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a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy

Has anyone seen a Chocolate Vanilla ball python? This year I’m putting a chocolate with a vanilla pin, and I know what a vanilla pin looks like obviously, and what a chocolate pin tends to look like, but I can’t find a chocolate vanilla anywhere. I’m really interested in what they’ll do together, and I want to be able to ID it if I get one, but I haven’t been able to find any pictures. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places. I know there’s a BHB line chocolate that they put with vanilla, so maybe the babies i get would look similar, but also my chocolate looks nothing like the BHB line chocolates. He barely even looks like the normal chocolates on WoBP so idk. 

@wheremyscalesslither maybe you have some idea? I don’t really know who else is big on genetics who might know so I’m just gonna tag you for now lol

the pair if anyone is curious 

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been running out of room to hang pelts, so i made this thing using cedar shakes and a birch branch i cut down. it turned out pretty neat; i might have to make some more for the rest of my collection!

My teacher: “-meaning that these would be homogeneous.”

Me, under my breath:I’m a homo-genius.”

a very old headcanon

Ok so after I posted the pic that reminds me of Ryan’s mum I noticed a few comments in the tags about genetics and such

And I realised that I never actually posted my headcanon? (Or if I did it was three years ago and it’s lost somewhere at the beginning of my blog)

So we all know from Ryan’s shock at Urvidian altering his liver to process more alcohol that genetic modifications were legal and now they’re not.

I totally believe that there was a neo-punk phase that lasted a few decades where anyone could get anything done. Want to give you and your descendants cat ears and tails? Go ahead! What to change your body structure so you have a fish tail and gills? Why the fuck not. Want to do something a little less drastic and permanently change your hair colour? Cool. We’ll make sure it’s dominant so your kids have it too. (Ryan’s great great grandma - the French neo-punk Gabriella DuPont who led the charge in organic body modifications - had great taste)

And then a bunch of “purists” came into power and people stopped changing themselves. Eventually it became outlawed and looked down on (oh, the scandal when Admiral Dalias married someone with obvious genetic tampering..) but you can still see remnants of it to this day.

anonymous asked:

Okay I've been wondering and have been meaning to ask 😂 why I find voices hands and arms attractive?? I hope I'm not the only one! Like I get turned on or find certain men's (and of course Harry's) voices hands & arms attractive and soothing I just have no idea why. I know you know stuff in psychology do you know if there's a reason for it or an opinion?


It could be a number of different things, psychologically. Humans - at our animalistic core - feel the need to procreate. That is our duty, genetically. (There’s an entire lifetime of information I can give you in relation to why modern humans don’t emotionally feel the need to procreate, but that’s for a different time). Somewhere deep in our DNA, we still have that natural selection mentality egging us on. We want to pass our good genes on and try to eliminate the bad genes so our offspring have the best chance at survival.

Assuming you’re a straight female, the reason you find men’s hands and arms attractive is because you’re looking for those good genes to pass on. Big hands and nice, strong arms on a man mean that he’s capable of doing hard work and will be able to pass those favorable genes onto your children. “Big” qualities are generally synonymous with “good” genes. Meaning, if you have big arms, big legs, big feet, or big hands you’re more likely to survive because your body can weather more wear and tear, supposedly. You can collect more goods, cover more ground, and take down the enemy quicker if you’ve got the proper structure to do so. This, of course, stems back to when humans were new - we (for the most part) don’t need those survival genes anymore thanks to modern technology.

As for the voices? Same idea, generally. We, as people, look at deep voices being synonymous with masculinity, regardless of whether that’s right or wrong. If a man has a deep voice, he is masculine. He can pass those manly genes onto your children and they’ll have a better shot at survival. 

And before someone tells me I’m wrong for this thought process, please understand that just because I’m passing the information along doesn’t mean I agree with the mentality behind it. I have small hands and that doesn’t mean I can’t be a badass bitch. This is just what our deeply-rooted DNA stems from and is telling us!


Random Genetics Tag!

rules: completely randomise the genetics & clothing of two sims by pressing the dice around 5 times?? then use the play with genetics feature to create their kid. try & make the kid look as cute as possible without editing their genetics!!

I was tagged by @simemi like a month ago to do this haha!

I tag @mummasim @bericlain @simulatedsimmer annnnnnd @vodkasimmer

Plus anyone else who wants to do this!


Switched Tag || tagged by @simtric

Rules: Take two of your own sims with very different styles, and switch styles. Don’t change anything you couldn’t change in without full edit mode. Keep all the genetics the same.

I tag: @simlydarling @sassy-sims @butterfly-tattoo @citrontart @lonertrait @simseternity @comfysim @sim-factxry @spellburst

I thought Mara (left) and Sally (right) had very different styles. Mara is more grungy, with darker makeup and always has something red on; whereas Sally would be comfy-casual, and loves purple. One thing to note is these characters are in my apocalyptic book series, and Sally wouldn't be caught dead with long hair. I dressed them as if they weren’t in any form of apocalypse. 


Anto Kashmir - Genetic Clay

Update: added custom thumbnail. :)

I removed the link to my previous edit of this hair because I wasn’t 100% sure it respected @antosims’s TOU, and I’m happier with this version anyway. Includes all 13 maxis-match naturals, clayified and with correct genetic tag. Made with @sims4studioofficial . Special thanks to @lost-my-plumbbob-in-your-pond and @ddeathflower for the tutorials. Standalone, no custom thumbnail.


You need the original mesh, here

Models Nina Jackson and Amelia Santana (Gallery ID alexpilgrim), CC credits: default skin @lumialoversims, default eyes and teeth, lipstick @pyxiidis, lashes @kijiko-sims, eyeliner @down-in-simsland

(Genetics should be OK but I was having some trouble with S4S, let me know if anything is amiss)