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rules: completely randomize the genetics & clothing of two sims by pressing the dice around five times?? then use the play with genetics feature to create their kid. try & make the kid look as cute as possible without editing their genetics!!

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i admit at first i didn’t think she was that cute but now i kind of love herrrrr

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy


Random Genetics Tag!

so i’ve seen this on youtube before so i thought why not do it here on tumblr???? (idk if its already been done woops) 

rules: completely randomise the genetics & clothing of two sims by pressing the dice around 5 times?? then use the play with genetics feature to create their kid. try & make the kid look as cute as possible without editing their genetics!! 

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Campaign to stop associating jack as obsessed with hockey since birth and making it seem like his parents trained him to be a hockey player? Give me childhood jack whose parents let him explore his interests and jack with a happy childhood whose hyper fixation on hockey came with anxiety in his teen years

anonymous asked:

I remember reading that one of your mods is mixed race. So this is for that mod. I'm mixed too and in classes today someone asked me if I had stripes. Like of black and white... I know this isn't really about feminism but have you ever had that happen to you? I didn't know how to reply and just stared at them. I mean, I'm obviously not stripped, and they seemed honestly curious. I'm 15, shouldn't they know mixed people aren't stripped by now? It's basic genetics, right?

Hello Anon! The mod you’re looking for would be me :3 *waves*

Unfortunately, yes, I have had this happen to me before, and so did my father before me (my grandmother is a white passing Cherokee, my grandfather full-blood Haitian so they assumed he was mixed white/black too) xP it seems to be something that just doesn’t go outta style – so to speak – through generations, and I am so sorry that it’s happened to you and that it’s still happening at all :( *hugs if you want* I liked to imagine it only happened to me because I live in the middle of nowhere where my father and I are the only poc in the entire town (no, I do not know why we live here, my parents don’t either, it was a mistake!)

As such, I’ve had people ask me if I was stripped, spotted, and – my cardinal favorite – if I was literally half white and half black (as in one half of my body was white and the other black, cut by a line down the middle of me). My dad is pretty dark and my mom is very pale, so that probably didn’t help with my situation. It doesn’t seem to be uncommon to have at least one person ask you this if you are mixed, however, I wasn’t aware that people still asked it at such an age. I got this a lot in grammar school, not middle and high school. Then again, I was homeschooled through after Freshman year of high school, so, I’m actually the worst when it comes to my knowledge of questions people ask in high school ^^” Either way, I am so sorry it’s still happening to you anon :( *hugs again* I’m also slightly disturbed that there are 15yr olds that would legitimately ask this question with true curiosity in 2017 … that doesn’t bold well.

Responding is well … this is just my opinion since I don’t believe there is a proper consensus to this. When I was younger I would just stare, like you, too, now though, I am almost 21, and have little patience for THAT blatant kind of willful ignorance and racism, so I reply with snarky sarcastic comments like “Yes, I’m stripped. Can’t you see the stripes all over me right now, while you’re looking at me!?” but I literally have no chill when it comes to these things – not anymore. Now, you’re 15, let’s not get you in trouble.

Honestly, you can just ignore them. However, I can understand how that can be hard and you may want to say something. How about something like “No. Human beings cannot be stripped.” Or if you want something a little snarky “No, you’re looking at me, aren’t you? I’m not stripped.” You can also mention how that assumption is rather racist, if you want to give them a lesson on how that is racist. Be careful with this, of course, because people tend to get defensive if you mention to them that they have just been racist. So please take your safety into consideration okay? Honestly, just saying “No.” and walking away from the situation always works as well, you do NOT have to engage with them if you don’t want too. Remember that.

Still, yes, they should know by now that mixed people are not stripped, or spotted, or otherwise strangely colored when it comes to skin. There is such thing as vitiligo, but that is a skin condition that has nothing to do with one’s racial mixing and is certainly not caused by it. Assuming that everyone who is mixed race has vitiligo in some way shape or form or is strangely colored in skin because of the mixing is wrong and racist. This shouldn’t be something people even ask in 2017.

However, sometimes I think it’s unconscious. I’ve noticed things like this with mixing people quite a few times. I know this sounds strange, but mixing with aliens shows this kind of assumption a lot. For example, I’m into Voltron: Legendary Defenders and the idea of Galra Keith (for those that don’t know Voltron, it’s just half-alien Keith, and the Galra (Aliens) are purple, that’s all you really gotta know for this section to make some sense), so I read a lot of fanfiction about that. One thing I continually notice in many of them (not all, obviously) is that, if Keith has a ‘true’ form that’s not full Galra and not full Human, it’s often one with a bunch of “ugly” (often their descriptor, not mine) purple blotches all over his face and body, often described as looking like bruises, not one even skintone. Sometimes I have seen one or two where they make the skin tones separate but the purple is making a pattern on the skin and is kinda cool instead of being described as strange and/or ugly.

