deep within you, understand your deepest secrets, the ones too ugly for you to even acknowledge. And they can and will use them against you. Don’t meddle with demons. Don’t approach them.”

And Mikaela wished that he had listened to Krul’s words, he really did.

The Seraph by Anonymous_Dreamer

Yuu works for JIDA as a guard of a test subject for the Seraph of the End. He just didn’t thought he would end up falling for the boy.

Strangers’s Love by ssamandiriel

Shinoa sets Yuuichirou up on a blind date with a person that she insists is very sweet. Yuuichirou has a hard time buying it, but still goes along with Shinoa to the mall to shop for a new outfit for the date. While she’s away, Yuuichirou meets a very handsome stranger and can’t keep his mind off of him for the rest of the day.

Sympathy by Yamiga

AU. Growing up in an elite family, Yuu’s life wasn’t that exciting. Having things planned out for him, he sadly knew what to expect of his life from day one, and this most likely included an arranged marriage. However, one summer when he’s sent to stay with his cousin Guren, and his new fiancé Ferid, things change drastically. When Ferid’s younger brother, Mika, comes up suddenly after being stuck in an abusive family, Yuu agrees to help Ferid get Mika back. It was just supposed to be a favor, but Yuu can’t avoid falling for Mika, despite the fact that Mika is reluctant to trust him or anyone else at that.
Yuu helps Ferid get Mika from their old abusive family, but saving Mika leads to a lot more than Yuu figured.

Cage by PikaGirl260

Hybrids. Descendants of genetically modified humans who had their genes spliced with those belonging to various animals, giving them the qualities of a many different species, some rarer than others. They were supposed to become the superior race. They were meant to conquer the humans.

Instead, they became the hunted.

One such hybrid currently running for his life is Mika, a part-avian, part-lupus, who’s done nothing but fear humankind from the day he was born. However, this fear’s quickly forced to a halt when he’s captured by a hunter named Yuu Hyakuya, a boy with nothing but a single cabin in the middle of nowhere to his name. Unlike the majority of hunters, Yuu isn’t a mindless killer; what he’s a part of is something a little more civil.

Led by Guren Ichinose, Yuu, as well as a few others, are what people like to call tamers. They capture hybrids, teach them the ways of humanity, and then sell them to the highest bidder once their training is complete. For years, Yuu’s been a part of this system, and has never dared to voice the issues he has with these harsh, cruel ways.

Until he realises that he can’t face the idea of ever letting Mika go, no matter the price. Too bad it isn’t up to him.

MikaYuu Week by XxFleetingEmbracexX

My entries for MikayuusWeek hosted on Tumblr.

The Special Place by bakuratrash

The human pulled back just a bit, showing Mikaela a dazzling smile. Yuuichirou’s hands moved to cup the vampire’s face, cradling it in his gentle hold as his thumbs brushed away the silent tears flowing down his cheeks.

“…And stupid, of course you’re my family as well. No one could replace you. You’re… Well, how do I put it…? Mika is Mika. The other guys are like my second family.”

The blond let out a choked sound between a sob and laughter, holding onto the other teen tighter as Yuuichirou blushed lightly at his own words.

His special place was still there.

Find You by Yamiga

For months following the events of the war, Mika has been living in the human city with Yuu. However, living with Yuu doesn’t mean automatic happiness as both discover this soon enough. Things take a terrible turn one night when Mika voices his negative concerns about Yuu’s “family” . Words are exchanged which later result in Mika feeling as if he has no place in Yuu’s life. In turn, he attempts to make things easier for Yuu by running away.
Yuu and Mika get in a fight that results in Mika leaving. Yuu of course, must fix his stupid mistake and get Mika back. Again.

Forty-Two Days by seredemia

Yuuichirou Amane is a vampire hunter—one of the best there is. He swears that he will destroy every single bloodsucker out there, showing no remorse, no mercy, and definitely no guilt when it comes to killing those monsters.

That is, until he meets Mikaela Shindou. Vampire. And a very, very beautiful one at that.

Entice the Eyes by blushinglily

Set in the modern world where no apocalypse took place, the Hyakuya orphanage is a normal establishment (albeit struggling financially), and the Hiiragi family are part of the 1% that makes up Japan’s upper-crust society.

