genesis p orrige

On Sat, myself @TUC_peepshow, @junko_mizuno and @magicpony peeps when to TIFF lightbox to see The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, a GREAT film about Psychic TV/Throbbing Gristle front man and insane performance artist Genesis P. Orrige’s long love affair w/ like-minded wife Lady Jaye.  Having been introduced to Genesis w/ my dad when I was 13, it was really great to learn more about his history and his life/works.  He’s quite an insperation, and the love he and Lady Jaye had for each other before her untimely death was a beautiful peice of art!  I must admit, I don’t like all of the art he does, but I’m SO glad that there is someone out there like him who just does wild crap to see what works and what expresses her best!

BUT HEY WE SAW A MOVIE W/ JUNKO MIZUNO!  Annnnnnd!  She posed w/ me w/ the Game of Thrones throne!  She has ever seen or read Game of thrones but she was down anyway, cause I didn’t get a pic w/ her at the Bovine during her gallery afterparty.  She’s very shy and very sweet!  I look forward to meeting her again next time she’s in Toronto!