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Kay Davies (b. 1951) is a geneticist and Professor of Anatomy at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and she has developed a test which allows for the screening of fetuses for this disease.

She is the director of the Medical Research Council functional genetics unit, as well as a founding Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences. She also serves as the director of the Oxford Centre for Gene Function. Among her many awards, she has received the Women in Science and Engineering Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014.

SJM, Feyre, & Beauty

Something I, SJM fans, and Anti SJM blogs alike tend to poke fun at or call out is Sarah J Maas’s tendency to describe all/most characters as beautiful. A lot of people argue that this is a bad thing, and often talk about it as if it is self-indulgent, petty, and a sign of poor writing.

I’m going to argue the opposite. So if that isn’t too offensive to you, feel free to keep reading below.

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Guess Who Asked? : Spencer Reid x Reader

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“Excuse me?” You say, tapping a blonde woman in a blazer on the shoulder. “Do you know where I can find Doctor Spencer Reid?”

You read the name off a card that was given to you by Dr. Reid himself whenever he met you for a genetic analysis of the most recent suspect’s DNA in their case in northern Virginia. 

“Oh, hi, I’m Agent Jennifer Jureau or JJ and you are?” She extends a hand toward you and you shake it lightly.

“I’m Dr. (Y/F/N), genetic analyst and forensic criminologist, odd combo, I know.” You smile, dropping JJ’s hand. “Dr. Spencer Reid contacted me about conducting a genetic analysis on Mr. Louis Green for your case and I had some very interesting findings.”

You pull your manila file closer to your chest as JJ leads you to a little office where Spencer had set up. 

“Spence, there is a Dr. (Y/F/N) here with some results that you requested.” JJ shuts the door behind you as you make your way closer to the man that requested your assistance. 

“Hi, Dr. (Y/F/N), it’s great to see you again.” Spencer smiles as you hand him the file.

“Please, call me (Y/N). The only people that actually refer to me as ‘doctor’ are my parents,” you laugh.

Spencer chuckles slightly as he speeds through your findings. “With Mr. Green,” you start. “The reason why your eye witness testimonies and DNA testing doesn’t match is because he has a rare genetic disorder in which the DNA in his blood differs from the DNA in his semen. His blood was tested against the semen in the rape test kit, which rendered the results inconclusive. He most likely absorbed a twin in the womb before the twin was detected and inherited the DNA from there.”

“A human chimera,” Spencer whispers. He closes the file and looks up at you. “Thank you so much, (Y/N). This helps our case tremendously.”

“It’s really no problem. I’m happy to help any time.”

Spencer walks out of the room with the file in hand as Morgan gives him a clap on the back. 

“Hey, it’s one step in the right direction, lover-boy,” Morgan chuckles. You could hear them through the door, but waited to see where the conversation was going.

“(Y/N) is an amazing genetic analyst and is extremely smart, I just asked for a professional opinion. From one doctor to another.” You can see Spencer start to blush a little and you can feel heat rising to your cheeks too.

“Alright, if that’s all you wanted, then you won’t mind if I ask (Y/N) out then, hm?” Anyone could tell that Morgan was just trying to get on Spencer’s nerves, and it was working. 

“Really, Morgan?” Spencer asks, obviously slightly annoyed.

“I’m just joking, kid. You go get ‘em, just make sure (Y/N) doesn’t leave before you ask.” He walks away and as soon as he passed the office you were in, you stepped out. You head toward the doors, hoping Spencer will stop you before you get there. As soon as you have a hand on the door, you hear someone call your name.

“(Y/N)!” Spencer jogs over to catch up with you at the front of the station. “I was wondering if you would like to meet up sometime away from work? Maybe go see a foreign film or go to the Smithsonian together.”

“I would love to see a foreign film sometime, but the Smithsonian sounds like a better option. We can actually talk without disturbing anybody,” you laugh.

“That sounds great.” Spencer takes your card from you before opening the door to the station. “I’ll let you know when the case is over so we can go to the museum!” he called after you.

“Perfect. Talk to you soon.” You hop in your car and just take a second to process what happened. 

Spencer walks back inside and shows Morgan your card. “Guess who asked?”

Enviormental Hazzard

Thanks to my betas for going through all these stories!!!! 

Prompt: It’s Damian’s first mother’s day with YN and he wants to make her a present,and it’s super cute because he’s attached to her ever since her met her. What do you think?

Requested by: Anon

Words: 559

You were fairly certain that they were pancakes. You weren’t a hundred percent sure, but you know, maybe around eighty percent sure. Looking up into Damian’s eyes you smiled, and then you lied, you lied your ass off. “They look amazing Damian, thank you so much.”

          You watch as Damian beams a smile “The internet said that this is how mother’s day is done. Breakfast in bed, and an overall relaxing day, where said mother is pampered all day. And since Grayson, Drake, and Todd are all absent this mother’s day, I’ll do their share as well. I’ll let you eat now.”

          You kiss his cheek before he leaves the room, and a moment later Bruce slips into the room. He kisses you before wishing you a happy mother’s day. Scooting over a bit he sits down next to you and stares at your breakfast. “Are they even edible?” He asks.

          You shake your head “For all the amazing genetics that you passed down to that boy Bruce, you also passed down your inability to cook.”

          Bruce laughs. “True, but at least I eventually gave up.”

          You look him in the eye, and raise an eyebrow in scrutiny. “Only after you gave me food poisoning on our third date.”

          “Alfred banned me from the kitchen after that. I’ll see if he’ll add Damian to that list.”