In the midst of a weakening economy and skyrocketing costs of living in a high-end city like Tokyo, nobody wanted to adopt children nowadays or donate to a puny orphanage like theirs. Regardless, Mikaela was willing to do anything to help with the mounting pile of bills and keep his family off the streets…Yuuichirou just didn’t know how far he would go, until now.

a little death by XxFleetingEmbracexX

Yuu’s touch is all that can calm Mika’s hunger, if only briefly.

Pet Sitting by Channery

Yuu takes a job pet sitting…

The Conqueror Of My Body by blushinglily

When they were children, Yuuichirou vowed that he and Mika would kill every vampire in Sanguinem and make it a human paradise. Now, as the war commences between the vampires and humans in the city, Mikaela desperately searches for his best friend. Recalling the boy’s promise from four years ago, this was beyond anything the blond could have ever imagined.

In which a successful coup d'etat results in a demon-possessed Yuu finally taking his revenge against the vampires…with Mika as his sole witness.

Canon!verse / AU, Yuumika / Yuucifer x Mika, one-shot.

stray by XxFleetingEmbracexX

The one where Yuu picks up a stray cat that turns out to be much more than that.

Perfect, Just Like That by ssamandiriel

Amane Yuuichirou is a stock trader with a hobby of adult photography. A new client comes to his studio to get his photos taken for a new magazine spread featuring him, Shindo Mikaela, an up and coming porn star. The photo shoot starts on a high note, but when it gets to the part where Mikaela must undress, Yuuichirou just can’t hold himself back.

Road Trip by Yamiga

Mika’s first road trip with Yuu and his squad turns out better than expected.

Christmas Party by XxFleetingEmbracexX

“I’ve just one final thing to ask, if you don’t mind.” Mikaela said as they got ready to leave. They’d settled on a follow-up meeting with Sanguinem’s PR agents for the following week. Yet, Mikaela had to satisfy at least one of the questions hounding him.

“Why is it that you refused to speak with an agent?” Mikaela directed the question to both of them. He was surprised to see Yuichirou’s face catch a dull red color and Shinoa’s lips stretch into a smirk.

(Early) Presents Under the Tree by Yamiga

Who would’ve guessed their first kiss would have been under the Christmas tree?

Not Letting You Go by StarryJellyfish

Mikaela has been here for as long as he can rememeber. Though try as he must he honestly can’t remember exactly how he got into this tower or when.

Was he abandoned in the tower?

Was he stolen and forced into the tower for random by a witch of sorts or a theif?

Did his parents get into some dangerous business and kept him in here as a form of protection?

He doesn’t know, and, to be frank, he doesn’t want nor care to know. All he actually wants is to leave this place and gain a life of his own.

Marks and Touches by Yamiga

They happen to come every so often, whenever Yuu and Mika are at the heat of their passion. Sometimes the purple marks vanish before they are done, sometimes, they never come. But that night, as Mika is trapped in Yuu’s arms, he realizes that they haven’t quite vanished yet. Needless to say he is quite curious…

You Stole My Heart by Danganphobia

“Just call me Mika.” Mika mumbled, fidgeting and bouncing his legs a little. Just to get all the attention he received, glaring at Yuu who smirked at the snickering girls. Fucking… Criticizing… playboy. Mika grit his teeth. He hated men like that.

“Alright, Mika, moving on.” The whole around the circle thing continues. The guy next to Mika goes. And Mika was counting down the hour until this session was over. He’s got a bone to pick, and he wants to pick it with a certain raven-haired kleptomaniac right here and right now.

In which Mika and Yuu meet at a support group dealing with two very different problems, that includes each other.

Gentle Eyes by KittieAupa 

Mikaela has a nightmare. Yuuichirou comforts him and brings them closer.

Maybe it’s love that makes me human after all by KittieAupa

It’s raining and Yuuichirou can’t sleep.

In Which Mika is a Lost Boy in a Dress by sacheland

Mika really hates this weekend. Not only his Mama is gone for a week, his guardians also forced him to wear dresses. Now, he’s lost and he doesn’t know what to do.
Good thing is, he meets Yuu-chan and his parents.
Maybe that’s the best thing of this weekend.

