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My most recently completed project for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and one of my last projects!
An opening spread for a Living Bird article on avian genomics, and how studying avian genomes sometimes makes figuring out species relationships less clear, despite having more information! Can you name all the warblers depicted?

Paul Stamets: *is insufferable sometimes but noble and has a good heart, saves the live of an innocent creature by literally stabbing himself, Mom Friend mode activated at all times, genius obsessed with his field, wierd with people, gay*

Julian Bashir, eating popcorn somewhere on Deep Space 9: honestly? same.

anonymous asked:

Yo what's Yellowfang's true colors bc there's no way she's completely gray. Her siblings are brown and cream/brown and both parents are ginger. I'm so confused

I mean, the real answer here is the Erins don’t care about genetics or my sanity (and they also think it’s ok to name a grey kitten Yellow-), but if you’re asking for me to figure out some obscure way this could happen, then sure!

Let’s get everything on the table:

Yellowfang is dark grey.

Brightflower (mother) is an orange tabby.

Brackenfoot (father) is pale ginger with dark ginger legs.

Nutwhisker (brother) is brown.

Rowanberry (sister) is cream and brown.

Marigoldkit (younger sister) is tortoiseshell.

Mintkit (younger brother) is grey.

Oof. Ok, let’s start by addressing whatever is up with Brackenfoot.

One solution is to make him a flame point. That’s fine and good, I guess. But something that might give us a little more wiggle room is making him a ticked tabby with dark, noticeable stripes on his legs, like this handsome cat: [x]

Now we have ticked tabby in our arsenal! But, we’ve still got two ginger parents…and no ginger kits. Hm. Ok. We can easily fix half of that by giving Brightflower just a little bit of black, and now she’s tortie. But, well, there’s no getting around it. Brightflower’s been banging someone else.

This “someone else” could be chocolate. That’s a form of black, after all, and it’d make the brown kittens reasonably likely. If this is the case…well, look at that, everything works out! But, huh, we don’t know any chocolate cats, do we?



Unbelievable. Yet another inter-clan scandal, straight from the Erins. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of these things.

“It annoys me when people make love children for their OTP’s and they don’t do any research on genetics. Like when we have Russia x China kid, they had blonde hair or Russia’s eyes, which is BS. China’s genetics would be the stronger ones. There’s only a slim chance of them having blonde hair or bright eyes.“

Hell, I only did biology in high school but we were taught about genes which included the Punnett Square.  It doesn’t take long to do one - only like three minutes or a minute or even less if you’re pretty good at math.

I also hate that mindset that those love-children creators have because they seem to think that brown eyes or dark hair aren’t cute or pretty enough for their love child.  

If you want higher chances for light hair and light eyes, the parents would have to have them, too.  Even then, there are many factors that come in like mutations and previous generations passing down dark-haired or dark-eyed alleles that might result in the children of the light haired and light-eyed couple getting dark hair or eyes in the end.

- Mod V

In episode 5, when Scott’s frustrated and afraid for Rachel (who’s been asleep too long, I guess?), he takes one of his plants and starts banging the pot against the glass, basically destroying the plant. He cares about those things, but he’s just that upset and scared.

My working in progress of the Thunderbirds Are Go Challenge.  Alan is trying very hard to not reveal his identity to Frank while Frank is trying very hard to act like he’s normal.

Which one will break first?

loststormtrooper  asked:

I have a question about clones and cloning faults. Would it be possible that a slight fault in cloning would cause a clone to be less loyal towards the republic? Like they're still dedicated to the republic and they still fight for it, but it'd be easier to influence them against the republic than another clone who is completely dedicated. Maybe even some clones are less dedicated than others too. Would you say that's a possibility?

I’m sorry for how long it’s taken me to respond to this B(

So… yes, and no. I absolutely think that it’s possible to influence some clone troopers to be more or less loyal towards the Republic, and that some can (and were!) influenced to move against the Republic — but I’m hesitant to blame genetics in this specific case, because the situation is too complicated for an easy answer.

The clone troopers are bred with specific … alterations to their genetics to encourage and enforce loyalty. They’re hardwired for bonding, but I’d argue that the extremes of their loyalty come from the flash training and extensive mental conditioning over the course of the 10 years they were raised on Kamino. 

Don’t get me wrong though: it absolutely is possible for some clones to be less dedicated than others, or more dedicated than others. We even have evidence of it in Legends and Canon, so it’s something we see clone troopers struggle with over different arcs. And genetics might make them more susceptible to influence, or less susceptible, but again … genetics isn’t anywhere near a strong factor as it the indoctrination they were raised with.

Ten years is a long, long time to be under direct brainwashing in a closed, controlled, environment with no other options and no other examples to compare to. You also have to remember that the situation the clones are in is like … the ideal environment to get as close as guaranteeing loyalty as possible through just brainwashing “flash training”, genetics be damned.

They might get some leave, maybe, or they may have off hours, maybe, but they’re essentially trapped in a system that has already sacrificed their lives to a cause they have no actual stake in. Unfortunately, the Kaminoans have had centuries to perfect an effective “mental conditioning” program to encourage the most loyalty towards their client (in this case, The Republic being the client). And beyond that, if one of them can be influenced in going against the Republic, is that brother also willing to go against his other brothers? Some might say yes, but many more would say no.

Our biggest canon example of it being possible is: Slick. I think we all remember him, right? He was clearly influenced to defect, and that influence was successful … but whether that’s due to faulty genetics or his full eye-opening realization of his position in the Republic and a willingness to abandon his brothers to try to get a better life for himself? That’s something else entirely. 

Could it be genetics? Sure. Do I think it’s genetics? Not really. 

[and under a cut bc length]

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been running out of room to hang pelts, so i made this thing using cedar shakes and a birch branch i cut down. it turned out pretty neat; i might have to make some more for the rest of my collection!