genesis strider

it’s thursday you fat nasty trash

(A BIG OLE homestuck triptych I illustrated for 4/13! Alternatively known as Cascade: The Illustration)

tumblr will not let me post a hq image, so i can post a dl link at request


The many Strider logos over the years, put into one nice spot, with alpha channels!

From the top:

- Original Japanese logo (Megadrive)

- English Arcade logo

- Commodore 64 logo

- NES logo

- English Megadrive Logo

- American logo for Strider 2 on the Genesis

- European logo for Strider 2 on the Megadrive

- European logo used on Amigas, Atari STs and such.

- Japanese logo for the PSOne sequel

- English logo for the PSOne sequel

- The logo for Strider 2014 on XBLA and PSN.

Strider has come a long way!

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amaneyara said:“ I so want this up on Youtube…Or, find some way I can Perma-Reblog this.” (referred post)

Genesis-Strider said: I got yah covered. This is now uploaded to youtube instead of tumblr video.