Guess Hoe’s Coming to Dinner by YuuMika

Mikaela “Goût de Diamants” Hyakuya is an illustrious prostitute whose virginity was bought for half a billion dollars. Yuichiro Amane is living off his uncle’s fortune and never went to college. Meeting each other, Mika sees an opportunity to take a break from his life. Whereas Yuichiro fights to get his family and friends to see the good in him.

Don’t disturb this love of mine by strikedawn

The callused pad drags over Mika’s lip slowly, his humid skin sticking to it, following the movement, and Mika knows he’s lost the battle.

“Touch me.” He begs.

Fanservice by Taliana

Yuu didn’t expect to run into his favourite porn star in the park that day. He most definitely did not expect to be taken back to the cute twink’s apartment for one hell of a wild ride.

Birthday Boy by KittehBoesternchen

(Written for Yuu’s birthday, 16th of October!)

The squad drags Yuu out on his birthday to celebrate even though he would rather have stayed home with Mika. Mika has to prepare Yuu’s birthday surprise though - freeing him from his “cherry boy” status once and for all.

The Regular Please by 1AlexLaw7

Just read it.

Recovery by ssamandiriel

Amane Yuuichirou is his school’s top soccer player with several trophies to his name. But when he sprains his ankle during a game, everything goes downhill. He’s stuck using crutches, everyone refuses to look at him in the halls, and he has no one to carry his books or backpack for him. That is, until Shindo Mikaela enters the picture.

Laws of Attraction by Northernreign

After years of intense training, Mikaela Shindou is the first omega to finally be recognized and accepted into a beta-dominated law enforcement. To his surprise, he was placed within the newly established and Alpha Apprehension Bureau (AAB) where his omega abilities would excel exponentially. And that they did, for Mika was successful in capturing some of the most wanted alpha criminals with his irresistible charm for the past twelve months.

Too bad all of the experience he’d gained on the job wasn’t enough to prepare him for the situation he’s gotten himself into with a certain idiotic alpha apprehended for a recent string of violent murders.

Sinners by royaletea

A collection of drabbles where I dump all my nsfw one-shots with Mika as a bottom.
First drabble up: alpha!Yuu x omega!Mika


Alright, I was kind of hesitant about posting this but since it won’t get out of my mind, I thought I’d give it a shot! :D

History: They are a group genetically modified humans (They are more durable, have heightened senses, learn faster and age slower. One year for them is five human years). They group was made for the sole purpose of becoming demonic weapons (The group who made them had somehow managed to acquire demonic essences of the Seven Deadly Sins). Though the children, collectively known as “Sinners” don’t know about this and are raised as normal children for the first “Ten” years of their lives.

Their childhood was fine, they were closely bonded together, and their favorite TV show was “Danny Phantom. The reason why they were raised like this at first is because the essence seems to “reject” if their hosts was a living, soulless doll. The hosts that have personalities that seems to correspond to the Sin Essence lasts longer. Which sin they would get was determined by their personality:

Kid #1 tended to be Prideful of his little accomplishments and sometimes brags about it.

Kid #2 was sometimes Clingy of her siblings

Kid #3 had a big Appetite and might over do things

Kid #4 gets Jealous of her siblings when they accomplish something she could not

Kid #5 was a Sleeper, and liked to think of quicker ways to solve his problems

Kid #6 liked to keep things To Herself, and it wasn’t often that she’d share

And finally, Kid #7 who tended to Snap and get irritated easily.

After their Tenth birthday, the experiments, tests and torture began. It was horrible and traumatizing to them, the group of scientists did this so their personalities will correspond with the Sin Essence more and hopefully becomes permanent.

When the Sinners were “Fourteen” years old, the scientist finally decided that it was time for them to insert the Essence. They strapped the struggling children onto metal slabs and started to infuse the demonic liquid into them slowly, they of course screamed in pain as the needles did their work. They soon fainted after the needles were done.

The scientists were about to unstrap them until they suddenly woke up, but their eyes were no longer the same and now were a solid color. They broke off their restraints with no trouble; their bodies began to glow, change shape and color before going on a rampage, killing all those who have hurt them, which was pretty much everybody in the facility.

