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Been seeing a lot of these Humans Are Space Orcs posts around- which is good, because I love them- and I started thinking: in sci-fi stories, humans in the future often have a bit of genetic engineering- like disease immunity or faster healing or even just a lack of body hair.

And I had a thought- what if that’s just us? What if we’re the only species to engineer ourselves like that? Imagine how freaked out they’d be;

“You’re telling me that you alter your own genetic code?”

Or take it a little further- we’re the only species to use vaccines. Every other race just toughed it out and evolved past it, but humans injected ourselves with weakened diseases to make ourselves stronger. 

Or even further back, when people used to drink poison to gain an immunity- imagine that reaction:


The year is 2170. The air is no longer safe to breathe, courtesy of hundreds of genetically engineered CRISPR viruses all capable of altering human DNA within seconds. A cult of clean air worshippers decides to venture out into the open and remove all their masks at once

What “Kim Possible” taught me about people...

This popular cheerleader…

is not only a straight A student, she’s outgoing, friendly, helpful, and best friends with the most unpopular kid in school. She has skills that most Olympians can only dream of and saves the world on a regular basis. All she asks for is a ride in the future.

She also suffers with social anxiety, gets nervous around her crush, worries about popularity, obsesses over clothing labels, tends to be over competitive and bossy, and overextends herself with activities.

This Jersey Rat Mullet Man…

calls everybody by annoying nicknames, left his job because they wanted him to cut his hair, and breaks into random air guitar solos.

He’s also a genius mechanical engineer. Seriously.

This dowdy looking woman…

Collects stuffed animals, bakes cookies, and is “all about cute and cuddly.”

She’s also a bio-geneticist able to genetically engineer monsters.

This distinguished looking gentleman…

pretty much became a Bond villain because he was bored and had too much money. He views villainy as a hobby and is soft spoken, affable, and polite.

He’s also an X-Games level athlete.

This freckle faced dork…

has been rejected by almost every girl in school. He loses his pants daily, struggles with grades, is an accident prone klutz, is terrified of monkeys, frequently has juvenile interests, and may smell like overripe fruit.

He’s also…

a sidekick…

a culinary whiz…

a performer…

an athlete…

someone who bucks trends…

a superhero…

a super villain… 

the answer to a prophecy…


a best friend…

a big brother…

a warrior…

the savior of the planet…

and the guy who gets the girl.
Reddit Science AMA on genetically engineering American chestnuts
Hi Reddit! We are a team of scientists at the College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, New York, and we’ve been working for 27...

TLDR: This project is using genetic engineering to create American chestnut trees that are blight-resistant so they can restore the species to the wild!  It’s really cool and controversial, and if you have ever had questions about GMOs, how they work and whether you should really fear them or not, you should go ask these guys!

The long version:

About 100 years ago, the American chestnut began to effectively go extinct, thanks to an invasive fungus.  Before then, there were about 4 billion of them, and they made up about ¼ of forests in eastern North America, and they produced loads and loads of nuts that made up a large part of the natural diet of North American wildlife.  It was a huge deal, even though a lot of us who were born since then don’t really notice what a massive change it made to the health of the North American environment.

So this team of scientists has been using genetic engineering to create an American chestnut tree that is resistant to the chestnut blight.

It’s controversial work–it would be the first genetically engineered organism to be deliberately released into the wild–but the team has spent 30 years successfully creating this tree, and now they’re spending the next five years running tests to make sure it’s safe and can earn regulatory approval (assuming the federal situation doesn’t go completely bananas in the near future).  Their argument is that this tree is all but identical to native American chestnuts–the only difference is they’ve extracted a single gene from wheat that confers blight resistance and inserted it into the chestnut trees. 

Yes, that does make this tree technically a GMO.  But GMO is actually a pretty complicated thing, and you don’t get the full story either from Monsanto or from the anti-GMO purists.  These guys work for a public college and are not going to patent their work, and they are willing to talk freely about EXACTLY what the process is and what regulatory approval entails and how this technology can be used in both responsible and dangerously irresponsible ways.

Ideas for characters you can date in a sci-fi dating sim

- goo that likes to form geometric shapes
- a three meter tall bird
- the ship itself that turns into a giant robot
- genetically engineered uplifted creature (possibly some sort of hybrid)
- a plant
Babies made from three people approved in UK
Three-person babies have been allowed only in cases where the risk of a child developing mitochondrial disease is very high.

Babies made from two women and one man have been approved by the UK’s fertility regulator.

The historic and controversial move is to prevent children being born with deadly genetic diseases.

Doctors in Newcastle - who developed the advanced form of IVF - are expected to be the first to offer the procedure and have already appealed for donor eggs.

The first such child could be born, at the earliest, by the end of 2017.

Some families have lost multiple children to incurable mitochondrial diseases, which can leave people with insufficient energy to keep their heart beating.

The diseases are passed down from only the mother so a technique using a donor egg as well as the mother’s egg and father’s sperm has been developed.

The resulting child has a tiny amount of their DNA from the donor, but the procedure is legal and reviews say it is ethical and scientifically ready.

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Darkest Places

Art: Mead

Writing: trashSavage and Mead


Written by: trashSavage

Darkest Places is a comic Mead and I have been working on for a while now based on a little piece I wrote a couple of weeks ago. Mead did a great job translating the text to images and put a lot of heart and soul into this piece. Working with him was a pleasure.

Below you can find my original text with minor edits for spelling.

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I was thinking about this the other day and I don’t know if it’s occurred to anyone else.

So, Julian Bashir, in season five, was abducted by the Dominion and replaced with a changeling for a month, A WHOLE MONTH, and no one noticed. Not even Garak noticed. But he gets back to the station and I’m sure he has to explain that to Captain Sisko, fill out a whole report on the matter, and then hear over and over again that the changeling was so much like him. That, alone, is awful.


The episode where his genetic engineering is revealed.

So, he had to go through the emotional trauma of thinking he could easily be replaced by someone else and then immediately have to face the consequences of his genetic engineering within the next week. There are so many negative feelings that would come from thinking you could easily be replaced that could explain a lot of Julian’s behavior in that episode, mainly his idea that he could leave the station quietly after resigning and no one would care.

Just thought I’d share my painful revelation.

lindaignarroHalf a decade with this gent today. I think the following “Modern Family” quote sums up our relationship:
Phil: “Claire and I share a true love of cheesy cinema. Our favorite categories include: genetically engineered animals gone wrong…”
Claire: “Old and young people switching bodies…”
Phil: “Uh, tough guys taking care of babies…”
Claire: “Any sequel, three and higher…”
Phil: “Oh yeah, usually get a new cast around five, that’s where the magic really happens.”

Horus Lupercal

The road to Terra is open. The time has come for us to take the war to the Emperor in his most impregnable fastness! We will make immediate preparation for the invasion of Terra and an assault on the Imperial Palace. Make no mistake, and it will be ours, my brothers! This will be no easy task, for the Emperor and his deluded followers will fight hard to prevent us from interfering with his plans for godhood. Doubtless much blood has yet to be spilled, theirs and our own, but the prize is the galaxy itself…Are you with me?"— Warmaster Horus, Master of Istvaan

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