genetic literacy project

A group called The Turning Point Project took out this full-page ad in the New York Times in 1999 after the publication of a paper including the image of Joseph Vacanti’s “earmouse.” The ad falsely claims that the mouse is a result of genetic engineering and includes the following criticisms of biotechnology:

“Does anyone think that it’s shocking, therefore, that this infant biotechnology industry feels it’s okay to capture the evolutionary process and to reshape the life on earth to suit its balance sheets?”

“Biotech companies are blithely removing components of human beings (and other creatures) and treating us all like auto parts at a swap meet.”

“Someday when one of these companies finally decides the public mood is receptive, will they make a human-gorilla combo to take care of heavy labor?”

“Have we lost our sanity?” 

So far, there exist no half-human, half-animal “chimeras” (like mermaids or centaurs) but we may soon have them”

Sometimes scientists are so focused on results that they forget about ethics, and it’s great that public groups are out there to focus on holding the labs accountable.

But, as you can see, in a lot of cases the accusers come off as rather phobic of change and science-illiterate.