Things cooled down for them, yet both of their minds and bodies were a mess. Their memories were slowly being blurred out. The Sinners stumbled around the bloody facility before accidentally coming into their old room, which was left untouched and forgotten.

They didn’t exactly know what they were doing until they found an old but working laptop and clicked on the first thing they saw: A folder containing some episodes of Danny Phantom.

Silently, they watched the whole series before blacking out, their old memories being sealed up and be replaced by new but fake memories. When they woke up, they now think they themselves are one of the characters from Danny Phantom. Kid #1 form shifted into becoming a younger version of Vlad, Kid #2 turned into Jazz, Kid #3 became Tucker, Kid #4 was turned into Dani, Kid #5 had become Danny, Kid #6 now looked like Sam and Kid #7 turned into a younger version of Dan.

Of course, they were mystified to see themselves in a dark room with nothing but some dusty beds and a drained laptop. They fought amongst each other for a bit before deciding to help each other out in getting out of the blood soaked place.

However, they encounter several of places where they were experimented and tortured that it sparks a few memories of the past that quickly blurs out as quick as it appeared. They soon get a feeling…..what if they aren’t who they think they are? Afterwards, they managed to recharge the laptop and find seven files under a desk with a plate named “Seven Sins”. They first searched through the laptop and see a picture of a drawing depicting some figures, the ones that looks clear enough was a white haired boy with green eyes, a blue ghost that looked like a vampire and an orange haired girl with blue eyes. This of course shocked “Danny” “Jazz” and “Vlad”. 

The group then decided to split up and try to find any more clues in the place. They manage to find more drawings (Most of which were very old, fragile and crumpled up) and soon, find a dusty book in one of the other rooms. While most of the pages were blank, there was one page that caught their attention. It tells them about a show and of how great it is. The name of the show wasn’t told until the end. It was named “Danny Phantom.” After reading this, it gives them another sense/feeling about how they aren’t who they think they are. The group goes back to the room they were in and search the laptop again. It took them awhile until they finally managed to find that folder. 

Upon watching the episodes, they were in disbelief until they opened the files and see who they once were…. They finally realized…they are not these characters, they were someone else before…yet why do they look like this? What has happened to them? While the files gives them little information yet it is enough to give them names for themselves: Kid #1, Pride. Kid #2, Lust. Kid #3, Gluttony. Kid #4, Envy. Kid #5, Sloth. Kid #6, Greed and Kid #7, Wrath.

After knowing this, they continue on to find more information about who they really were, the facility is very huge and hard to get out of though. At least all of the other residents are now dead. They have to keep dealing with the fake memories and the occasionally existential crises.

That’s all I’ve got now, here’s one extra note though:

. Their appearances change a bit after a year later in the facility. Their eyes become a solid color with slit pupils and the edges of their fingers and toes become the same color as well.  

 @doomkittypumpkin here they are! ^_^

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Thoughts on lab grown meat?

I’ll try it if it becomes a thing. I hope it does for the sake of the animals which suffer in our factory farms. However, I must admit that the idea of it seems a little creepy. 

There is discussion about on the morality of growing genetically modified human bodies complete in all detail except they do not have head or limbs to farm for human organs. 

Now that is creepy x 1000

Just Write It

Write about a hospital unlike the average. Get creative. From a rehabilitation wing for magical creatures to an emergency room specifically for genetically modified humans to a center that specializes in treating absences of memory, the possibilities are endless.

Bombshell, aka Lana Baumgartner

One of the characters that stuck out during the later run of Ultimate Spider-Man was Bombshell, Lana Baumgartner.  In her original appearance, she was part of a mother/daughter supervillains bank robbing duo, both with foul mouths.

Their power was that they would shoot explosive blasts out of their hands, and cause much destruction.  Obviously, since they were inexperienced, they were beaten pretty quickly.

She also had a run in with Ultimate Spider-Woman…which didn’t end very well either.

So after being a joke villain for 2 issues, and being arrested on both accounts, the police decided to do the best thing and put her in a foster home and separate her from her mother.  At which point she ended up going to Peter Parker’s school.

Where she kinda is found out there as well.

They pretty much come to an agreement where Peter would agree to not tell the whole school who she is if she stays out of trouble.

