genesis shepard

“Too late, you’re in the dog house tonight, Garrus.”

So, someone requested a full detailed version of Shepard’s “opera” dress from the Elcor Hamlet sketches I did and I decided to add Garrus because I’m a masochist and want to torture myself.

I got pretty carried away to because pretty, fancy dresses are my weakness….

I still don’t get turians man… do?

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tagging: Whoever wants to.

relationship status: Single and I never plan to date again.

favorite color: Royal Blue, Red.

lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick.

last song I listened to: Famous - Skillet.

last movie I watched: Zootopia it was in one of Rey’s Rabbit streams.

top 3 tv shows: I don’t watch tv but Bones, Supernatural, and Castle.

top 3 characters: Chrom, Leon, Siegbert.

top 3 ships: Leokumi, Chrom/Leo. Chrobin. 

books I’m currently reading: I don’t remember the last time I read a book.


Oh god my arm is going to fall off. Armor, no matter the genre or time period, is the bane of my existence!

Still don’t know how I convinced myself that drawing a full body piece of Shepard was a smart idea, but I did an alternate piece where I added a skirt-flap thing to make up for my suffering~  (fact: skirt-flap things make everything better)

Also, I suck at guns so don’t make fun of my rifle >:I

The Prothean Particle Rifle is the love of my life (sorry Garrus)