          You sigh as you pick up one of the black pancakes. It’s burnt all the way through, and hard as a hockey puck, you’re almost surprised that it hasn’t turned to ash. As you raise it to your mouth, Bruce catches your wrist before you can take a bite. “You aren’t seriously going to eat it, are you?”

          “Did I eat your ‘lasagna’?”

          “Yes, and spent the next three days in the bathroom throwing up.”

          “Then what do you suggest?” You demand. He takes the plate and throws the pancakes out the window and you can hear them land on the ground with a rather loud thud.

          You smile. “He better not find those.”

          Bruce smiles as he climbs back into the bed and kisses you. “The raccoons will drag them off.”

          “That makes them an environmental hazard.”  

          Bruce just kisses you again before nuzzling your neck. “I’ll throw them away once you and Damian go out.”

          “I’m going out?”

          Bruce smiles. “He has the entire day planned, catered restaurants included.”

          You smile as Damian barges into the room, effectively stopping Bruce’s roaming hand. He’s glaring at his father, he’s never been one to share your attention, not even with Bruce. “Father, get off of mother, she needs to get dressed. We have plans to keep. After all, it’s mother’s day, not your anniversary.” He comes further into the room and places a white box on the nightstand “Grayson helped me pick out your outfit for the day.” He explains before vanishing out the door.

          Both you and Bruce grimace at the news after Damian is gone. If there’s anything worse than Damian’s cooking, it would have to be Dick’s fashion sense.  You just nod a bit “So… this is motherhood.”

          “I could spill some bleach on it.” Bruce offered.

          You just kiss your husband and say, “A bad outfit isn’t going to kill me.”

          Bruce just laughs, “Wait to make that statement until after you open the box.”

Make it Stop

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Pairing: Sam x sister!reader
Word count: 1,614
Warnings: Suicide, mentions of blood, character death, swearing
Prompt: “You can’t understand how it is to feel this worthless. I just want it all to go away! I want it all to STOP!”- 100 angsty prompts

Staring at your face in the mirror, you hated what you saw. You saw every little flaw, everything that you’d been picked on your your entire life. Anger coursed through you as you clenched your jaw. Pulling your fist back, it flew forward, shattering your bathroom mirror. The fact that your hand was now bleeding, and had glass sticking from it didn’t phase you.

You looked down at the tiny drops of blood that were making small splatters on the floor, numb to the pain that was likely radiating up your hand from your arm. Finally, you lifted your hand to look at the damage. You watched the trail of blood flow smoothly down your skin.

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So, How Does Genetics In Gumball Work?

So Nicole is a cat, and Richard is a rabbit. Their children, Gumball and Anais, are a cat and rabbit respectively. Ok, makes sense.

Granny JoJo (Richard’s mother) is also a rabbit. So far so good. But Frankie (Richard’s father) is a rat. So…is what species you are passed down from the mother’s line?
JoJo -> Richard
Nicole -> Gumball
But if that’s true, then how is Anais a rabbit then? Could be a recessive thing…

as you can see, louis’s had drooping hooded eyes since he was a baby. and while freddie’s nose is square and upturned, louis’s is round with a hooked tip at the bottom. when you add louis’s features on top of freddie’s face, IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE FREDDIE. the change is completely drastic. when you align their nose sizes perfectly, you can also see that louis’s eyes are smaller and spaced closer together. since louis does have very small eyes. his lashes and creases at the corner of his eyes just make them look bigger.

just how little of louis’s genes must freddie have inherited to pop out with large, almond shaped, upturned eyes and a square upturned nose, when louis has small, hooded drooping eyes and a narrow round hooked nose? they’re literally contrasting features. if that isn’t enough for antis to show he isn’t the dad, then at least they can stop saying they look anything alike.

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Twelve Days of Twelve: July 21

Twelve’s Hair: One of the thinks I loved about this last season was Peter Capaldi’s hair. Totally out of control that one (I mean his hair). Being super personal, I always like guys with wavy long hair, so I really started to like Mr. Capaldi around season 9 because LOOK AT HIM! Even though in this season the curls are pretty much contained, in season 10 it reached astronomical proportions. You could probably see it from the moon. But this is completely Capaldi’s work, so I would really like to thank all the Capaldis before him for giving him the required genetics for this amazing hair porn.

And even though we’re saying goodbye to you Twelve, you will always have the fluffier fluff to ever fluff.

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is pen's bod a mix of amazing monsterboy genetics and training or he would always be a beefcake?

he’s got good genes but 90% of it is him being a gym rat and a fitness nut, he’s especially proud of his flexibility

Dating/Marrying Barry Allen Would Involve...

Remembering the first day you met at S.T.A.R. Labs…

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Barry waiting a year before actually asking you out because he didn’t want to be rejected…

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Trips to the beach…

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Making breakfast for you when you’re sick…

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Way too many cuddles… 

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Anniversary dinners…

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Numerous break ups after getting into fights over keeping you safe…

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Barry being a prankster even on the day of your proposal…

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Having a hyper-active child, courtesy of Barry’s permanently altered genetics…

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Barry being an amazing father…

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And realizing that you’re stuck with him forever- in the best way possible…

So when’s the next movie night?

Probably not for a long while. Sorry.

But I do know what we’ll be watching next…

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You’re in the devil’s carnival!

Come one come two come all,

The Devil’s Carnival!

Time to make a trip down to hell. Created by the same people who did Repo! The Genetic Opera, its amazing songs and twists on fables make it a great watch. Given how short it is, I’ll likely make it a double feature with its sequel Alleluia! 

Probably won’t make this happen until late July or perhaps not even August, but I hope I’ll see some of you there!