Flash forward a few years because Peter Parker dies and Miles Morales has taken the place of Spider-Man.  As Miles and his father are eating out at a nearby restaurant, they hear explosions on the street as Bombshell makes her return in a new costume, fighting Cloak and Dagger.

Once again, things go south for her.

That is until Miles and Jessica Drew (The Ultimate Spider-Man) decide to investigate a shady companies doing, and realize that she is the result of a genetically modified experiment performed on humans.  More specifically, her mother was experimented on when she was in the womb.  The spiders try to make a truce with her.

The three are attacked by the Taskmaster, and although she initially runs away, she comes back to help win the fight.  Miles, Jessica, Cloak, Dagger and Bombshell then form a team to stop the company that has performed the experimental acts on people.

At this time, an event called Cataclysm occurs, and as the world is going to hell, Bombshell saves a bunch of civilians, which quickly bonds Spider-Woman closer to her.

After this event, Bombshell would be part of the All New Ultimates.

The team spent most of their time fighting serpent themed gang members, and Bombshell would quit the team after her boyfriend was shot by one of the gang leaders and she was put under mind controlled by a drug.  She spent several issues recuperating, meeting up with her mother in jail and just dealing with her boyfriend’s death. 

By the end of the book, she confronted the woman who mind controlled her again, but instead of taking her life, she choose the high road and let her be arrested.

Bombshell would make minor appearances around, but the latest in Secret Wars doesn’t look very promising.

Is this the end of Bombshell?  No idea.  I really hope it isn’t because I think that would be a huge waste of a unique character that was brought to the Ultimate Universe.  Here’s hoping that she carries over to All New, All Different Marvel, as we need the explosive nitwit in our lives.

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Could you please give a brief synopsis of your stories? Your art is fantastic by the way!

Oh dear, I’m not great at being brief, but I will try my very hardest.

Cele Trei Creaturi:

It’s a flat world named Topis with ruling gods and magic, but 90s level technology and countries that vaguely resemble our modern countries.

Thousands of years ago, humans were chosen by the pantheon as the dominant sapient species over the Three Vampiric Species, who were the bats, cowbirds, and spiders. The Vampiric Species were powerful mages and could shift between a big and little form. They retaliated to the pantheon’s choosing of the humans over them by drinking the blood of man and gaining the ability to shift into a human form. The pantheon punished them for this act of defiance by taking away their ability to use magic outside their bodies, limiting them only to shapeshifting.

The protagonists of CTC are Caine Killian, the wide-eyed enthusiastic bat kid with a habit of trusting the wrong people; Thaddeus Lance Masters, the womanizing asshole cowbird who doesn’t trust anyone; and Conner Mungkhoru, the antisocial reclusive spider teen who would rather read books and sleep than interact with anyone. They are all homeless in their own ways when the story starts, but meet by chance in New Pari, and through a series of events end up stealing the mayor’s house (that is attached to a giant bird) and living together in it. They don’t get along very well at first, but slowly start to bond as the story goes on.

The main plot starts when Death confronts them and asks them for help in defeating Ulysses Maximilian Steel, a godlike force of destruction inhabiting a human body. Ulysses is roving around killing gods, which is kind of a big deal, and he plans to kill Candentia the Creator, destroy the world, and build a new one of his own. Caine, Conner, and Thaddeus aren’t sure why Death wants their help specifically, but he is offering them huge amounts of money as payment, so they are totally willing to work for him.

It’s a globetrotting sort of adventure with a huge cast of characters and a very detailed setting, so half the fun of this story is all the cool people and places in it.

Mushi Cure Magika:

In a world inhabited by adorable bipedal arthropods called mushi, five highschool girls are chosen to battle a sapient fungus with magical powers and weapons granted to them by their adorable talking pets (that are also bugs). The fungus is sending out little walking mushrooms/fruiting bodies that will attack, cling to, and zombify mushi, sorta like the cordiceps fungi. The girls kill any fruiting bodies they find, and cure those who have been infected with their magic. There’s also a mysterious dark magical girl who is working for the fungi. It’s pretty adorable and fluffy and heavy with mahou shoujo tropes. There is lots of high school romance. And lesbians. And cool bug facts.