Now, I get it. ALIENS. “Who knows how their genetics would work with human genetics!” and all that. However, it bugs me. Genes don’t usually work like that, and it almost promotes the idea that if you are mixed with some other skin tone other than white, you are going to have some kinda weird skin going on. It’s more likely that he would have a mix between his parents’ tones, maybe a light purple or something along those lines – however it’s also possible for him to have a human tone or a completely Galra tone as genetics are amazing like that and when you mix them they can make an amazing menagerie of different combinations. One of those combinations, however, is NOT “splotches of one parents color on top of the light parent’s color!”. Genes don’t work that way.

Seeing things like that, even when applying it to freaking Aliens in a cartoon, just makes me think of getting asked in school if I was stripped or spotted – just like you just had to deal with. People seem to think it’s totally fine when you’re doing this with alienxhuman mixes, but they often forget that it can influence real life people, and how people think of mixed race people.

I know this is obscure, but seeing this ask just made me think of that, and, I know a lot of young people are into things like Voltron and seeing things like that in fanfictions and art and all that may help lead to the idea that mixed race humans can have colorations like that xP

Anyway! Sorry, I yabbered a bit there, best of luck to you anon!

Sending luck and hope this helped even a bit! <3

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been running out of room to hang pelts, so i made this thing using cedar shakes and a birch branch i cut down. it turned out pretty neat; i might have to make some more for the rest of my collection!


Anto Enchantress - Genetic Clay

Just popped in from this “hiatus” (because I’m working a night shift and can’t really sleep during the day… ) to finish this hair I desperately needed for Carrie Stanford, I really really love this gorgeous mesh but I’m into more maxis match right now, so here it goes.

13 maxis naturals, correct genetic tag, custom thumbnail*. You need @antosims mesh here. Please check the original creator for hat and BG game compatibility. Please let me know if you have any issues.

Made with @sims4studioofficial, thanks to @ddeathflower and @lost-my-plumbbob-in-your-pond for the tutorials. CC credits: default skin @lumialoversims, makeup @pyxiidis.

* I did add a custom thumbnail but it’s not showing up in game so idk… duh, I deleted localthumbnail.cache and it’s showing up just fine.


the thing about being in the medical field and also thinking about gender a lot is like….the binary is everywhere and no one has the answers that you want. and it doesn’t seem like a whole lot of people are really looking for those answers.

like, we’re doing physiology right now and we’re talking about the percentage of weight that is made up by water and how that relates to fat. and on the first page of the first chapter of the textbook, it says that women have more fat than men and therefore, generally, water makes up less of a percentage of total body weight for women than men.

but like….it never talks about why women have more fat. (and yes i know people who have the potential to get pregnant need more fat in order to keep a fetus warm etc etc i was a biology major i do know some things and that isn’t the point), but like…by not mentioning why women have more fat, it automatically assumes a binary and it assumes everyone is cis and non-intersex (and also if we’re gonna talk about ppl getting pregnant, it assumes that all women can get pregnant and all the people who can get pregnant are women, which is untrue). and it gives no information to ppl who are not part of the binary, it doesn’t tell anyone whether this is affected by hormones or by chromosomes or by environment or by something else entirely.

and like…how much of your body weight is made up of water isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things, but the binary is SO pervasive that most of the time people don’t give a second thought to it when it is important. it’s so harmful to pretend that everything is on a binary when it’s not because so many people don’t get the information that they need.


Anto Kashmir - Genetic Clay

Update: added custom thumbnail. :)

I removed the link to my previous edit of this hair because I wasn’t 100% sure it respected @antosims’s TOU, and I’m happier with this version anyway. Includes all 13 maxis-match naturals, clayified and with correct genetic tag. Made with @sims4studioofficial . Special thanks to @lost-my-plumbbob-in-your-pond and @ddeathflower for the tutorials. Standalone, no custom thumbnail.


You need the original mesh, here

Models Nina Jackson and Amelia Santana (Gallery ID alexpilgrim), CC credits: default skin @lumialoversims, default eyes and teeth, lipstick @pyxiidis, lashes @kijiko-sims, eyeliner @down-in-simsland

(Genetics should be OK but I was having some trouble with S4S, let me know if anything is amiss)


In relation to THIS POST…. I’m just saying, I know in AC and even CC there’s a lot to say most of the character models look like they could be related. Everybody with mako but like.. Angeal… looks like there’s someone in common somewhere along the line. Very similarly pretty boys.

BC didn’t have that problem near so much. I’m just saying I’M JUST SAYING.

Valentine’s have some funky hair. And genetics is a thing.

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Dear Science Side of tumblr,

So I asked my mom a biology/genetics questions and she got pissed off at me and told me since I thought of the question while scrolling through tumblr, I should post it here to see if anyone can answer it. Here is my question:

Lets say there is Twin A, Twin B, and Girl C. Twins A & B are identical twins. Girl C shares no relation to Twins A & B. Girl C has sex with Twin A then later she has sex with Twin B. Somewhere in the process Girl C gets pregnant but nobody knows which Twin is the father.

Now, if Girl C got a paternity test to see which of the identical twins is the father, would the results comeback inconclusive/void because Twin A and Twin B are identical?