Victor and Lex:

There’s a small town near the edge of a huge forest in the Appalachian Mountains. The forest contains a magic “well”, a non-physical source of energy which fills the forest with magical creatures and makes it far bigger than the geographical location should allow. This particular well used to exist in the British Isles a thousand years ago, but went dormant and migrated.

Victor and Lex live in the town. Victor is a biracial (mum is white and dad is black) 10-year-old boy, son of two field biologists who vanished many months ago while away doing research in South America. He currently living with his rich, reclusive aunt (mother’s sister) who is creepily possessive of him but emotionally distant. She lives otherwise alone in a huge mostly-empty house near the edge of the forest. Early during his stay with her, Victor was cursed by a witch, and is now proportionally approx three times as large as normal kid, and his neck, torso, and newly gained newt-like tail can expand freely in length. He looks like a noodle, sorta, and has trouble being bipedal and usually walks on all fours. His aunt forbade him from going out in public ever since his curse, and Victor often explores the forest to kill the boredom.

Lex, birth name Alexandria, is a 10-year-old Irish boy living in a run-down apartment building near the forest. He frequently escapes into the forest to avoid his parent’s screaming matches. He met Victor in the woods and they became friends after discovering their shared interest in documenting the forest’s creatures. Lex draws them, Victor takes notes on them. They have adventures.

They eventually run into Colibri, Tasha’s familiar, and start hanging out with her. She’s a witch who also lives at the forest’s edge. It turns out she’s dating Lex’s older sister. Small world.

Victor is based off of a recurring character in my dreams. The story doesn’t have much in the way of a plot right now.

The Scientific Method:

A couple hundred years in the future, human genetic modification has become a government regulated thing, there is a company, AGEL, which produced the first GMH (genetically modified human) in the United States, Karen.

Karen is a woman with a dog-like body and long tail who can run on all fours at great speed, and jump long distances as well. Elizabeth, the fonder of AGEL, was her lead engineer, genetic donor, and due to their lack of artificial womb tech, her rather literal mother as well. She started a trend in the company, and AGEL’s more recent GMHs, Grace the winged human and (currently nameless) the monkey-like human, were also carried in-utero by their lead designers. The lead designer on the latest GMH is male, and they at this point have artificial womb tech. So it all works out nicely. Elizabeth and Karen have a healthy mother-daughter relationship and are notorious pranksters.

The other two protagonists are Louis and Todio. Louis is a grumpy young robotics and programming prodigy who frequently butts heads with Elizabeth (his antithesis, an old jokester and genetics prodigy) and gets into ridiculous competitions with her over robotics engineering vs bioengineering that tend to escalate out of control. It’s all in good spirit. Mostly.

Todio is a college student interning as Louis’s assistant. He meets Karen through this, and they become good friends, much to the dismay of their warring associates.

It also doesn’t have much in the way of a plot. It was mostly created as an excuse to design GMHs, and as a reaction to every story about GMHs being about the most awful terrible human rights violating lab ever. There are more subtle social issues to explore about human genetic modification beyond, just, illegal labs treating GMHs like animals. Augh, drags hands down face. Louis is a recycled middle school character that in retrospect was actually a pretty fascinating character, and Todio is based off a cool looking person I saw that one time.

Runaway to the Stars:

Staraways for short. Same universe as the GMH girls story! Just. Waaaaayyy farther in the future, and there are aliens: four races; the humans, the avians, the centaurs, and the bug ferrets. There’s a whole bunch of protags, including Idrisah the Muslim xenointerpreter and her girlfriend Gillie, a deaf reject catgirl GMH, a centaur named Talita who works in a junkyard but aspires to be a star ship engineer, Bip a stranded AI and ex-pirate(ship), an introverted pinkie ferret, an emotionally traumatized brown ferret, a rich brat skimmer avian, and her flightless avian dunservant. They all manage to end up on the same ship somehow. This story, unsurprisingly, was created as an excuse to design aliens.

Update: the story starts with Talita, who stumbles upon a still-living AI in a spaceship wreck in the junkyard she works. She manages to save it by transferring it to her computer, and aspires to give it a new body (ie spaceship).

And that’s about it. There’s much more detail if you dig into the tags for these stories.